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Korrie F.

07/17/2021 2:11PM in Fired Up February Transformer - Win A Solo Stove Firepit!
Currently 9lbs under round 6 goal

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Debbie R.


Samantha J.

That’s amazing!!


07/17/2021 8:05AM in Fired Up February Transformer - Win A Solo Stove Firepit!
Round 5 has now been finalized! Congratulations to the winners! You will be notified by email if you are a winner and the $32.96 will be added to your rolling winnings for this game. At the end of the game, all of the winnings you've accumulated from each round will be added to your Account Credits.

As promised, here are the top player titles in Round 5. Drum roll, please...
- Overall MVP: Dee
- Most Liked Player: Steve C.
- Most Generous Liker: Debbie R.
- Most Liked Comment: "Well, I’m making another monthly donation. Fasted all day, and still two pounds away. I’m closer than I was, and will try to make the last two rounds! I knew this game was a stretch. I wanted to go lower than I’ve ever been my adult life. Not sure if it’s attainable, but I’m giving it my best! Either way, I’m at a healthy weight, and that’s a win!" by pamela t.

Good luck reaching your goal of 10% in Round 6! This is the big one!!

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Debbie R.

there is a purple help button in the lower left corner of your screen when you log onto this game. You can send an email there.

Debbie R.

Samantha...how did you make out after talking to Diet Bet?


07/15/2021 12:10AM in Fired Up February Transformer - Win A Solo Stove Firepit!
Round 5 has ended! It's time to submit your official weigh-in for this round so you can collect cash if you win. Don't forget - this round weigh-in is mandatory to be eligible for winning Round 6 and the Grand Prize.

We're now in the final round! Keep yourself accountable by weighing in unofficially or by submitting progress weigh-ins through Membership. To reward players for consistency each Wednesday we’ll randomly reward an exciting progress prize to one or more players who submitted a Progress weigh-in during the 7 days leading up to the drawing. The next drawing is on Jul 15.. Any official weigh-in’s submitted within the 7-day Progress weigh-in window will automatically apply as the weeks Progress weigh-in. Remember, that only official, Referee-verified weigh-ins determine who wins. Your goal for Round 6 is 10% of your initial weight. Good luck!

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Samantha J.

It says on the weigh in page that you must have reached 6% loss to qualify for the final round but on this post you say weigh in 5 is mandatory to qualify. I’m a bit confused by this.
I missed weigh in as I wasn’t receiving notifications from the app but on the 4th weigh in (last month) I had already lost 98% of my final weigh in target so surely I still qualify for the final round even if I have lost the pay out for this month regardless? I have already reached my final target but obviously missed the submission date. What do I do? I have been trying to get answers on this for 2 days now but don’t know who to contact or how.
Any clarity and guidance on this would be appreciated.

Debbie R.

Use the purple help button located on lower left of your screen
Samantha J. has weighed in at xxx pounds, up 1.6 pounds
03/26/2021 12:05PM in Fired Up February Transformer - Win A Solo Stove Firepit!

Total weight lost is now 3,447 pounds! Average is 6.9 pounds.

Samantha J.

03/16/2021 3:00PM in Fired Up February Transformer - Win A Solo Stove Firepit!
Hey everyone...
I have 2 questions,

1, Do you win money for every round you “win”?

2, Does a person have to pass all rounds (1-5) to qualify to get a cut from the final pot at the end of round 6??

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Hi Samantha, yes, you win money for each round you "win". The biggest pot of money is at the end. And no, you do not have to pass all rounds to qualify for the money at the end of round 6 - you must have to meet your final goal.


  • You don't have to win any of the rounds 1-5. The only rule to be eligible for the final round is to lose 6% by round 5 (see the dark box in my screenshot). That will be your goal for round 2 by 15th July.

christine d.

03/13/2021 11:23AM in Fired Up February Transformer - Win A Solo Stove Firepit!
Out of sheer curiosity where is everyone from on here? I’m from Cleveland Ohio

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Samantha J.

Glasgow, Scotland


Las Vegas NV