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Elise J.

01/29/2021 9:20AM in NEW year, NEW goals with Elise Joan
Oh my gosh!!! Everyone is slaying this challenge!!! it’s so close to weigh in time for those who are trying to win the pot!!! Some tips!!
-Drink a lot of water the next couple days to hydrate and stay full
- get PLENTY of sleep the next few days until weigh in
-stop eating 2 hours before you go to bed
- cut out foods high in salt that can lead to water retention!
- easy on the heavy carbs/ heavy on the healthy fats & lean proteins!

You got this!!
Any questions? Put them in the comments below!!

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Jennifer R.

Denise! You can take a pic of the scale number naked and then put clothes on for the full body

Megan R.

10 lbs down. Just what I needed to boost up my motivation and happiness. Thanks! Great DB!

Megan R.

02/23/2021 4:57AM in Lose 6% in 3 Months
  • Got my lift in. Set to go for the day. Now... Nutrition. Gotta step up my game!

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Amy F.

02/01/2021 6:58AM in NEW year, NEW goals with Elise Joan
Anyone else dying to just get confirmation that their weigh-in has been approved? Lol

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Leigh S.

Do you get an email that your weigh in was submitted??

Angela R.

Yes. It’s been like 9 hours. I was wanting to celebrate with a glass of wine & it’s getting too late to have it.

Megan R.

01/31/2021 1:51PM in NEW year, NEW goals with Elise Joan
  • I've been so inspired by all of you this past month. Best wishes and love for the year ahead. Thank you for everything!

Emilie D. , Rachel S. and like this photo.

Karen C.

Best wishes to you too!

Lady Jena C.

01/31/2021 8:09AM in NEW year, NEW goals with Elise Joan
  • When your five month old sleeps through the night, and you accidentally hit “off” instead of “snooze” with both of your nighttime nursing alarms....

Cheyanne P. , Deborah W. and like this photo.

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Lady Jena C.

And then we’ve been nursing every two hours since we’ve woken at 0500. She’s a lovely little lady

Megan R.


Rebecca S.

01/31/2021 6:14AM in NEW year, NEW goals with Elise Joan
Two days I weighed in a pound under my goal. Today I weighed in and I’m 2 pounds over my goal. My weight fluctuates so much. I even drank over 130 ounces of water yesterday. Looks like I’m waiting until the last second to weigh in.

Cheyanne P. , Lindsey C. and like this comment.

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Mine is the same way. Either way you learned how to make better choices this month.

Megan R.

Probably all the water! Reduce your water intake 12 hours before weigh in and give your body a chance to release it. Epsom salt baths help. :heart:

Rachel P.

01/30/2021 11:55AM in NEW year, NEW goals with Elise Joan
  • LIIFT 4 Back/Biceps and Chest/Triceps then some Barre Blend Booty Enhancements. It’s been a really struggle to workout every day with this little tornado. Kinda bummed that I won’t win this time around just because the timing of Mother Nature is off but it’s been fun. So big congratulations to all of you who made your weight this time around!!!!

Lindsey C. , Heather S. and like this photo.

Emily L

Aunt Flo for me too. It’ll be a close call for me

Megan R.

Well done! He's beautiful!

Megan R.

01/22/2021 6:35AM in NEW year, NEW goals with Elise Joan
  • Enjoyed my movement this morning. Always glad I hit play!!!

Michael H. , Jennifer G. and like this photo.

Cara G.

I agree! No one ever says "I'm so sorry I worked out today." We're always glad we did it!

Megan R.

01/20/2021 3:23PM in NEW year, NEW goals with Elise Joan
  • I love easy, beautiful dinner! ❤

Angela M. , Michael H. and like this photo.

Laura A.

01/20/2021 8:22AM in NEW year, NEW goals with Elise Joan
  • I reached my goal weight! I’m so excited I can’t believe it. This is my 4th DietBet and I won my first one but I was scrambling on the last day to make my goal and I just made it by a hair. This time I made it with 11 days left! I have been really focused on being on point portion fix. And following Elise’s meals as a guide!

Amanda C. , Michael H. and like this photo.

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Rachel S.


Heather S.

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