Shelly P.

I have wasted my youth being over weight and seeing myself as the fat one every place I go. I’m ready to do this so I can spend the rest of my life being the best me I can be

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Favorite Health Food: I eat a salad every single day.

Favorite Sinful Food: Pasta (It’s been a while)

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Movement

My Approach to Weight Loss: Still figuring that out.

DietBet Winnings: $213.98

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+2.2% Since last weigh-in+4.2 lbs
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-19% Lifetime Change-45.4 lbs

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Camille M.

07/06/2021 8:59PM in Get fit with Jessica in June!
Hi all. So what’s a non scale victory you’ve had so far? Weight loss is more than just about losing pounds. It’s also about the gains and changes we’re making and experiencing.
Let’s share.

I’ve had more energy and am able to focus more. It makes me more efficient at work so I can finish sooner and get home earlier to spend more time with my kids.

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Gina N.

Fitting into smaller clothes


Not having to wear mom jeans (I’m not a mom) but I could never wear low rise denim and now I fit into my favorite Polo jeans!!!!

djazia b.

06/22/2021 4:52AM in Get fit with Jessica in June!
  • I just joined the game I haven’t weigh in yet and look what comes? Help

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djazia b.

Yes I did maybe that’s what it is

Stacy F.

If your weight for the other dietbet was approved within 48 hours of you signing up for this one, it seems to get automatically used. That's what happened to me. However, to weigh in at the end of the dietbet , it will NOT apply it automatically as I know others have gotten into trouble with that.


06/21/2021 7:55AM in Fatgirlfedup's Summer Preparation DietBet
Well done to everyone so far!! I was exactly 1 pound under my goal weight yesterday but today I’m so nervous!! I’ll be running up and down the stairs a few times before weighing to be sure 😂

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I was under!! Just submitted :blush: Gyms only opened a few weeks ago in Ireland so I’m so happy to see a result of those early morning sweat sessions!

Francesca W

You’ve got this!

Aileen P.

06/21/2021 5:45AM in Fatgirlfedup's Summer Preparation DietBet
Congratulations to all who made it and didn’t make it, we are all winners here! 💪 what matters is we lost some lbs that’s a victory for everyone. I Lost 8.2 lbs in a month! That’s not bad! 3 more lbs to lose for my lifetime weight, I can’t wait for that moment.

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Shelly P.

Awesome job

Francesca W

That’s great, Aileen!

Shelly P.

06/21/2021 1:07AM in Fatgirlfedup's Summer Preparation DietBet
  • I did it!

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Meagan H.

Yay!!!! Congratulations :clap:

djazia b.


Shelly P.

06/21/2021 12:43AM in Fatgirlfedup's Summer Preparation DietBet
Just submitted my final. I wish you all well and hope you all keep moving forward with your weight loss successes. Yay US!

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djazia b.

Thanks hun you too xx

Shelly P.

06/20/2021 12:23AM in Fatgirlfedup's Summer Preparation DietBet
A little peeved with myself. I had a BAD stomach bug for nearly a week. I was literally asleep for 72 hours unable to take anything in by mouth. Today I woke up extremely hungry so I have been carb loading all day eating for than I eat in four days. It wasn’t binging because I ate till satisfied or full. But then the next meal the same behavior. Hopefully this is just a reaction to being NPO for three days straight. We will see will our last weigh in coming soon.

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Don't feel guilty for eating when you need to eat! You were ill, and didn't eat and probably got rid of whatever you had eaten too. Your body needs food and water to recover! Make it good quality food and don't beat yourself up. Carbs are a good food group. They help you create energy. Just make it good carbs and not sugar


06/19/2021 5:10PM in Get fit with Jessica in June!
The Amazon winners have been picked!

Congrats to Hannah and Nina 😊

And good luck to everyone! We start in 1 day!!!!

Where is everyone from?!

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Megan T.

Pei Canada

Shelly P.

06/18/2021 11:20PM in Get fit with Jessica in June!
Last week I had a NSV and it might seem weird to count it as a victory but it was for me. During a trip to the ER I was able to wear a regular universal size hospital gown verses a bariatric size. I was in shock lol

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Camille M.

That’s great. It’s the NSV that make the biggest difference. Congrats


06/18/2021 9:05PM in Get fit with Jessica in June!
  • Judging myself as of now of what sits on my dresser.
    (It's been here like 3 days, then I found this app for the 1st time yesterday)
    Out of all that I've studied on nutrition and health, how did I actually stoop this low without realization??!! What about you? Any late snacks you find yourself eating that is totally unhealthy?!
    #TimeforChange #Trash!!

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Jessy, you are not alone! I thought that by the time I got to be my age (over 50) I’d have control over my sweet tooth. But I do not. And I honestly probably never will. Cold Turkey is the ONLY way for me. Keeping it out of my house and environment as much as I can.
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