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Elizabeth F.

03/10/2021 4:49AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Saw an interesting thought, "we" have a slip up or an overeat and symbolically throw our arms in the air and say well Ive screwed everything up and continue to overeat and the cycle continues round and round.

But if we are at the store and make an impulse purchase that wasnt budgeted for, we dont empty our bank accounts or say well there is no point in trying to save money because we messed up.

We should be giving ourselves a little grace to make mistakes but know that it isnt the end and in the end it doesnt affect the outcome much at all.

When I weighed myself after vacation I was 4 lbs more than when I left, but I know its not possible that I at an extra 14k calories in 4 days on tops of the 2300 I can eat without gaining weight. Today, after a semi-fasting day, lots of water and some exercise, I am back to where I was.

All that matters is in the end, we make an average of smart choices, little messups just blend in with this overall lifestyle change we are making!

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Cattleya D.

So true!!! Thank you for sharing this!


Very insightful! Thank you for sharing

Terri E.

03/09/2021 4:55PM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Been in a love hate relationship with my treadmill for awhile but I finally found a way to enjoy it . I bought a tablet big enough to cover the screen on the treadmill so now I can watch one of my favorite tv shows on Netflix, it is exactly 42 minutes . Now I am not bored watching the time on my treadmill realizing how much longer I have to go, it’s a nice surprise when the show is over and I realize I made it lol

Beth K. , Jen R. and like this comment.


That’s a great idea! Keep up the good work!

Elizabeth F.

I set up my computer on a ladder across from my bike and watch a show. It helps keep me from only focusing on the exercise. When we get our treadmill we are mounting a tv across from it so we can either mirror the IFit app or watch tv while we exercise. It helps keep it going for a little longer!

Angela G.

03/09/2021 5:48AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
  • Do you make weekly menus? Honestly it’s the number 1 think that keeps me from going off the rails. Planning equals success and keeps my family budget conscious. What’s on your menu this week?

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Rebecca R

Angela I saw it!! Thanks!! Another Greek yogurt recipe!!

Beth K.

I do! It keeps my grocery budget down, and I am able to keep to my calorie deficit when I know just what's planned for dinner!


03/08/2021 9:24AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
23 Days Left
10 Pounds Left
Let’s GOOOO!!!!!

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03/07/2021 8:18AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
  • Posting my progress for accountability! I don’t post often, but am thinking I should so I stay motivated!

    I’ve been doing kickstarters along with this Transformer, and the goals for March would put me under my Round 3 8% goal for the Round 2 weigh-out!

    I also joined the March 1 transformer to keep me motivated and keep going even after I’ve reached my goal for this game.

Rudy C. , Ashley W. and like this photo.

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Cattleya D.

That’s so great!!!


You look awesome! Keep it up!

Brittney W.

03/04/2021 3:48PM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
  • Sometimes you don’t make your goal weight... but this is the difference from December - Today (March 4th). I went from pant size 22 to pant size 14 (pictured, but I actually ended up in a 12!) I’m going to hit this next goal though!

Melissa R. , Starr P and like this photo.

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Charity C.


Starr P

Wow, I can definitely see your progress. Way to go!


03/03/2021 7:20PM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Update: I did not make my 1st round goal of losing 11 pounds, but I did lose 9.4 pounds! I started the game 2 weeks late so I wasn’t expecting to win this round. However, I am very happy with all of the healthy habits I’ve been making. Let’s keep going and keep losing weight!

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Thanks everyone!!

Starr P

9.4 lbs in 2 huge!

Hannah D.

03/03/2021 6:23AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Hi friends!

A number of people liked the idea of forming a more intimate workout accountability group on Facebook messenger for workout accountability. If you are interested follow me on Facebook (“Hannah Daley” same profile pic as in this app).

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Hannah D.

Facebook it is! My name is “Hannah Daley” and my picture is the same as my DietBet profile picture. Please add me and I’ll start a group chat!


Facebook, GroupMe, and WhatsApp are cool


03/01/2021 7:41PM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
0 Days Left
2 Pounds Left
Let’s GOOOO!!!
Official Weigh In: Tomorrow at 8am
Will Follow Up With Results!

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Lisa P.

02/27/2021 11:55AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
I've been up and down in a 3 pound range for a couple of weeks. Need to drop 1.5 to win this round (I may be pushing weigh out until Tuesday to make this one!). I'm doing IF and am switching from 16:8 to 18:6 for the next few days and just eating green smoothies and salad.

I did really well in January and joined this bet when I had already lost 12 pounds. February has been a struggle - at least I am ahead of the game for my other transformer. Not giving up but telling myself it isn't the end of the world if I miss the first round or two here as long as I catch up by the end!

Hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for round 1 to end!

T , Erica O. and like this comment.

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You can do it!


Perfect mental attitude!!!!! Right there with ya too.

We've got this!!! No matter if we make weight this round or not, we are in this for the long haul!! :muscle:
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