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05/20/2022 11:49AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Hi Everyone! Today we had great call. In case you were not able to make it here is the recording. Let's make it a weigh loss weekend! Keep crushing it we are almost at the finish line LETS GO!


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I just watched the replay and I want to say thank you I heard things I needed to hear! I'm going to apply the 3 -3 bottles of water, 3 veggies by 3pm and dinner and done. I've lost over 80lbs but I've been stuck, my goal is 65 more. I know it's a head game but I see I'm doing all the things you talked about (that are unproductive). When I was in melting mode, I could not be tempted but I have relaxed, basically, there some easy temptations for me. I have been stuck for like 5 months and I'm unhappy about it. I'm going to think positively, get out my tracker, remember what works for me and go for it!! Thanks for these calls, I work so I can only join live in my heart but I so enjoy them later, thanks for all your hard work and dedication, I appreciate you! :heart: (I'm also concerned about muscle loss :)

Jessica p.

When she says 3 bottles of water are they 16 oz or her 30 oz bottle?


03/27/2022 3:43PM in Spring Into Action with Ilana Muhlstein and Jennifer Jacobs
  • I am so excited for my 4.3 pound loss this week! I worked really hard for that! I surpassed my DietBet goal, got into the 250s, and lost over 30lbs (32.9lbs) in the past three months! I’m so happy!

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Kathryn C.

so incredible!


Thank you all so much! So happy to be in this community! :heart:


03/18/2022 11:35AM in Spring Into Action with Ilana Muhlstein and Jennifer Jacobs
  • One of the reasons I'm most excited about this DietBet is because once I reach my goal, I'll officially be 50lbs down from my starting weight! It's been a lot of work to get this far, but I'm so close!

    💥What motivates you most on your journey?

    Progress pic: FACE GAINS!
    From: January 1 - Now

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Way to go!

Kathryn C.