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My Preferred Method of Exercise: Elliptical

My Approach to Weight Loss: Eat better, more water and exercise

DietBet Winnings: $441.33

TIME PERIOD: All 60-Days 30-Days
Unofficial Weigh-InVerified Weigh-InDietBet Runner-UpDietBet WinnerRound WinnerRound Runner-Up
+2.7% Since last weigh-in+5.8 lbs
+2.7% 1-Month Change+5.8 lbs
-8.9% Lifetime Change-21.7 lbs

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erin R.

08/04/2021 10:26AM in Post Fireworks Hustle w/ Blood Sweat Finess!
Did anyone get their payout?

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Jeannie D

I have not been notified of the payput yet.


Got it

Melissa B.

07/31/2021 7:05AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
  • The difference 6 months can make.

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Tricia S.

Congratulations! You look amazing

Melissa B.

Jeannie D I was doing a low carb (50-70g), high protein (100-150g), and moderate fat (didn't count the grams :grimacing:). I also took niacin and choline, studies show that it speeds up metabolism and slows aging. The thing to be aware of is that niacin causes a burn/ flush that lasts 90mins and is uncomfortable and itchy. That is a side effect for about 2 weeks til your body acclimates.

Chelsea H.

07/26/2021 10:08AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
  • 40lbs down! 19.1%! 203 days later 💪

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You look amazing! Well done!!

Jeannie D

You look fabulous! So inspired not to give up.
Jeannie D accepted the challenge.
07/05/2021 9:44AM in Post Fireworks Hustle w/ Blood Sweat Finess!
The pot is now $4,245

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Jeannie D

06/01/2021 7:33PM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Last month was awful. Graduations, birthdays, celebrations!! It was not worth it. Now I have to work really hard to meet the goal. The pizza and cake was not worth it. Let's do it this month!!

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Jeannie D

I'm with you. Let's do it!!! I'm tired of this struggle.:grinning:

Michelle L.

Same! It was miraculous I made it (barely) but only bcz I did well in April. June is OURS! Let's DO this thang! :)

Jeannie D

05/02/2021 12:29PM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
I got my last vaccine shot, so this month I feel comfortable going to the gym. I'm so glad I joined Dietbet. It really keeps me on track and trying. Let's all do this together for the month of May!!! I'm formulating a plan to be successful. Let's do this!!!

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AWESOME!!!! I'm totally with you, let's get it!!!

Kelly S.

04/30/2021 8:07AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
  • Down 40.2 since January
    My before picture kinda resembles Danny Devito when he played the penguin in Batman lol but damn I’m so proud of how far I’ve come 💪

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Kelly S.

thank You all so much xoxo ,
Tanya B thank you. I’ve just stayed very disciplined with eating healthy. I’m on weight watchers so I make sure I stay in my points range. I haven’t exercised once. About 3 years ago I had been diagnosed with Guillian Barre Syndrome- an autoimmune disorder where my nerves attacked themselves and I was paralyzed from my mid ribs down. I regained some feeling and all movement but still can’t feel things much in my lower legs and feet so working out is a bit of a safety issue. Hopefully I’ll be able to get there sooner than later to do more but keeping strict with my nutrition and drinking at least half my body weight in oz of water a day has helped tremendously and that’s how I’ve been successful so far :)

Jeannie D

So inspiring. You have really worked hard. You look great. Hard work and sacrifice really does pay off!!!!!

Cattleya D.

04/27/2021 7:51AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
I’m not going to make it again this month. I can’t believe it. I felt so good at the beginning of the month. It’s been a tough one. I’m starting to feel like I’m losing hope. I need to find that motivation again. Thankfully I haven’t gained back the little bit I’ve lost. I’m going to keep going, even if slow.

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Don’t give up. We all get into slumps sometimes. I am just climbing out of mine. I was doing great, won a few diet bets in a row, then got pretty lax with my eating habits. I was just maintaining instead of moving forward. I’ve realized where I went wrong and am ready to get back on track. It doesn’t matter how quickly you get to your goal, just keep going!

Cattleya D.

Thank you all so much!!! I’m trying to focus on all the little wins, like being more consistent with walking and ab work, which I’ve always been on and off about. Health was the reason I joined after all. It’s never too late!

Jeannie D

04/02/2021 10:13PM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
This really keeps me on track. I'm grateful I found Dietbet. Easter is tomorrow but we can do this!!!! Lets get slim and healthy!!! I want to look good in blue jeans. I can't wait.

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Beverley B.

I was thinking it’s great the goal is slightly smaller this month so now I can have my Easter egg and not worry too much about it


03/01/2021 6:19AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Yesterday I was under a bit, now I'm over. Should have been more careful with dinner. There's still tomorrow!

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You’ve got this!!!


Thank you all! Trying to be really good today. Since I made my other diet bet I did weigh in for that one, just in case I lose my willpower today. Still waiting for the verification, but I know they're swamped.