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Lewis H.

09/09/2021 10:42PM in The DietBet Kickstarter - Double Your Winnings!
Football yesterday, ankles bad but aiming for a run tomorrow too. Just have to go easier on the food 😁

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Take it easy if you need to! A couple of days of rest always make a big difference. :)

Lewis H.

09/08/2021 1:40PM in The DietBet Kickstarter - Double Your Winnings!
1hr football
30mins swimming

😁 Small changes

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Lewis H.

09/05/2021 10:05AM in The DietBet Kickstarter - Double Your Winnings!
  • First day of the DietBet. Quick swim to start off. Aiming for a form of exercise per day.
    Not looking for anything life changing, just small repeatable things that will help in the long run 😁 4kg to go 👌

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Lewis H.

07/18/2021 8:23AM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
😁Just wondering if anyone knows how to drop out the challenge? Can't seem to find an option

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Mary Pat

Email the support for Waybetter. Very helpful

Mary Pat

Lewis H.

07/05/2021 6:36AM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
Just wondering: for those who didn't make weight last month, did you reach this rounds target?

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Jenny D.

I seem to be making the previous target each time! But since this month we only have to lose 1 % I’m planning on being caught up next month!

Lewis H.

Sounds positive! I was nowhere near this month having hit the previous 2 weigh-ins. Purely just lack of additional exercise to blame. Back to it next round!


07/04/2021 4:29AM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
I'm going to need every last second of this round before I weigh in Tuesday. The scale has NOT been my friend lately. Good luck everyone!

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Lewis H.

Good luck:grin: a very hot bath can shed that last bit I've found:trophy:

Keith A.

You'll get it! You know how to lose weight!

Lewis H.

06/29/2021 10:24AM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
Does anyone feel as though their overall goal is too low?

So when I started this is was 94kg and I'm now 89kg, which is great. But I've got another 5kg or so to lose which I just can't see as sustainable. Anyone in the same boat?

I think even if I do, the aim would be to ditch weight as a measurement anyway and go with BF%

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Malinda M.

I have been really focusing on strength training since I have lost alot and need to tighten the muscles underneath so I don't have tons of loose skin. So my weight loss rate has significantly slowed as a result of being very methodical in my nutrition & ensuring enough protein to continue to lose body fat while building muscle. It has been a crazy balancing act & not something is going to get worked out most efficiently in a few months, so I am keeping on with the long term goal of going from 45% body fat I was in Jan 1 to the much healthier body fat goal of 20%. I don't think I will ever get back to the 16% of my youth, but at 20% I suspect I should be fairly close to my weight goal overall. I am finding though that these challenges do not really fit a longer term body recomposition goal & I am not a person who likes cardio & a 1200 calorie diet enough to lose that way for longer than a few weeks.


I think bf is a great way to see where your composition is at, but usually this does correlate with weight. I find that by eating the right food (plant based and minimal human interaction with lots of vitamins and legumes/beans etc) and including strength workouts (I mainly use body weight) that my bf goes down, muscle mass stays the same ish and my weight goes down. It’s the way I want my body to look too, retaining muscle gives me a better body and a better feeling about myself. 10% isn’t a drastic loss for most people but if you’re underweight it could be.

Laura G.

06/29/2021 5:59AM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
Fell off the wagon hard this week. Up 3lbs from last rounds weigh in. Looks like going to miss this round. I upped my workouts by alot but messed up my diet and eat too much sugar and too little calories. My body is in a bit of a shock. Time to digg into the veggies and protein.

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I have too :expressionless:


I fell off big time last month, you’re not alone! Bring it back, I ate super clean for a week (no processed foods and plant based) and I find it’s really reset me and got me away from the junk! Good luck, you can do this.

Lewis H.

06/27/2021 1:33AM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
For anyone who has plateaued recently: I know some people have signed up for a 4 week challenge to keep motivated. Had anyone found it helps?

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Lewis H.

Yeah true I see what you're saying. End of the day you still need to hit the same kind of targets, just need to actually got them:joy:

Keith A.

I've done a couple of Kickstarters to push myself through times when I could have become complacent, but they also caused me a lot of stress because I don't take losing these challenges well. So yes, I was pushed, but I was also stressed! Some of the member only games have easier goals, so that helped.

Lewis H.

06/21/2021 11:31AM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
  • Going to start running on evenings from tonight; always good to see other people out running so feel free to add me on Strava if you want😁
    Aiming for 25km/week to start with

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