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Rebecca J.

  • Lunch can be hard to choose with intention, for me. Today I did! But it took me til 1:42 in the afternoon lol. If I’d have eaten closer to noon, it would have been something like cereal and milk and salty snack foods. Is lunch more difficult for anyone else? Dinner I plan and make choices and slow down. Lunch I either skip (and feel exhausted) or throw random convenient food at myself. Today was better ????

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Looks so very good!

Jenn and Kandice

Way to go! This looks so good!


  • Todays exercise was a beach day! I'm still quite a few lbs from my goal. Definitely plateauing a bit after the last 3 months. But still so close to my ideal weight!

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Rebecca J.

That looks amazing! I hope you enjoyed yourself!


Beauty in a beautiful place

Jenn and Kandice

  • Happy Saturday everyone! You guys did amazing this week! Way to push hard and get all that water and nutrition in. And great job to those of you who completed the bonus challenge as well. It's been an awesome week! Here are the drawing results for the Nutrition Challenge and the Bonus Challenge:

    I took all the players that completed the challenge and assigned them each a number. Then I ran a random number generator to select this week's drawing winners.

    That means a big congratulations is in order for:

    Nutrition Challenge: Overcomer!!!
    Bonus Challenge: Joy!!!

    Overcomer and Joy, I send all the gift cards via email, so they get to you right away! Please leave your email address in a comment below or email me at jkdietbet@gmail.com, so I can email your Amazon gift card to you. $30 for the Nutrition Challenge and $10 for the Bonus Challenge.

    **Next week's challenge will be posted later tonight and begins on Monday! Also, look for another Bonus Challenge to be posted tonight as well. Let's have a great week and stay strong this weekend! :)

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Hi there! redmanzoo@gmail.com is where I can be reached. I was so excited to win the challenge that I missed the instructions on receiving the Price.



Ref Brittani

09/24/2022 5:41AM in The DietBet Kickstarter - Double your Winnings!

Check in time!

With one week left, I'm sure the emotions are all over the place. How are we feeling? Do we have a lot of confidence or are we worried about the deadlines? Do you feel as accomplished as you'd thought or do you need a little motivation? I'd love to help as much as I can!

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Caitlin G.

My body tends to have a habit of staying the same weight for a week and then dropping a pound over night. Or slowly dropping over a week and then gaining 2 lbs over night. Trying to keep positive because 2 days ago I was .5 lb from goal and now I'm 1.7lbs from my goal so need to keep food in check and up my water intake this week!

Megan C.

I’m feeling good! I have weighed myself and been just under my goal or just over depending on the day. I think I can definitely get there as long as I stay focused on my diet this week!

Michelle P.

09/24/2022 5:23AM in The DietBet Kickstarter - Double your Winnings!
Already got to my goal weight but I’ve done this before and gained back before final weigh in!🙏🙏

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Megan C.

You can do it!

Ref Brittani

way to go!

Ref Brittani

09/21/2022 8:24AM in The DietBet Kickstarter - Double your Winnings!
  • Halfway through the week!

    Drop your favorite/funniest/most exciting workout stories below. I want to hear it all! 😁

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Rebecca J.

My deal is that I’m not great with dance instruction, but I tried a Brazilian dance workout during a time I had a shoulder injury and wanted something that left my arms alone for the most part… and I would work up a sweat and feel great about myself 80% of the time—the other 20% I was literally dancing my way into the corner of the room! I did it again and again, trapping myself against a wall because I missed the point we were sent in the other direction, I guess???

Ref Brittani

haha at least you were moving your body!

My embarrassing story is that I got up early to go to a gym tour at my new gym, was there 5 minutes and sleepily stepped onto the treadmill when it was not on and fell flat on my butt. You'd think I hadn't ever been on one before LOL

Jenn and Kandice

  • A big key to success when it comes to sticking to our nutrition plan is meal prepping. Also, having healthy snacks available and ready to go throughout the day is super helpful when we need a quick pick-me-up or are feeling hungry in between meals.
    Keeping healthy food nearby can help prevent you from eating something you've been trying to avoid if you become excessively hungry, instead of reaching for that cookie, you could get out those eggs that are already peeled and boiled.

    Some snacks that are easily portable and simple to prepare include whole fruits, nuts, baby carrots, yogurt and hard-boiled eggs.

    What quick and healthy snacks do you keep around to help keep your hunger in check?

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Rebecca J.

I always keep bananas and light salami and baby carrots for snacks


Dips and cut up veggies

Jenn and Kandice

  • It's time for, The Nutrition Challenge!

    It starts on Monday ends Friday!

    Here are the requirements:

    1- Eat 5 servings a day from the fruit/vegetable group. It can be all vegetables or any combo of both. What is a serving? For the purpose of our game, we will use the American Heart Association definition: Vegetables: 1 cup of raw leafy vegetables (about the size of a small fist), 1/2 cup of other vegetables or 1/2 cup of vegetable juice. Fruits: 1 medium fruit (the size of a baseball); 1/2 cup chopped, cooked or canned fruit; or 1/2 cup juice.

    2-Also, drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. We're focusing on our water intake again as well.

    *If you need any adjustments to these nutrition challenges for specific health reasons, please let me know.

    One suggestion, but not part of the challenge: Please post at least one picture of a healthy meal you eat this week. It provides great ideas for everyone in our game! And remember to make healthy food choices in other food groups, but we are not measuring those for this challenge.

    I will ask at the end of the week, starting on Friday, if you completed the challenge. You will need to report in under that post. You will have until 12 PM PST on Saturday to report in. I will then put all the players who completed this week's challenge into our drawing for a $30 Amazon gift card!

    You've got this team!

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Rebecca J.

I started out so well haha

I was staying with some family, and I gave in to the situation and just ate along with the group and said thank you! But then I left, and came home, and I’ll do better, but not in the success group for this particular challenge. It’s a great one! I often come back to counting my food to check my portions and macros and check in on myself. I was raised with tons of refined carbs—the dominant piece of my food picture, and it’s been hard to retrain myself. Worth the effort!

Jenn and Kandice

You've got this Rebecca! Way to keep moving forward! :)


Not sure why I haven’t done this every month but I took the weight I need to lose and divided it down to weeks so that I only focus on that number for the week. Helps me not get overwhelmed or like past months… try to post all the weight in a week. 😂

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Jenn and Kandice

I love this! Those short term goals really do make all the difference in achieving the long term! Way to go KTF!


Cool idea!

Ref Brittani

09/16/2022 12:31PM in The DietBet Kickstarter - Double your Winnings!
  • Happy Weekend friends!

    Let's do a little non scale victory (NSV) round up for the week. What was your best accomplishment this week that has nothing to do with the scale?

    Often times - especially in these games - we can get so focused on the scale. While the numbers are a good measurement for sure, some of the fun of investing in your health is finding the other ways our lives are impacted.

    I'd love to hear yours! You might just inspire others in this game to recognize their NSV's as well!

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Ref Brittani

Ahhh these are all so much feel good! I needed the serotonin <3 CONGRATULATIONS!!!


writing up what I ate :-)
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