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Favorite Health Food: salads

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My Preferred Method of Exercise: power walks and elliptical

My Approach to Weight Loss: cut out all junk food and white starches

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11/15/2021 5:00AM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
If you drank half your body weight (in ounces) for 5 out of the last 7 days, please write **DONE** in the comments of this post! I will pick our winner tomorrow morning (11/16, the last day of our game) for the $10 Amazon gift card.

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Candice K.


Sarah P



11/08/2021 3:00AM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
As soon as you finish your 5th day of 30 minute exercise, please comment DONE in this post. You have until the end of the night to get your entry in. I will announce our winner, of the $10 Amazon gift card, tomorrow morning.

Early Bird Refund REMINDER
You have ***TWO DAYS*** to sign up for our December game and/or January game to be entered into our early bird refund raffle. We don't have a lot of people signed up right now, so it may be pretty easy to win. :)

We will be doing a drawing on November 10th for one December entry, and one January entry, to receive a full $35 VENMO refund (so make sure to sign up before then). If you sign up for December AND January, that counts as a double entry (but no pressure, because I know you may want to take a month off in December). If you’re not ready to commit to another game by November 10th, NO WORRIES. We will be doing the 2nd January drawing for an entry fee refund on December 23rd as well.

Nov 24 - Dec 21
Jan 05 - Feb 01

Here are some workout suggestions for the day if you need it. Feel free to scroll my other posts if you want to check out other recommended workout videos.

* 30 minute Beginner workout/low impact cardio

*Jillian Michaels 30 minute, advanced high-intensity

*30 minute yoga if you’re sick, or stressed:

You're doing amazing out there! Keep it up!

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Kayla F.

Oh no hopefully I’m not too late! Done!

Dawn M.

11/06/2021 7:27AM in Flex Kickstarter
Calories (noun):
Tiny creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes a little bit tighter every night

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Carol R.

I wish I could trap them creatures and set them far far away!!:joy:

Dawn M.

Me, too!


11/04/2021 6:27AM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
  • “What inspires you to be better today?”

    This is the prompt dietbet provided for writing a post today.

    My inspiration is seeing progress. I am 230 lbs, hadn’t worked out in years, had 3 babies (2 less than a year apart), have a special needs kid, moved across the country 6 months ago, and was/am battling postpartum anxiety/depression.
    I went from absolute nothing to running 18 minutes CONTINUOUSLY yesterday in 10 weeks. If that isn’t freaking inspiring, I don’t know what is.

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Soooo proud of you!! I’m still in walking territory so you inspire that in the not-too-distant-future, I can be running again too! Thank you so much for sharing!


Also WOW! You have a full plate. Thank you for sharing that even if you’re busy you CAN make it happen!

Heidi H.

11/03/2021 5:47PM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
  • Got two 2 mile walks in today with my walking partner. My foot is still not healed, but I can start walking slowly with my boot. I also got in a 30 minute upper body strength training workout.

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Carol R.

You go girl!! Cute puppy!


Awwwww. Your little puppa is so cute!!

Lisa S.

11/03/2021 11:07AM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
I am feeling better today and ready to try again. I have decided to commit to 16-8 intermittent fasting.
I was trying to do a pretty strict diet that the doctor recommended that involved no sugar, nor flour and a lot of veggies.
Right now in my life, my hubby does the grocery shopping. He does add stress because he's worried that the veggies cost too much. And the diet is really restrictive and I just feel like I am failing too much. I think that diet would be great for a long term goal. Right now I need wins. I need to feel like I am succeeding. I have done IF in the past and I did lose 50lbs on it so I have the past success as a confidence booster. I need to build integrity with myself to stick to what I planned. I think IF is the best fit for me right now. Lastly, I need to focus on the habits and less on the weight because the scale always trips me up
Thanks again for the encouragement. It really helped a lot.

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Carol R.

Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and maybe with the IF just cut out a little flour, sugar etc.. it might kick your weight loss up a little. I find I cannot eat flour, it’s my number one weight gainer

Sara J.

You can do it!! I'm doing an 18-6 (eating between noon and 6 pm) and it's tough, but doing great so far


11/02/2021 4:47PM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
  • My polling place is only 3/10ths of a mile, so I got a quick walk in, and got to see a beautiful sunset to boot!

    We still have beautiful weather in South Texas right now. It's finally below 90°F during the day!

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Heather S.

Here in fl we are finally getting some nice weather. Our evenings are perfect for working out. During the day it can still be a little warm but it’s better. I’ll take it haha


@kateka, no real autumn. There's a meme about seasons in the south. It's pretty funny.
Since I posted the picture, we entered the rainy season and it's rained for two days. Oh well, you can't have perfect weather all of the time.

Lisa S.

11/02/2021 1:19PM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
I am failing hard! I am back up to 4 lbs over starting weight. I feel like I can't get my life together. I am failing at house work, weight loss, and all the things. I can't keep up.
My kids had the flu this week so that was a big part of slipping off track. I don't feel like I had too much bingeing going on except for Halloween night. It is amazing how fast all the hard work slips away.
Anyway, just wanting to share the struggle too. Right now I am feeling disheartened and don't have much hope that I will be able to ever get to a healthy weight but I am going to try to push through and get to a better place mentally so I can continue on journey of fixing my food habits and health.

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All these comments make me feel warm and fuzzy - I love this group so much and how everyone has each others backs. Oh Lisa - I am sorry things are so hard right now! Do you want to elaborate on what's going on? Maybe we can help pinpoint the issue and we can all get creative to help you feel better.

I know you're dealing with some insulin-resistance (and I am too). I used to feel like I had to cut all carbs out of my life in order to feel my best, and while that does help with insulin resistance, unfortunately for me, it's just not realistic (right now anyway... maybe in the future (fingers crossed)). Going super low carb just lead me to be grumpy and binge-y. I had to tell myself that eating healthier (even if it involved carbs) was better than binging, so to cut my losses with not being "perfect."

If timing and scheduling is a problem (so sorry about the sick kiddos!! Ugh - you're such a good mama to be taking such amazing care of them), remember that the priority in weight loss is food - so if you don't have time to exercise, that's okay. You can have AMAZING results even if you don't exercise. Maybe when the kids are down, you can come up with an easy-food shopping list (easy as in, things that require little-to-no preparation), like yogurt and granola, protein bars/shakes, pre-cut veggies, etc.

You are a warrior woman! You are strong. You are worthy of self-love/care. You can do this! We are here for you!

Sara J.

Don't stress the exercise, your kids appreciate you being there for them. Drink lots of water, maybe try intermittent fasting? Like only eat between 10 am and 6 pm? You got this!!!

Ashley A.

11/01/2021 4:47PM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
  • This one is so simple and so yummy!

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This looks delicious


Um hello. What is this gorgeousness?! Totally going to try it. Thank you!!
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10/31/2021 12:05PM in Flex Kickstarter

Total weight lost is now 145 pounds! Average is 1.6 pounds.

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