Brittany M.

to feel at home and more confident in my own skin.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: broccoli

Favorite Sinful Food: cheese fries

My Preferred Method of Exercise: spin/tread/lift4

My Approach to Weight Loss: exercise and manageable diet

DietBet Winnings: $41.25

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-0.2% Since last weigh-in-0.4 lbs
-0.2% 1-Month Change-0.4 lbs
-4.2% Lifetime Change-7.4 lbs

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WayBetter Kristin

01/23/2021 8:26PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • How was your weekend?

    You're all doing so great! Keep up the great work and stay positive. We have a week to go and it's just one out of 6 weigh-ins. We're here for the marathon not a sprint.

    So, here's something fun. Share with us what you would chose - if you could pick just one! I know, it's tough!

    Can't wait to see what you would choose! (Don't forget to give others a like if they share your choice!)

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Tracy F.

Home Gym


personal chief

Joel + Breanne F.

01/14/2021 11:30PM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN a box of Built Bar or bag of Built Boost: Share how you’ve been attacking your daily protein goal. What are your favorite protein sources? What are your go-to protein snacks? Has it been easier to meet your daily goal this week? Please SHARE AS A COMMENT IN THIS POST. We’ll pick and announce the winner during our live Q&A this Sunday.

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Brittany M.

I’m a huge fan of snacking on deli meats. I’ll pack up a few slices of ham or turkey to munch on through the day. Also love my cheese. I also have my protein shakes, yogurt, nuts, fairlife milk, and protein bars if I get super desperate. Oh and those core power protein drinks. They have like 42 grams of protein in them! It’s a fairlife product so obviously it’s delicious :relaxed:

Katie H

I’ve been eating a lot of scrambled egg whites and add spinach to it for extra nutrition. I have chicken breasts daily (grilled, baked, or sautéed). I’d love to have easier protein on the go. I have also added some Advocare ready to go protein shakes but that has added sugar. :(

WayBetter Kristin

01/07/2021 2:28PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • I'm blown away by all of you! It's incredible to have nearly 11,000 people all working together on their goals, and have $2 million to share as a reward!   

    How amazing is that!!  

    Congratulations on another $2,000 worth of prizes added to this game! You all deserve it!  

    In this first week we've shared where we are from, a random fact about ourselves, and what we're doing to nourish and move our body... Since we're talking about prizes, what is something on your wish list to help you reach your health and wellness goals? Also share if there is something that you are loving lately.  

    Way to go everyone! You're doing so great!  

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Lady Di

Wish list. Gaiam subscription, new cookware


Def any kind of back friendly workouts like a bike would be amazing! I’m loving my new yoga mat!

Joel + Breanne F.

01/06/2021 11:30PM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • Our goal in sharing recipes with you is to prove that you don’t have to miss-out on your favorite foods while following a reduced calorie diet—there’s usually an alternative to satisfy a craving! Low-cal and high-volume food swaps enable you to eat more food while taking in fewer calories. Here are some of our typical food swaps for ideas on your next grocery trip:


    Full-Fat Dairy> Unsweetened Cashew or almond milk, Fat-Free Greek Yogurt, Sour Cream & Cheese.

    Ice Cream > Halo Top, Arctic Zero, Fat Free Dryers, Skinny Cow.

    Pasta > Edamame Pasta, Chickpea Pasta, Zucchini Noodles, Sweet Potato Glass Noodles.

    Sweets > Protein bars like Built Bar (Code: BREANNE10), Smart Sweets.

    Bread > Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins, Low Carb Tortillas.

    Condiments > Walden Farms 0-Cal Condiments and Reduced Sugar/Sugar-Free options


    FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN a box of Built Bar or bag of Built Boost this week: Share your favorite recipe or food trick that helps satisfy a specific food craving with reduced calories. Please SHARE AS A COMMENT IN THIS POST. We’ll pick and announce the winner during our live Q&A this Saturday.

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Kristena L.

I need to look through more of these! Just posting so I can find it easier haha

Brittany M.

Lily’s chocolate bars are my go to if I need a little something sweet!