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Jamie E.

01/07/2021 5:29PM in Easy Does It Challenge with Jamie Eason Middleton

You made it through week 1!  Great job!  If it didn’t go as well as you had hoped, you still have 3 weeks to do your best.  Stay focused on eating unprocessed foods, reducing your sugar intake and staying active. I have loaded the week 2 workouts with links to demonstrations.  These workouts build on the previous week.  They are the more advanced version of each exercise.  If you don’t feel that you are ready to tackle those, no problem.  Just repeat the week 1 exercises and add about 15 minutes of fast paced walking or some other form of cardio, to increase the caloric burn.  For the food challenge this week, I want you to be sure to get adequate protein (about a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight) and focus on prioritizing either carbs or fat at each meal, rather than having meals comprised of both fat and carbs at the same time.  This is a simple way to be able to enjoy the foods that you like without eating too many dense calories. I go into more detail on this in the video so hopefully you can take a few minutes to watch it.  Keep it up, you guys! You’re doing great!  While everything around us may feel chaotic and out of sorts, focus on the things that you can control, like how you treat your body.  

Week 2 Video

Week 2 Workouts    



Welcome Video

Macro Calculator - Find carbs, protein and fat ratio (calculators.tech)

Week One Workouts

Example Meal Options

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Jamie E.

Hi guys! I’m sorry for any difficulties. I’m not sure why it’s working for some and not for others. If you continue to have problems, please email me at dietbetjamie@gmail.com. That email is available to you all throughout the game.

Cece C

Can we get the updated posts that include workouts and diet to be the pinned post. I have to scroll forever to find it.

Lori C.

01/07/2021 5:07PM in Easy Does It Challenge with Jamie Eason Middleton
Do you guys know where to find week 2 workouts?

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Nancy C.

  • Tap the green words that. At week 2 workouts at the end of Jamie’s last post

Vicki D.

01/06/2021 11:43AM in Easy Does It Challenge with Jamie Eason Middleton
Okay I’m not understanding the whole “weekly weigh in“ thing. How do I submit an official one? Do we need to take another photo?

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Heather K.

Ive always been a member till this bet so I was wondering the same! I didnt realize there isnt a weekly weigh in no matter what!

Cindy M.

Ashley B.

01/05/2021 3:06PM in Easy Does It Challenge with Jamie Eason Middleton
I'm so sore you guys... ugh lol!

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Lori C.

Meeeeee too

Antoinette P.

01/05/2021 6:00AM in Easy Does It Challenge with Jamie Eason Middleton
  • I have never made oats on the stove… Never enough time. I always do overnites in fridge and eat cold on the go. Well I’m taking the major changes that happened in the last two days to my advantage. I am going to SIT DOWN and enjoy my first ever old-fashioned oats made on the stove??. If your mom you know how huge this is. To sit. And dare I say ... enjoy a hot meal?!?

    1/4 cup oats boiled in cup of water. Protein scoop added (vanilla) with the last remaining strawberries after my kids lunches were made and 1/2 serving of almond butter

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My son (16 years old) eats more than 1 cup of oats boiled with water ( in microwave) 1/4 cup smooth peanutbutter and 3 sliced banans on top as a snack. I don't :wink::laughing:

Lori C.

I make a big pot of steel cut oats on the stove and put in a Tupperware - my whole family eats it. I heat up with a little almond milk, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder and top with strawberries. Once u start eating steel cut u will never go back - takes me 30 min like 3-4 days

Lori C.

01/04/2021 4:43PM in Easy Does It Challenge with Jamie Eason Middleton
Ahhh really really hard to fit this circuit in - crazy workday and so tired but I just did it. Who else is so out of shape that they can only do 1 circuit? Bummed about it?

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April M.

Everything hurts and I only did one circuit. Plus I had to skip today because my muscles are still in too much pain! :weary:


One is better than none.

Melissa K

01/04/2021 3:53PM in Easy Does It Challenge with Jamie Eason Middleton
  • Meals and snacks for the day

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Antoinella F.

Looks good! I tried the Built bars, not bad! I liked the Cherry Garcia.

Lori C.

Good job! Thanks for the ideas

Lori C.

01/03/2021 3:47PM in Easy Does It Challenge with Jamie Eason Middleton
  • 2 mile walk completed! Have a great week everyone! We got this 💪????

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Antoinella F.

Same to you!

Vicki D.

01/03/2021 2:08PM in Easy Does It Challenge with Jamie Eason Middleton
  • Don’t let the blue skies fool you! 35 degrees and 17 mph wind but I got the 2 miles in today! 💪

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Lori C.

Good job!! I did 2 miles too!


01/03/2021 1:33PM in Easy Does It Challenge with Jamie Eason Middleton
  • Struggeling with sugar-rush withdrawl since after Christmas. I have a big problem with it still being in the house. I can't throw it out because I have 3 more in the household. They support me but still want sweets now and then. On the plus side there is not much left and I won't by any more. Hopefully I will not eat much more.

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Nancy C.

I toss out, give away to work break room or send bad treats to the room of the person that must have them - outta sight outta mind! Hahah good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Ashlie W.

Sugar addiction is real!!!!
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