Karin V.

First I wanted to get out of the Covid-19 riskzone. Then I gave me a goal to do horse riding again after many years. But in fact it is just natural to be in good shape. So: back to nature!

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: salad with tofu

Favorite Sinful Food: Icecream with whipped cream - topping

My Preferred Method of Exercise: rowing on my rowing machine

My Approach to Weight Loss: Veggie , 3 pm=stop eating , control calories + macros, one cookie a day keeps frustration away

DietBet Winnings: $2,677.69

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Mona S.

11/27/2021 9:22AM in Endless Summer Mega Transformer - Win a Peloton!
Still 2 fricking kg off… doubt I’ll hit my target in 4 days

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Claire H.

Stick to your program and drink lots of water! You can do this.

Karin V.

That's challenging - but not impossible. You have time until Friday night to make it. But even if you won't make it this time, this is 'only' round 4. So you can go on and follow up till the end if round 5. If you can reach 6% by the new year, you are still in the game and you can win the big pot. I wish you all the best for the next days. We can make it !

Karin V.

11/27/2021 7:25AM in Mega Kickstarter
I've already been comfortably 1,5 lbs under my goal. Then I was too sure and relaxed and am actually 1 lb over ...
Now I have to work hard the last three days to make it. But I'm positive that I can achieve my goal.
How are you all doing?
After Halloween and Thanksgiving and - for me - my 60th birthday, this bet isn't an easy task!

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Monika H.

Made goal today! Got to keep going with the veggies until the weigh in :grin:
Karin V. accepted the challenge.
11/17/2021 10:30PM in Lose 3% in 4 Weeks
The pot is now $70


11/17/2021 5:15PM in Endless Summer Mega Transformer - Win a Peloton!
  • I live in Vancouver, BC, and this week we have had several awful washouts and mudslides as well as massive flooding. I got stuck in it and barely made it out alive, so I haven’t been paying even the slightest amount of attention to my diet or any of this. It caused me to gain back a few pounds and now I’m finding it SO hard to get back into it 😫

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Karin V.

I'm glad, you escaped this nightmare! Climate change shows its ugly face.
But: Losing weight is sustainable. Eating less is better for the environment. So you do a real good thing when you're getting back on track.
Maybe it could be good for you to ask for psychological help to get over this shocking experience.


Don't worry about the weight. I'm sorry about the disaster... That looks awful. But you made it alive!!! In moments like this one realizes what insignificant worries one has...


11/17/2021 11:02AM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
  • Hello everyone!

    I couldn't do my final weigh in until the last possible moment this morning. It was a bit stressful to wait for approval. But now I can celebrate! And it's a double victory for me.

    I re-started my weightloss journey in January this year after I had a miscarriage. And today I can say I'm safely -and finally- out of the first trimester!!!

    I joined the DB knowing I was 9-10 weeks (my midwife knew). If I lost any weight at all that would be a bonus. Mostly I joined because of the positive vibes and getting my mind off of stressing about the first trimester.

    For now this was my last DietBet with Ilana. I will continue with 2B mindset during my pregnancy and I have Beachbody membership (currently doing Barre Blend Pre-Post Natal).

    Hopefully I won't see you all back, I hope that you all have reached your goals by then!! I will be back in the summer of 2022. Bye-bye!

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Dawn S.


Allison L.

Congratulations!! I am so excited for you.

Darlene S.

11/16/2021 8:42PM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
  • I don’t think I’ll be able to post pics for the final weigh in, due to being in the hospital with covid. I’ve been very sick over the past week and have lost 15 lbs. just by lying in bed, unable to eat or drink. Good luck to everyone though. Stay safe and well.

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Monika H.

Goodness, I hope things turn around quickly for you and you are back home soon.

Chelsey L.

Feel better soon!!!
Karin V. has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 0.4 pounds
11/15/2021 6:05PM in Lose 6% in 3 Months

Total weight lost is now 28 pounds! Average is 0.6 pounds.

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