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Favorite Health Food: Chicken Taco Salad

Favorite Sinful Food: Pizza

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Biking and Weight Lifting

My Approach to Weight Loss: Consistency is KEY!!

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: I don't use any apps

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $354.09

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Cassaundra B.

10/10/2021 9:20AM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to any fellow Canadians in this game!

Please wish me luck as I try to avoid the mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy this year. 😆

I’m going to go for a long walk before dinner. 😊

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Cassaundra B.

Thanks Alice!

Cassaundra B.

@myami Smaller portions is a victory! It can be so easy to lose control on holidays! Well done!

Catherine J.

10/06/2021 4:47AM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
6 days left in this round and I’m not quite to 50% of my Round 1 goal 🙈 In the past, I’ve done well with Kickstarter games and focused effort but I find the long-haul much more difficult. I’ve only done one other Transformer and did not succeed. Really trying to make moderation over a long period of time work for me, but I’m struggling to see results. How’s everyone doing out there?

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Kayli L.

I’m at 50% and next week I will be in hormonal flux :weary: so I am really worried I’m not going to hit this round. I’ve been sick this week so my activity is down as well. BUT I just booked our Hawaii trip for February so I am determined to hit that long haul goal!


Watch your sodium levels as well as calories (MyFitnessPal lets you track macros). Sometimes salty meals can sabotage the scale results the next day, as I've learned the hard way.

Misty S.

09/28/2021 4:23PM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
Has anyone tried Weight Watchers? I’ve seen it advertised so much, and they’ve been around forever (I think my mother even did it back in the 90s). Just curious about experiences for those that know.

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I always found success with ww and I do like how they focus more on behavior and well being now. I just could keep my head it in the last round but def lost weight

Christine D.

I lost 10 pounds on WW (digital version) but gained it all back. It wasn't sustainable for me. It didn't sync with my Galaxy watch and when I ate out they never had my meal in there so I was guessing. I could have kept it, paid a ton of money and had to do a bunch of manual calculations but I'm lazy so I gave up. I'm back to counting calories now and am doing much better!

Jane S.

09/21/2021 9:58AM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
This time around I'm vowing to weigh in every Tuesday whether I'm happy with my progress or not. I've also taken a few "before" pics that I hope will help to keep me motivated as we go. I'm thinking of taking a before pic of myself in a goal outfit that I'm hoping will fit really well in 6 months.

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Great idea. Thanks!


I am 100% joining you in this. Sometimes it just throws off the whole week when the scale is not showing what I want it to. I’m going for long term progress, not short term perfection. The extra accountability is exactly what I need!


09/14/2021 12:44PM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
Argh, I have the exercise portion of being healthy down (I love my workouts and walks), but the eating portion (the most important aspect to losing) is terrible at the moment. I need some healthy snack options…what do you eat when you need a snack?

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Doc h.

If I'm not HUNGRY, just feeling snacky, I'll eat pea pods with soy sauce for a salty crunchy treat

Lynn W.

I like “Think” brand protein bars.


09/13/2021 9:40AM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
Here we go! I would love this to be my last transformer!

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It would be cool. I've been playing for 5 years!

Lynn W.

Good for you!

Misty S.

09/13/2021 8:25AM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
  • Tazo passion tango tea, Minute Maid sugar free pink lemonade, and unsweetened coconut milk. Less than 10 calories and WAY cheaper than the real thing. 😂

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Misty S.

I got the $3 reusable cup from Starbucks and then found vinyl stickers on Etsy. There are tons of them designed specifically for decorating these cups. :joy:

Lynn W.

That sounds yummy- I think I’ll try it.

Theresa C.

09/10/2021 9:26AM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
  • yikes! This was a wake up call for me… giving myself some grace after a difficult year and recommitting to the habits that work for me, including diet bet!

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I’m in the same boat, lost 65 pounds in the first half of the year but have gained 20 of it back since July. Time to recommit and reach my goal by the end of this bet. We’ve got this!!

Amber P.

I am there too. Last year I lost 30-ish pounds without even trying hard, then this year due to some bad choices I have gained most of that back. I am ready to make better choices and get back down. Then stay there. We can do this!


07/14/2021 5:51PM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
  • Not exactly healthy but this is my well deserved post work out snack for today lol

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@lisa rush, it’s a total game changer haha.

Elizabeth C.

It was "diet a&w" but they changed it to zero sugar about a year ago.
I'd add a little protein to that snack (cheese stick?) but otherwise looks yummy!

Leila C

07/13/2021 11:35AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
Sooooo, I have some news.

Very unexpected and I’m pretty sure I can’t continue in this DietBet. But I didn’t want to drop off the platform without letting all of you know.

I am pregnant.

This is very much a shock as I didn’t think I could get pregnant anymore. It is considered a high risk pregnancy as I’m in my mid 40’s.

I’ll be sending an email to support to drop out in the next day or so.

You guys are amazing and I want you all to know, I’m forever available to you as a friend and supporter in your weight loss journey.

I have many of your email addresses and will still be connecting via that route and holding the positivity Pow-wows in the coming months.

I will be back! Love you all. 😍

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Adrianna S.


Susan G.

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