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Favorite Health Food: avocado

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My Approach to Weight Loss: slow and steady

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Sarah Z.

01/10/2022 7:27AM in Healthy YOU in 2022 with Autumn Calabrese
  • What’s for dinner, everyone? I love getting new ideas from others. Write it out, take a pic, whatever! It can be for just tonight or all week!

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Rachel S.

This week were having
Shepherds Pie w/ sweet potato mash
Honey Garlic Chix over Cauli Rice
Egg Roll in a bowl
& i made egg bites for breakfast!

I totally want to try an enchilada skillet :yum:

Julia R.

If there were a LOVE button I would press it. "What are you thinking for dinner" is the BIGGEST stressor of my day.

Julia R.

01/08/2022 11:37AM in Healthy YOU in 2022 with Autumn Calabrese
  • When Autumn says go for a walk, I go for a walk lol. You can find excuses not to do it or you can find reasons to do it!

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Rachel S.

I wanted to this week but its been in the low teens with negative wind chills soooooo

Tammy P.

  • I did the same today! Would have never done this before with snow and ice on the ground! It was a very short walk, but it was something!

Rachel S.

01/07/2022 8:25PM in Healthy YOU in 2022 with Autumn Calabrese
  • Hey guys! Happy Friday ❤

    I joined this game on Wednesday, so a little late and im going to have to really push this month! Im thinking i might do a double workout tomorrow ???????????

    I was able to crush those friday takeout cravings with honey garlic chicken over cauli rice and a side of broccoli 😋 feeling super satisfied

    Lets have a great first challenge weekend!

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Rachel S.

@kylene L - it is going to be a challenge but im excited for it!

Rachel S.

@Melissa K it was so good!! Definitely will be making this again

Jennifer R.

01/07/2022 4:08PM in Healthy YOU in 2022 with Autumn Calabrese
Is most the group following a specific diet/ workout plan ?

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Beth G.

Modified version of portion fix (meaning I don’t track containers, but try and keep my meals within them) and I’m doing my 2nd round of 645 with some added bike rides!

Lara M.

I'm doing Job 1 with Beachbody and tracking my food on MFP

Kayla R.

01/04/2022 9:09AM in Healthy YOU in 2022 with Autumn Calabrese
so frustrated starting this on the wrong foot im fighting a wicked head cold been almost a week i cant do anything:(

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Rachel S.

Garlic bone broth
Green Tea & ginger
Nutrition, vitamins, & rest! I was exactly in your shoes last month, theres still plenty of time to get to your goals!


I am in SAME situation. My son got a school bug and I stayed well for 10 days while he sniffled and coughed, but then I got sore throat 2 days before game started. Not covid but it still slows you down and is discouraging.

I want to do workouts and weights and my body just can't.
I have managed a few walks on the treadmill at slower pace but it's not how I wanted to start the year.

Remind yourself: it's a lifestyle change that is a long journey, not just 1 week.
Starting good eating and hydration habits for the first week of the challenge while healing...or 2 if we have to, is still GREAT.
Once we heal, we can focus on exercise habits. And by then end of the month we can have it all combined for long term success!!
I am just telling myself it's 1 good habit at a time and build on that!! Rather than the all at once method where you get overwhelmed.
We GOT THIS sister!!

Samantha M.

10/05/2021 10:32AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
  • Ok so... vegan dad... i wanted to post before and after with what i got too! I will make sure to take full body length ones this time to look back on! So to the left was my biggest i weighed between 240max-226min. When I officially started my weightloss i starteded last week of may 2021 at 226lbs. Bottom right is at 209 first day of dietbet and top right is me now. When i look in the mirror i dont really see all that of a difference... i know clothes fit better... but seeing it like this really does show a difference.

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Lee Ann K.

Wow! Great progress-!!!:blush::tada::tada:

Heather B.

You look great! I can see a difference

Michelle M.

10/05/2021 7:31AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
What a tough last week this round!!! My sister-in-law died very suddenly last Monday and it’s been traumatic and unhealthy as a result. Lots of people dropping off food and many family gatherings too. She struggled with food issues so I couldn’t skip the meals to eat my own healthy stuff. And all the visitors and extra gatherings put me off my workout game too. I can’t believe I made my weight - by the skin of my teeth at the very last minute. Hopefully, Round 4 is easier. This round has been a lot.

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Michelle M.

Thank you, everyone. :hearts::hearts:

Rachel S.

So sorry for your loss!:heart:

Eli the vegan dad

10/04/2021 7:37AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
  • Renpho data comparing today to February 15

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Yes!!!!! This is wonderful!! Great work and thank you for the inspiration!


Thanks for posting. I didn’t know this view was available. It is definitely motivating to see the progress over time.


09/18/2021 11:32AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
  • I made a Thai peanut crunch salad last weekend that tasted great. And, it was super helpful that it was prepped and ready to go for work lunches. (I like making big batches of recipes. I had to switch this into my roasting pan partway through making it in order to stir it.😂). I am so tired. It feels so tiring to work at school this year.

Jamie W. , S-h-a-u-n-a and like this photo.

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Luis E.

This looks great!

Dani FatPTBackToFit

Yum !! I love making Thai peanut sauce stuff at home. I Do it alot! I use honey for the sweetener. So good!
I'll look up ur recipe


09/13/2021 11:53AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
  • So I woke up at 2 am this morning to meet a friend in Rocky Mountain National Park to do an alpine rock climb, with a 30 lbs pack full of water, food, layers, and climbing gear. 5 miles in after starting the hike at 4:25 am, we were almost to the base of the climb when rain started pouring and the wind blowing strong, temps dropped to just above freezing. We started so early because there was rain and lightning was in the forecast for 3 pm, not 6 am, so we wanted to be down from the mountain by around 1 pm (and snow forecasted for overnight)! Since the rock was drenched, even if it cleared up for a few hours it would be too dangerous to climb while wet. We sadly had to turn around, but then got treated to a beautiful sunrise on the hike out. Total distance 9.82 miles, 2000 feet elevation gain, and average speed 2.4 mph.

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Kailyn B.

I’m so jealous! I live in flat Louisiana but I got to go to the Stanley Hotel this summer and I so desperately wanted to go to RMNP!!! I decided to get my ears tattooed instead and I had just seen Grand Canyon, Zion, Yellowstone and Grand Teton earlier that week so it was worth it tbh. Still! So jealous that you live so close!


Thanks! It is amazing to live so close by. There is beauty everywhere and it's such a privilege. I moved here as fast as I could. ;)
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