Gabriela D.

For feeling and looking good.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: fruit juice

Favorite Sinful Food: french fries and cake

My Preferred Method of Exercise: tae bo and zumba

My Approach to Weight Loss: eating healthy

DietBet Winnings: $193.07

TIME PERIOD: All 60-Days 30-Days
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0% Since last weigh-in
0% 1-Month Change
-9.9% Lifetime Change

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Denise F.

03/31/2021 6:13PM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
$50.52 - $35 = $15.52

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DB don't get all of that 25%. The DB host gets a percentage, and all those referees have to be paid and then there are the platform costs.


$23,000 still seems too high of a percentage. 10-15% seems more reasonable

Jenny S.

03/31/2021 6:10PM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
  • Any clue why it’s saying I did not win the diet bet? My weight in was accepted and it’s showing I met the goal. I’m confused.

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Gabriela D.

Did you submit on time? They should give you the reason why you didn’t won...


Maybe shut the app and reopen? Also, when did you submit and did the e-mail say “Your final weight has been verified”?

Scott N.

03/31/2021 1:34PM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
It says I won but I haven’t received a payout yet. Can anyone help?

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Once they figure out what the payout is, you will receive an e-mail. It will also say it at the top of the page.

Megan S.

It takes time, they need to approve all winners first to figure it out.

Justin L.

03/28/2021 7:29AM in Instant Loss March Motivation
My kid distracted me and I forgot to put the word in my weigh in photo. I can’t find anyone to message to fix this?

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Gabriela D.

Go to contact us and send them an email. They should allow you to submit another photo.

Danielle S.

It will be rejected and then you get another chance to resubmit.

Christine K.

03/27/2021 4:23AM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
Oh geez, I hit my goal today right before the weekend, I wish I could submit today!
I’m going to be white knuckling it all weekend 😩

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Karyssa B.

Sammmmmeeee this is torture I want to celebrate with pizza :joy::joy::joy:

sharon c.

Passover holiday weekend- yikes! I’ve been baking & cooking for 2 days...delivering care packages to family around town.
Gabriela D. accepted the challenge.
03/03/2021 2:37PM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
The pot is now $80,290

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Gabriela D.

02/01/2021 1:26PM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Hello, i am a little confused. Do i have to lose only 12% in 6 months or 30%? Thank you 💜

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3% in the first month, which you'll probably find is very do-able if you try. The harder part will come later: sticking with it and making it a routine. The goal for month 6 is 0% - i.e. that you can maintain your 10% weight loss in the final month.


10 percent