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Favorite Health Food: Roasted veggies

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Janelle L.

06/21/2021 4:22PM in The DietBet Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus
  • This... this is why I should know better then to keep joining these.... it happens to me all the time.
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Katie S.

So glad I read this! I was too like aboutt 0.3 lbs out. So yesterday I ate like a rabbit, and did the above. I believe I have now made it!!

Janelle L.

  • I made it! A day in the office (yes, that's where I work) did me some wonders and I made it by -.1. Woot!


06/21/2021 11:01AM in The DietBet Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus
I feel so strong & empowered right now! I made my weight by only a few ounces, but my body is more toned & strong than it has been in years. And my mental health is in the best place of my life!
I think this will be my last Diet Bet for a now, but I am going to continue my consistent workouts and making healthy meal choices.
Congrats to everyone who won & to all who made progress toward being the best version of themselves!
Happy Summer!!

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Tia E.

:tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada: way to go!!!!

Referee Tayla

:heart::heart::heart::heart: so so happy to hear this!


06/19/2021 9:00AM in The DietBet Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus
I have .5 lbs that just is being a real fighter! Going to drink a ton of water and take a long walk/run today. I can do this!! 💪

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06/15/2021 11:03AM in Elise Joan's Summer Countdown
OMG! My scale measures in even numbers…was .1 away from goal! My husband said wrestlers will often spit over and over and try to pee as much as possible…and it worked!!!

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My reading glasses put me over. Not kidding. Took those suckers off! Bam! Lol


Oh my goodness, that’s crazy. Lol I invested in a digital scale when I started doing Diet Bets.

Brandi S.

06/14/2021 5:05AM in Elise Joan's Summer Countdown
Well I DID IT! 199 ➡ 189. It feels so good. Good luck everyone in what’s next for you.

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That’s so awesome! Congrats on your hard work.


Congrats! I’m doing a transformer DietBet, I step bet , and a challenge and healthy wage


06/13/2021 6:44PM in Elise Joan's Summer Countdown
  • I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for being such a wonderful group of people to go through this!

    Thank you Elise for hosting and sharing your wealth of information as well as constantly inspiring me to continue my journey in my modifications of barre blend! Still such a good burn!

    After a year and half of trying and a miscarriage I finally got the positive today! So this will be my last DietBet in a while for the most wonderful reason

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That’s wonderful! So happy for you.


Thank you all so much! We’re still in shock :see_no_evil:and hoping for the best with our little rainbow baby

Referee Tayla

06/11/2021 8:22AM in The DietBet Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus
Happy Friday! Whos got plans??
We're doing family photos this weekend, I'm excited to "get them over with" because the overthinking of the clothes and all that was getting to me.

Lets talk about working out/physical activity - WITHOUT going to the gym. I lie to myself sometimes and say I like going to the gym...but its short lived, I really don't enjoy it - so I'm at the point where I prefer trying to find good things I can do for my body without a gym membership. (Not knockin the gym, I'm just being honest about me - we'll have another post about favorite gym activities too!)

Here is a list of things you can do in day to day life I found online-

A few favorites from that list:

1. While brushing your teeth, stand on one foot (GREAT for engaging your core and kind of a fun game!)
2. Squats when you go to sit down, do a set or two when you're sitting down and even another set when you're going to get back up.

I also LOVE mowing our lawn - when im feelin spicy, I dont use the wheel power bar so that I have to do more work to push it. You get a work out while getting another task/chore out of the way, and if you're like me - its some alone time with an audio book/podcast/music - so triple the benefits in one activity.

Even if those activities won't aid in weight loss, they will be good for keeping your body youthful and stronger - Im finding in my "not so old" old age that working out/physical activity isn't just for "losing weight" - its for FEELING BETTER and limiting aches and pains as well.

What are some things you love doing that aren't in the gym? Share!

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I love working out actually. Finding the time is the only real challenge for me.
No gym activities I enjoy are going on hikes, paddle boarding & kayaking, just taking a walk.

Molly M.

Walking my dog! I often choose hilly streets around us to make sure I get a good challenge in.


06/11/2021 12:15AM in Elise Joan's Summer Countdown
So I hit goal weight earlier this week, and then had a little bit of a naughty celebration dinner last night, and I'm up almost 2 pounds this morning 😂 just to show you all how fickle the scale can be!!

Congrats everybody on getting this far but it really is a marathon :)

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Tracey B.

Yes weight definitely changes hour to hour and day to day. I have been weighing myself for a year and find it so interesting...I can predict when my period is coming just by my weight and find a gain a few lbs during the week before it. I also hold onto weight if I am weight lifting and really notice a difference if I am not hydrated.


I’ve had that exact thing happen to me. My weight can fluctuate so much in just 1 day.

Referee Tayla

06/08/2021 1:55PM in The DietBet Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus
Hey Hey!

Hope you're having a great week so far!

Last week we talked breakfast - now, Lets grab Lunch!

For me, the lighter the better for lunch, or else I get SLEEEEPYYYY - doesn't matter what type of food im eating, I notice a crash if I eat too much.

I'm a huge fan of "the adult lunchable" - cheese, meat and fruit - If i want some crunch, I've been eating almond crackers from Costco.

I also love mini sandwiches or pinwheels using low carb wraps. One of my faves is a Tumaros wrap, salami, cranberry goat cheese and green onion.

Best Lunch tip I have - remember there is PLENTY of time left in the day to eat, so plan/start small and know that you can always eat a snack later, no need at all to overdo a lunch. Mentally plan to eat half a sandwich, half the portion, what have you - then take a breather, short walk or play on your phone a bit - if you're still hungry, guess what, you've got the other half. If you're not hungry - HEY you just saved yourself calories aaand you've got leftovers for your next lunch!

What do you guys eat for your midday meal? Thread ideas :)

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During the summer I like to do a salad with protein.

Molly M.

I drink a protein smoothie for breakfast & lunch pretty much everyday. 240 calories, 24 grams protein. I vary my flavors - caramel latte, coconut lime, birthday cake, chocolate orange, & cookies & cream are some of my faves.


06/08/2021 8:21AM in Elise Joan's Summer Countdown
Woohoo! I just reached my goal weight. Now I just need to stay consistent and maintain.

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Brittany P.

Woo hoo! Good job! Same here! I always get nervous about being able to maintain after a loss.


Nice work! Same here!!
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