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Favorite Health Food: salmon, cottage cheese, over night oats

Favorite Sinful Food: candy

My Preferred Method of Exercise: yoga, walking, dancing/spinning poi

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Anna S.

06/28/2021 2:05PM in Mother Earth Transformer - Win a $500 Home Garden!
  • 80’s circus night roller skating meet-up. On wheels with poi!

emily b. , stillrunning and like this photo.

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jessi alia l.

That looks like fun!

emily b.


Anna S.

06/13/2021 11:49AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • Anyone else roller skating for fitness??? I’m returning to skating after a 10 year hiatus and it’s been awesome.
    I have a torn labrum and joint issues in my right hip, and after walking for 30 minutes my leg seizes up, I start to limp and have a lot of pain after. It has been limiting how long and frequently I can go walking. I’m supposed to get surgery but I’m not quite ready for that. I have found that I don’t have joint pain after even an hour or more of skating! My heart rate is 140-160 while skating, and falling hurts, but my hip is fine with it.

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Hanna B.

Yess!! I remember LOVING rollerblading, and I was not an active kid. I should definitely get back into it.

Allison A.

  • I played roller derby for 3 years before second kiddo and pandemic, I cant wait to get back to it! Guh it's been over a year 😭

Anna S.

05/09/2021 9:55PM in Fired Up February Transformer - Win A Solo Stove Firepit!
  • 9 years ago I broke my leg roller skating. I let fear hold me back no longer! This is my second skating session this week, and it feels aaaayyyazing. I didn’t have an Apple Watch back then, I did NOT realize that roller skating can be cardio!

    Anyone else get bitten by the roller skating bug? I saw TONS of people roller skating at the park I went to, and it was all adults!

MiMo , Wagardsmith , Debbie R. , L R. and christine d. like this photo.

L R.

Yaaassss!!!! I just got a pair of skates and have only had a chance to go once, but I love it. I’m looking forward to doing this all over again.

Kristen J.

05/08/2021 7:12AM in Fired Up February Transformer - Win A Solo Stove Firepit!
  • 3 ingredient Banana pancakes ! Egg white, banana and cinnamon. No syrup, just lemon and walnuts🍋.

D B , Christin A. and like this photo.

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sharon b.

I make these will whole eggs, and add a bit of vanilla and TONS of cinnamon. One of my fave recipes!

Anna S.

Whoa that’s neat

christine d.

04/29/2021 5:26PM in Fired Up February Transformer - Win A Solo Stove Firepit!
Whipped out the rollerblades I haven’t used in prolly 10 years! Loving it. And it’s such a good work out. I recommend if there is something you used to love try to start back up you will not regret it. Having fun and losing weight😃

D B , DirtVixen and like this comment.

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christine d.

I walked around my house looking for a nice long street that was clean,bump free and with no hills so that’s the only place I wlll go cause I’m not very good lol

Anna S.

I’m starting roller skating again!
Anna S. has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 2.3 pounds
04/18/2021 12:05PM in Fired Up February Transformer - Win A Solo Stove Firepit!

Total weight lost is now 4,824 pounds! Average is 9.7 pounds.

Anna S. accepted the challenge.
03/30/2021 10:59AM in Mother Earth Transformer - Win a $500 Home Garden!
The pot in Round 1 is now $140

christine d.

03/13/2021 11:23AM in Fired Up February Transformer - Win A Solo Stove Firepit!
Out of sheer curiosity where is everyone from on here? I’m from Cleveland Ohio

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Samantha J.

Glasgow, Scotland


Las Vegas NV


03/08/2021 8:33AM in Fired Up February Transformer - Win A Solo Stove Firepit!
I have no positivity today. I over-ate this weekend, and heavy in the bloat stage of PMS, and am all around negative about myself, my life, my choices, and my body today.

This isn't the way I want to feel, and not productive, but I feel stuck in it at this moment.

Heather K. , taylor and like this comment.

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Steve C.

Karla A.

Take some deep breaths, meditate, and give yourself some positive affirmations. Even if it’s small things. You can do this! You can.

Samy Jo

03/08/2021 7:18AM in Fired Up February Transformer - Win A Solo Stove Firepit!
I'm just curious... what is your daily calorie allowance?

Jen , Debbie R. , Anna S. , alyssa b. and Billi D. like this comment.

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Pam R.

About 1500 at the moment. I use the LoseIt app and it adjusted my calories down every time I lose weight. I'm not exercising much yet though, mostly focusing on keeping nutrition in line.

Kerry S.

I’m 5’4 with a desk job, and my range is 1350-1500. I try to stick with 1350 when I don’t exercise and allow slightly more calories when I work out. I don’t workout very intensely.
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