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10/02/2021 8:45AM in Freeman Fall Fat Blast!
This is the first time I have tracked Macros - I think the Freeman’s are into something. I haven’t worked out more, just following Macros and calories and I’m already down 5lbs from a week ago. Crazy.

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Joel + Breanne F.

Its simple and extremely effective :punch:


Yes, and while my first week was not great, only tracked three days, I am completely motivated to track more this week. Trying to find ways to get additional protein in can be fun! Reading every label now!

Joel + Breanne F.

09/27/2021 7:26PM in Freeman Fall Fat Blast!
  • There are no “rules” you need to follow with flexible dieting other than fitting foods you love into the daily calories and macros goals you calculated. If you REALLY want a candy bar or some French fries, you can eat it if it fits. But, once you start tracking, you’ll realize that you CAN’T eat like that all day long! You will be left hungry because junk food is typically micronutrient-deficient and calorie-dense. I certainly could never feel satisfied on a Snickers bar and protein shake - a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point. Studies have also shown that if you omit every “bad” food from your diet, it usually leads to binge-eating and quitting your diet altogether. What we’re going for is a balance of both worlds and sustainability with tracking.

    I shoot for nutrient-dense foods 80% to ensure I’m covering my macro and micronutrient needs (see “6 Rules for Complete Micronutrition” on p. 38 in Master Your Macros), which keeps me feeling full and satisfied. It’s the 20% "flexible calories" that provide wiggle room to honor that sweet or savory craving. When the room is allocated in your macros for your favorite discretionary foods, they help you reach your goals. I’ve detailed a ton of this with the research to back it up throughout Master Your Macros.

    First: to make your macro goals feel a little less daunting, take your daily calorie and macro goals and split them across the number of meals/snacks you plan to eat. Each meal doesn’t need to provide the same calorie count or macronutrient ratio. Just plug your calorie and macro goals into your Lose It! app (this requires a premium membership).

    Here’s today’s video tutorial to show you how: https://youtu.be/HdOnjfZH5d4

    This week’s challenge: track your food as honestly as you can, and shoot to stay within 100 calories of your daily goal. Don’t stress about hitting those macro targets yet. This week’s BuiltBar giveaway will be related to this challenge- stay tuned!

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Jhenifer C.


You can change your goals on the app

Joel + Breanne F.

09/26/2021 11:30PM in Freeman Fall Fat Blast!
  • Welcome to our Freeman Fall Fat Blast! If you’ve decided to give calorie and macro tracking a shot, the materials provided are designed to help you get your day-to-day nutrition targets set up in Lose It. We hope everyone has had a few days to practice.

    Examples for fat loss (and muscle gain) calorie and macro calculations can be found in Master Your Macros, p. 53, as well as the materials for this group. While my guides are very straightforward, I still get requests to check numbers. Confirmation is comforting, and math isn’t everyone’s strong point. Therefore, I created a video tutorial to walk you through it. Otherwise, have a family member or friend check your math :)

    Watch how to Calculate Your Calories & Macros here >> youtu.be/P4vfHJLh9m4

    Please don’t feel like you need to be perfect with all of this from day one. Your calorie balance (or the number of calories you eat vs. burn daily) is going to be the most important factor influencing your weight-loss rate. Your calculation is a starting point, from which to adjust down the road, as you see how your body responds. If you’re tracking honestly, we promise you’re going to learn SO MUCH about the food you eat and your body’s energy requirements. It’s truly an eye-opening experience!

    This week’s challenge: Track your meals, drinks, snacks, and nibbles as honestly as you can—and shoot to stay within 100 calories of your daily goal. Don’t stress about hitting those macro targets yet- but Lose It! is going to be doing all the hard work tracking those for you as well. This week’s BuiltBar giveaway will be related to this challenge- stay tuned!

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Cristal S.

For me it’s so hard to eat all the protien but I’m getting better , what are some sweats ideas ?

Amy J.

  • Macros from Mondays meals...

Joel + Breanne F.

09/25/2021 11:30PM in Freeman Fall Fat Blast!
  • Happy Sunday everyone! Before we kick-off tomorrow, we want to encourage you to WRITE DOWN YOUR WHY. Why is losing weight and getting healthier is important to you right now? Post it somewhere you will see it every day – like your bathroom mirror, on your nightstand, or next to your computer. And when times get tough, we hope your why keeps you motivated and pushing forward, even beyond this DietBet. If you feel comfortable sharing, post it in the comments below. Your words may help someone else in this group.

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Laura P.

To feel my best so I’m able to be my best for myself and my family.

Nicole T.

