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Brittany W.

03/01/2021 6:08AM in Instant Loss March Motivation
  • Happy Monday friends! Excited to come along side y’all to slay some goals!❤

    Comment below and tell me your non-scale goal!

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Ongoing: Alcohol once a week, no sugar or refined carbs. Long term: no type 2 diabetes like many in my fam

Elisabeth S.

I'd like to see what I am capable of doing if I steadily train for something (think triathlon or martial arts tournament).

My nonscale goal is to not give into the sugar/bread cravings because they make me miserable. I am tired of feeling miserable because of food I ate.

Brittany W.

02/26/2021 7:34AM in Instant Loss March Motivation
  • Weigh-ins start now!!!
    Just a reminder to wear lightweight clothing, the weigh-in word can be found when you begin the weigh-in process, and NO ONE will see your photos except for the referees!
    You have two weeks to submit your first weigh-in but the sooner you do it the more time you have to hit your goals!

    How to weigh-in video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe2pYgCd/

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Kristina L.

Hi Brittany and family!! Was out for a couple of months sick...but ready to rock this one!


The number on my scale keeps disappearing from my picture!

Brittany W.

02/25/2021 1:27PM in Instant Loss March Motivation
  • WELCOME FRIENDS! Stopping by to welcome you to the March Instant Loss Community Challenge! I am extra jazzed about this months challenge because I will be joining you, not only as your host but as a participant! That always makes things a bit more exciting.
    I want to let you know that weigh-ins begin tomorrow but you have up until the second week of the game to officially weigh in. Its important to note that there are weekly weigh-ins hosted by DietBet if you have the membership, but the only weigh-in that is required is the one at the beginning and the one at the end. You can weigh-in unofficially as many times as you’d like. :)
    Added bonus: I host weekly challenges with fun incentives and prizes (cookbooks, gift cards, etc.) to keep things exciting so be on the look out for those! The first one will be posted to the feed on: Sunday, February 28th
    I'd love to get to know y'all a little bit better, comment below... How many DietBet challenges have you participated in? Is this your first one?

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Michelle B.

First DietBet. I don’t like focusing on weight but am here to check out the accountability/motivation.

Kelly T.

This is my 1st one :)