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about 10 hours ago in Christmas Season Accountability

Do yall want me to post all my meals and snacks here, within the dietbet? I kno I post them to Insta but do we want them here too?

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Darlene B.

That would be neat! I can try to post mine as well.

Jordan B.

Yes please.
Danielle M. accepted the challenge.
11/13/2021 9:15AM in Christmas Season Accountability
The pot is now $100

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Welcome! :blush:


09/21/2021 5:42AM in Fitbit Fanatics' STEPtember w/ WayBetter Jen
Burning some calories this morning with a Zumba classs and strength training. Have a great day everyone!

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Danielle M.

I love zumba!

Toni D

09/20/2021 7:24PM in Fitbit Fanatics' STEPtember w/ WayBetter Jen
I got just shy of 12k steps, drank an entire gallon of water and didn’t make any terrible food choices! I’d say Day 1 is a success! Now, let’s see if I can actually get a full nights sleep!

How did everyone else do??

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Danielle M.

Awesome! Went for a walk...but I really need to work on my water.

Toni D

I have some friends on Snapchat that do “see a chug, send a chug” and it really helps! We record ourselves with a silly filter and chug 16oz of water at al time throughout the day.


09/20/2021 11:45AM in Fitbit Fanatics' STEPtember w/ WayBetter Jen
Where is everyone from? I’ll start, I live in Cooper City, FL right in between Miami and Ft lauderdale.

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Welcome ladies. It looks like we have people from all over!


Hey neighbor! I live in Davie, FL near Bamford and Tree Tops Parks.


09/20/2021 6:19AM in Fitbit Fanatics' STEPtember w/ WayBetter Jen
Welcome to Day One!

Looks like we are going to be a small, but mighty group this time around. Thank you all for joining us.

A few things in case you're new here:

Step challenges are every Wednesday and weekend of this DietBet.  All step challenges are listed on the post under this one titled, "**Challenge Winner Board **."

Please read the comments underneath that post to better understand how challenges work. If you have any questions, post below.

Step challenges are totally voluntary. They are meant to just give you an extra incentive to move.  You can use any type of electronic device, or app to track your steps. It just needs to show the date and the steps for that date.

First challenge kicks off today and goes through the end of this challenge, September 20 - October 17. You need to log at least 10,000 steps each day of this DietBet to be eligible for the prize drawing for that challenge.

I'd love for you to introduce yourself below. Since we are a smaller group, we can really get to know each other over these next four weeks together. When you introduce yourself, please also write one thing you are committed to doing for the next four weeks.

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Rebecca L.

Hey everyone!!! I'm Rebecca from Delton, MI. I'm a paramedic and due to the current situation in the world we are severely understaffed and have a very high call volume. I usually work between 36-56 hour shifts. It is hard to eat healthy and get exercise in. I am committed to walking at least 10k steps every day, no sugar (except if I need a coffee pick me up while at work), and no pasta, bread, crackers, potatoes or other very carb dense foods.


@wayBetter Jen how do we submit our steps?


09/19/2021 10:58PM in Fitbit Fanatics' STEPtember w/ WayBetter Jen
I sincerely hope this group will be active over the next 30 days...the last diet get I did (I won a ton in that bet though lol) was so boring no one ever posted...it was like talking to myself.

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Yay :two_hearts:

Rebecca L.

I love encouragement and hearing what everyone else is doing.
Danielle M. accepted the challenge.
09/17/2021 5:49AM in Fitbit Fanatics' STEPtember w/ WayBetter Jen
The pot is now $450

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Michelle P.

Let’s do this!