My why...I'm 40 with no children and we are struggling to conceive and having fertility issues. I need a major surgery before we can try again and have been informed that IVF may be our only option to have a baby. IVF isn't covered by insurance and it's about $15-22k with no guarantees that it will work. I am trying to lower my body fat and weight to help boost my fertility and my egg quality. I'm hoping with lifestyle changes we will get our miracle, rainbow baby whether it is conceived naturally, IUI or IVF or some other way. I just want to give my body and my future baby the best chance.

Jenn and Kandice

08/30/2021 10:20PM in *TRIPLE* YOUR WINNINGS! Aug. 24th Challenge!
  • We know that exercise helps us burn more calories each day helping us lose weight. And combining exercise with a healthy diet is even a more effective way to lose weight than depending on calorie restriction alone.

    But, exercise is also incredibly good for your mental health, and it can help you manage stress and unwind!

    Do you feel like exercise helps clear your mind and reduce stress? I need this more than ever!

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Sometimes I have to push past the negative thought to quit when I’m in a super overwhelmed and low energy but I KNOW a sweat sesh will always make me feel better. If nothing else I am proud for pushing and DOING it.

Nina S.

Also sleeping better

Jenn and Kandice

08/28/2021 10:18PM in *TRIPLE* YOUR WINNINGS! Aug. 24th Challenge!
  • Tip: Take a break

    Allowing your body time to recover between workouts helps your muscles repair damage sustained during exercise and prepare for the next workout. If you work out regularly, take at least one day off per week to give your body a well deserved break. It's also good for your mind to avoid mental burn out.

    Are rest day's part of your weight loss plan?

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Michelle N.

I know it should be and Ive finally realized its ok not to go hard every day

Nina S.

08/27/2021 10:33AM in *TRIPLE* YOUR WINNINGS! Aug. 24th Challenge!
  • Anyone on a Keto ‘diet’ here? Trying for a week to test results…would love to swap recipes!

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I did keto before - was hard to keep on it for my lifestyle. I would say you get the results (when you are in ketosis) around day 9-10. Also, Pinterest has great meal plans/recipes. Love the crock pot recipes for any meal planning/diet!

Carolyn R.

Favorite keto go to is a split chicken breast stuffed with feta and wrapped in bacon

Jenn and Kandice

08/26/2021 9:53PM in *TRIPLE* YOUR WINNINGS! Aug. 24th Challenge!
  • Second to mindset, I think what we eat is the part of our weight loss plan that makes the biggest difference. There are a lot of popular diets out there and a lot of eating strategies.

    What works for you? What has come the closest to being your favorite eating strategy for weight loss? For me, my greatest success has come from tracking my calories and upping my intake of fruit and vegetables. So what is your current food plan?

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I had to get to a low FODMAP for my most recent diagnosis of IBS. Love that it encourages fruits and veggies, just hate the elimination phase right now…but it’s a lifestyle change rather than a diet. I’m meeting with my dietitian tomorrow too

Molly M.

I’ve been using Isagenix products for 2 years and I still love it! 2 high protein shakes every day is only 480 of my 1300-1400 calories so there’s still room for healthy snacks & a satisfying dinner!!

Jenn and Kandice

08/25/2021 10:07PM in *TRIPLE* YOUR WINNINGS! Aug. 24th Challenge!
  • Let's talk a minute about exercise! What is your go-to workout? Please, give us some ideas of what workouts you like to do, that keeps you motivated.

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A good old fashioned walk is my go-to workout. At home, we have a lot of property and hills which make it more of a hike than a walk.
On lunch at work I walked with a younger, fitter coworker and it motivated me to keep up with her :blush:


Walking, biking, yoga daily

Jillian E.

I'm working out 6 days a week (Insanity and cardio), tracking calories and macros, have LOST 7.5 inches overall... but only 4 lbs.
I'm feeling good but very frustrated with the scale.
Any tips to make the damn scale move?!

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Jenn and Kandice

Awesome job on all that you're accomplishing! I love the comments here.
Sleep is our best friend when it comes to weight loss and burning extra calories as well. Try to get as much sleep as you can each night. Keep drinking your water. And try to break up your eating and exercise routines at times. Keeping the body guessing with new foods or working with different muscle groups can help with overall weight loss.
Just don't give up on yourself. Keep noticing the NSV's as well. They help me push through when the scale is being stubborn. You've got this Jillian!

Jillian E.

With spot-on nutrition (isagenix nutritionals), a 2-day raw diet cleanse, and making sure I got solid sleep -- I feel amazing! I finally broke the plateaul!!
Thanks for the advice!
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