Mariah E.

I want this for me. I want to look good and feel good. I want to be healthy. I want to not be self conscious or so self loathing. I want confidence.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: veggies and seafood

Favorite Sinful Food: pasta :(

My Preferred Method of Exercise: hiking, boxing

My Approach to Weight Loss: low carb, calorie deficit and consistent moderate exercise

DietBet Winnings: $43.09

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Mariah E.

03/05/2021 2:13PM in Fatgirlfedup's Fit in February Dietbet
So after injuring myself, I still managed to reach my goal weight thankfully! Just have to be good and maintain over this weekend!
This was my first DietBet and I think I’ll definitely do it next time too, I’m surprised how much Dietbet kept me on track! With the weather getting nicer, I think it’ll be a little easier next go around too! Hope you’re all in good spirits and doing well! ☺

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Good for you!
That’s why I use Dietbet, nothing else keeps me on track.

Sara S.

Yay! It’s super motivating for sure!

Mariah E.

02/24/2021 1:27PM in Fatgirlfedup's Fit in February Dietbet
Weeeeelll I was working out and I’ve gone and pulled a muscle in my lower back, can’t walk or move hardly, currently laying the floor trying to hold it together 😅

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Ouch, been there. Take care of yourself! Hope it gets feeling better soon

Mariah E.

Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the kind comments! I’m actually able to get up and go to the restroom today so that’s a start! Lol, I hope you’re all doing well and taking care of yourselves too! :two_hearts::two_hearts:

Mariah E.

02/16/2021 11:04PM in Fatgirlfedup's Fit in February Dietbet
My daily average Fitbit steps went up about 3500 steps since I’ve started a new exercise routine! I’m actually pretty darn proud of myself! I’ve only slipped up a bit on last Saturday for Valentine’s Day but I’m determined and motivated to keep going! :)

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It makes a huge difference!

Donna D.

Way to go!


02/15/2021 4:20PM in Fatgirlfedup's Fit in February Dietbet
  • If you ever need a healthier fast food option my favorite is usually Subway. Today I ordered a 6 inch flatbread Oven roasted chicken sandwich with extra veggies and light mayo. Lots of substance, protein and portion control! What's your favorite healthy choice if you need to eat out?

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Chick-fil-a chicken scramble bowl, no hash browns for when I don’t have time to make breakfast.
260 calories
2g carbs
15g fat
28g protein

Kerry W.

Jimmy John's unwhich.

Lissa P

02/05/2021 11:13AM in Fatgirlfedup's Fit in February Dietbet
Bring on those bathing suits!!

My goal: lose 25 pounds and look good in a two piece again (although, I’d settle for a well fitting one piece).

I live in Montana, so I have some time before I’ll be in shorts and swimsuits publicly. But, I want to slip my shorts on knowing they aren’t going to roll up my legs...

I’m ready!

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Mariah E.

You got this gurl! Let’s do this!

laura g.

02/05/2021 7:18AM in Fatgirlfedup's Fit in February Dietbet
Can someone help me find where to submit my weigh in? I've searched the whole app and can not find it.

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Skylar L.

Do we have to weigh right at midnight or can we in the morning ??

Sarah D.

You can weigh in anytime over the next week or so ( after the countdown is over)

Mariah E.

02/05/2021 7:18AM in Fatgirlfedup's Fit in February Dietbet
Had my cup of coffee this morning! Lol! Let’s hype each other up!! Y’all ready to weigh in tonight?! Let’s gooo! 💪

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Courtney R.

02/03/2021 3:18PM in Fatgirlfedup's Fit in February Dietbet
Hey guys! Just joined :) I’m a little rusty on the rules. Just to confirm I see the countdown at the top that we have to do our weigh in by the date. Can we do it before or just on that date? And we just post the pics in the group here right?

Side not I’m so excited to give this try! I had my baby 2 years ago and I struggle with PCOS so weight is always an issue, any motivation I can get I’m all in for!!

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Courtney R.

Thanks Christina I super appreciate!!

Ashley and Mariah it’s a tough struggle but with the right motivation and info I think we can do this! Ashley we want to try for #2 as well but I’m 50 pounds heavier then when we had our first and I’m worried about gestational as this is common for us PCOS ladies, so gotta get it down first.

Also there is a great FB group for PCOS support and info with lots of recipes and guidance! PCOS Diet Support and 30 day challenge!

Rosanna M.

I have PCOS as well so weight loss has always been a struggle for me too but I love DietBets because they help with my motivation

Mariah E.

02/03/2021 2:54PM in Fatgirlfedup's Fit in February Dietbet
New here! Never done something like this before! I’m stoked to be apart of this with all of you! I hit a major few month long depressive episode but I’m super motivated now and excited! I’m trying to lose a decent chunk before my birthday on 3/17 lol I have to get a new license pic! Wish me luck! 😁

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Good luck, Mariah! You can do it!