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Ginette L.

02/01/2021 2:07AM in Fearless February with Ilana Muhlstein
Ready to roll into a second bet! I just submitted my final weigh in for the dietbet that ended with Breanne and Joel - lost 8 lbs and 1% body fat. Looking forward to another great month!

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I just completed Breanne & Joel’s DietBet too. I was t going to do another but I couldn’t resist! Good luck, hope you get another 8 lbs :blush::muscle:

Scott N.

Good luck Ginette. This is my second DietBet too. First one definitely motivated to resist chowing down on a can of Pringles!

April L.

01/31/2021 1:23PM in Fearless February with Ilana Muhlstein
This is my first DietBet!! So excited!!!

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Scott N.

Good luck April. You got this !

Janell D.

01/31/2021 1:12PM in Fearless February with Ilana Muhlstein
First time doing Diet Bet! I’m doing the 2B mindset and Beachbody workouts and tracking through both Noom and Lose it... fingers crossed! I have a long way to go to get to my healthy me

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Brittany T.

Same! I’m still learning about 2B mindset, did 21 day fix and am currently working through extreme. I also track on Noom. I love it!

Janell D.

Hi all! DAR - 2B Mindset is a nutrition program offered through Beach Body that focuses on the right mindset and proportions of veggies vs protein vs high fiber carbs. It’s really great! I’d recommend looking it up for sure. Not a diet - for sure a lifestyle change.

I have a few days left of 21 Day Fix real time (I LOVE Autumn), but I am going to do the 60 day Barre challenge after I’m done with this one.

I have a fused ankle so I have to do low impact exercises, and these have been so amazing.

ErinandKeith B.

01/31/2021 12:57PM in Fearless February with Ilana Muhlstein
I’m curious. Has anyone here ever won their diet bet and how much $$$ did you win?

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Nancy M.

I think the estimates above are pretty accurate. Winnings have been 25-50% of my initial bet.

Claire K.

I did the Ilana’s January bet and my winnings were $46. Reinvested into February with a little to spare! :relaxed:

Scott N.

Good luck at weigh ins. Hoping everyone hit or exceeded their mark. Looking to use my “ winnings” by joining another DietBet. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Keep losing and stay safe all.

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Scott N.

Carla, I agree. The company makes it more fun and motivates me. Courtney, when do the points get credited ? Would like to use them to pay for the next contest

Cindy D.

I love the fit bit fanatics one that starts mid month with WayBetter Jen.

Scott N.

01/29/2021 12:01PM in Easy Does It Challenge with Jamie Eason Middleton
Who is doing another DietBet in February? Looking for a recommendation? Thanks

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Scott N.

Thanks again.


When do we get paid out I want to see if this is real before I spend more $$


I've surpassed my goal, but weekends are always the hardest. It's when my son and I see our friends, go out to dinner and drinks or veg out in front of the TV. I overbooked my weekend with non food or alcohol involved activities. One of my friends is guilting me to go out for drinks with her because she just got back from Hawaii and is leaving for Germany for 2 weeks. I am holding strong, though. She won't let me get away with not drinking if we go out and even one drink makes me crave all unhealthy foods.

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This is where being In the UK helps. We're in lockdown and no bars or restaurants are open. I'm sure your friend will understand. You can 't blow it now.

Jennifer H.

Our lockdown just ended and I am dying to go out to eat. It’s been 2 months!!!!! So I relate :)

Lisandra C.

Hi guys! Remember me? The Debbie downer who was so frustrated with only a 2 lb weight loss this whole month, well I got my weigh in this morning (again my weigh ins are always Friday mornings) and im so freekin excited to say that I have lost another 2 lbs, making a total 4 lb weight loss this month. Now I know I may still not be able to reach my main goal within the next 5 days (I still got about a 3 lbs to go) but I can breath a sigh of relief to know that I'm better now and I let my frustration get the worse of me and that I know and understand that this is my weight loss journey and that its not always going to go as planned, but that in the end we should be proud of all the accomplishments we were able to succeed during the month, and I truly realize that now and I am proud. I once again apologize that I was being such a Debbie downer the other day on here and I just now look forward to keep going and one day reaching my main goal. Im officially 32 lbs away from my main goal 😁. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Scott N.

Nice bounce back. How you feel is more important than what number is on the scale. Don’t let the scale beat you up. Stay positive. Stay committed

Jennifer H.

4 lbs is amazing!!!!! And weight loss is definitely frustrating for me sometimes. It’s just part of the journey. Congratulations

breanne r.

Hey everyone im sorry i havent been active. my dad passed away on Monday and it was a very hectic week prior as well. so i wont be finishing the bet. thank you guys for being so inspiring and encouraging. You got this!!

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So sorry for your loss. Sending my condolences to you and your family. Losing a parent is very tough. Keep your head up, girl!


so sorry for your loss. i’ve been through the same and know exactly how it is. you are so strong and i wish nothing but comfort for you. please be kind to yourself.

Alaina D.

Ya'll today i woke up to my dietbet goal! I am so happy!

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Carla K.


Scott N.

Congrats. Plan on doing another DietBet ?
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