Karin V.

First I wanted to get out of the Covid-19 riskzone. Then I gave me a goal to do horse riding again after many years. But in fact it is just natural to be in good shape. So: back to nature!

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: salad with tofu

Favorite Sinful Food: Icecream with whipped cream - topping

My Preferred Method of Exercise: rowing on my rowing machine

My Approach to Weight Loss: Veggie , 3 pm=stop eating , control calories + macros, one cookie a day keeps frustration away

DietBet Winnings: $5,547.93

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Mary B.

about 5 hours ago in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
It’s cooler weather up in my neck of the woods now. I need to adjust my diet to more wintery type. Time to stock up on teas to help warm me up when I get cold. Does anyone have any good cold weather food ideas to share? I like trying to have more squash-based dishes in the fall, but I’m game to trying new things!

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Tammy R

I've been making a nice hearty Minestrone Soup. Adding potatoes and beans gives it some bulk. :thumbsup:


I agree with these ladies. We make a bunch of homemade soups and chili during the fall and winter months. Split pea soup is one of my favorites. :-]

Tammy P.

10/04/2022 8:03PM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
  • The weather is just now starting to be perfect where I am. I hate being trapped inside all day. Tomorrow we have an office outing to get pizza in our nearby downtown. Pizza is my weakness!!! At least it will be a lovely walk. I'm thinking about going with, but not having any or packing my lunch, but I'm worried it will backfire and I will binge.

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Tammy P.

Thank you April, Rebekah, & Karin! I will stay strong/not fold, delay and distract (future binge), and rephrase my all-or-nothing thinking! I decide!! :blush:

Tammy R

I had a similar experience last Friday with my husband. He wanted pizza. So we got pizza AND he ordered a salad for me. I enjoyed pizza, but only one piece. It was enough to satisfy my "want", and I still felt successful bc 1. I made a healthy food choice, and 2. I was able to taste one of my favorite foods.

You can do this! Stay strong! :muscle:

Misty K.

10/04/2022 12:59PM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
  • Glad I didn’t blow this at the last minute!

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Karin V.

Congratulations, Misty!


Congrats, Misty!!


10/04/2022 12:11PM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
  • Yay!! Congrats everyone 👏????🎉

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Karin V.

Congratulations, Michaela!

Tabitha P.

10/04/2022 9:49AM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
  • Finished!!

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Karin V.

Congratulations, Tabitha!

Pamela K.

10/04/2022 6:40AM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
When I first joined this game, I didn’t realize that the game would end the day after a two-week trip to France with my best friend. When I realize that, I was terrified (I had wagered $500 on this) and extremely motivated to go at least 5 pounds below my final goal, so I wouldn’t have to diet while I was in France and would still make the goal. Well, it worked, and it even kept me from eating quite as many pastries as I really wanted. 🇫🇷🎉😎 And now I know I can lose a few more pounds, so I’m going to join one more 4-week, 4% game.

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All is well that ends well but I am concerned about the pastries you skipped! I hope they found good homes.

Karin V.

Very well done, Pamela! Congratulations :clap:

Karin V.

10/04/2022 12:28AM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
I'm feeling horrible after a surgery last week but I made goal. I take it as a good sign for recovery.

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Kimmy J.

Congratulations. Hope everything went well

Karin V.

I need some healing time but it seems that everything went well.
And I just got my verification. :blush:
Did you make it too, Kimmy? Fingers crossed for you!

Tracy R.

10/03/2022 8:40AM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
  • Not going to make it and that is okay. I lost almost 20 pounds, fought through a 2 month plateau and didn't go back to bad habits when things got tough. I am ready to take on the next challenge, leaner, stronger & faster than before!!! Good luck everyone!!

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Richard H.

Great accomplishment! I don't think I'm going to make it unless a small miracle occurs. Still was valuable to lose some weight and keep it off for months! Wish you all the best, Tracy!

Karin V.

congratulations on your 20 lbs loss. That's a great success and you look beautiful and healthy!

Heather B.

10/03/2022 6:36AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
Getting nervous folks. The "busy season" at work officially starts Saturday and will be my first one with this company. 10 hour days and alternating Saturdays for 11 weeks. They will be plying us with ordered-in food 2x a day, gift baskets, and coffee.

Now that the weather is cooling down, I plan to up the walks with the dog. I've progressed with intermittent fasting, set myself up with meal prep; but I'm worried that all of it will crumble in 2 weeks. 😬

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Karin V.

Free food doesn't mean mandatory food. Follow you own plan and you will succeed.
And never forget about yourself- no matter how busy the season will be :four_leaf_clover:

Brandon Y.

Think of it like you are trying to be as happy as possible. You should find a health solution that balances your day to day simple pleasures with making progress toward longer term health goals. You will not be happy if you take either too extreme, also if you do you will burnout. Find that optimal balance for you.

WayBetter Kristin

10/03/2022 12:00AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
  • We're so close to our Round 3 weigh-in now. How are you feeling?

    Because I think you're all heroes for being here and doing your best... "A true hero isn't measured by the size of [their] strength, but by the strength of [their] heart." - Hercules.

    You've got this!

    Let us know how you feel about the upcoming weigh-in!

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Rebekah K.

I've lost 22 lbs so far and 8+ pounds under goal !

Tammy P.

@Karin - Sorry healing is taking so long, but rest assured, it WILL happen! Keep on track and you'll bounce back in the next round. Maybe do or get something else nice for yourself?
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