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Taylor B.

04/01/2021 10:36AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
So, I’m just a little confused. The goal is to lose 16% today in 6 months?

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Heather C.

Its 10% of your original weigh in weight over the course of the entire thing but they broke it down into smaller goals. The % that shows on your profile is how close you are to the final weight goal.

Hannah D.

02/11/2021 6:52AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
How do you all determine the healthy range of calories you should be eating. I’ve been using the MyFitnessPal app to determine calories needed to lose a pound a week but it seems really low (1200 calories*). Is this right???

*I always make sure to count calories burned in a workout, so I don’t under eat

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Beverley B.

I tend to h be e closer to 1500, if. Eat 1200 I tend to be good for about three weeks then fall ff the wagon so hard I might as well have eaten more in the other three weeks !

Elizabeth F.

MFP has mine at like 1350. I do not eat back my exercise calories at all though.

Amy U.

02/08/2021 6:22PM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
  • Just some food for thought here as I thought this might be some encouragement to others!

    My weigh in was 2 lbs more than last week. I could absolutely self sabotage and give up... or I could remember that my weight fluctuates and that’s a part of life.

    I just finished loosing 11.5 pounds in last months Kickstarter and that is something to celebrate. Last night was the Super Bowl and while I didn’t go overboard I enjoyed the pizza, chicken and fries. Hello salt city! That alone is something that could make me gain 2 pounds with all that extra water weight. I know that a day or two of healthy eating and back to the normal lifestyle choices I’ll be right back in the game.

    I just thought I’d share - if you had a “bad” weigh-in... so did I. Let’s keep going!

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Lisa C

Love that! It's amazing how much my weight can fluctuate in 24 hours.

Amy U.

Totally true. And now weighing in today (just out of curiosity) I lost those extra pounds and then a bit. Just goes to show what a bad weekend can deceive you of!


02/06/2021 8:35PM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Week one started with my period... great start lol. Sorry to any guys here. My mood and emotions were all over the place and my diet and exercise plan went right out the window. Any advice ladies?

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Paige L.

Just get right back on the horse and keep it moving


Try not to let it get you down! You've got this! I find drinking water (like, a TON OF WATER - I aim for a gallon a day) makes a huge difference in regulating my cravings and also helping reduce bloating. It doesn't help with the emotions, but I find exercise and JOURNALING helps with that portion!

I'm right there with ya. I just stay as focused on my goal as possible and refuse to beat myself up over a couple of days that weren't optimal. Maybe think of them as rest days (which are critical to our success in this challenge).

You've got this!!!!