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Megan C. has weighed in at xxx pounds
11/21/2020 12:05PM in The Yes-vember Transformer - $2,000 in Gift Card Giveaways!

Total weight lost is now 2,001 pounds! Average is 2.2 pounds.

Jean Chandler

11/11/2020 7:41AM in The Yes-vember Transformer - $2,000 in Gift Card Giveaways!
  • Anyone else getting that water in?? I have a water cooler and fill this baby otherwise I'll forget. It needs to be RIGHT THERE!

    Hydration buddies! 💕

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Jennifer C.

I have been using an app that lets me fill up a llama with whatever I’m drinking. That sounds so weird. But it’s helpful. :)

Jean Chandler

@Jennifer C


Jean Chandler

11/10/2020 6:35AM in The Yes-vember Transformer - $2,000 in Gift Card Giveaways!
Hey! Does anyone have an Instagram they use to track their weightloss goals? I would love to follow anyone who does! I like posting my food and progress, but man, do I need exercise and fitness motivation haha!

Follow for follow? Health related, fitness related, wellness and happiness related! I'm all for positivity and wanting to help encourage and support! :)

Mine is: @keto.jean.chandler

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Jean Chandler



Anonymous Friend

11/09/2020 6:51PM in The Yes-vember Transformer - $2,000 in Gift Card Giveaways!
Feels like a new beginning every time I start a new diet bet transformer! My issue is staying consistent and not dropping out. Let's all do this together, share our frustrations, triumphs and insights during this holiday transformer.

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Megan C.

Same. Do well for a couple of weeks and then get off track.

Audrey in FL

I’m trying to keep in mind lifestyle change, not crazy diet. So my mission has been to find things that work for me.
Turns out I like to hike! So thinking about getting in shape to do that more helps.
I also found that once I find something good to eat I can eat it many days in a row. Right now scrambled eggs are my breakfast thing and the side can change, but today it’s cereal.


11/08/2020 6:01PM in The Yes-vember Transformer - $2,000 in Gift Card Giveaways!
Ok ladies and gents. I had no clue there wasn't a host to this game. Looks like we'll have to motivate each other. I hear hydration is key to weight loss and health. I challenge each of you to drink 80 oz of water per day beginning tomorrow, Monday 11/9 thru and including Saturday 11/14. I'll put a question out there Sunday morning the 15th and you all can answer how much you drank. No prizes from me but we win by staying hydrated and doing this together!! Who's in??

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Aimee C.

Awesome! Bummer there isn’t a host. In the past it has been really motivating to have a host to keep everyone motivated. Thanks for stepping in!! :grinning:

stefen t.

I'm down!!!!!

Carol R.

11/08/2020 12:48PM in The Yes-vember Transformer - $2,000 in Gift Card Giveaways!
Hi everyone from Beaverton Oregon! Just joined today. Feeling motivated! Where is everyone from?

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stefen t.

I'm from VA but now in CA

Sannah M.


stefen t.

11/06/2020 7:23PM in The Yes-vember Transformer - $2,000 in Gift Card Giveaways!
This is my 2nd bet to count. Im not done with the first one yet. I knew if I let the time pass with out enrolling that I would lose motivation. So here I am... ready to take on another challenge. Let's go!!!!! Who else is doing two right now?

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Megan C.


stefen t.

Yall ladies are all so inspiring!!!!! This community is great. Lets get this money :moneybag:... lol

Kristina W.

11/02/2020 1:14PM in The Yes-vember Transformer - $2,000 in Gift Card Giveaways!
  • Normal Day, Normal Way: after a day at work with no time for lunch i would have had a snack of chips....and when I got home would eat whatever i could find...usually not good for me.

    Today though: knew i had my prepped lunch waiting for me for dinner instead!!! And said "no" to snacks to tie me over!!!

    Talapia with tomato and zucchini


    Day one- waht was your success???

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Kristina W.

love it!!!

Kristina W.

Great choices!