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Jeanie S.

04/07/2021 7:08PM in Spring into Action with Ilana Muhlstein
Does Ilana have an overnight oatmeal recipe? I thought I saw it somewhere and now I can’t find it. I’ve dieted many, many times before, but end up becoming bored always eating the same foods. I’m trying different things with this DietBet.

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She has a overnight carrot cake that is so good in the 2B Recipes book!

Caroline G.

For mine i do 3/4 greek plain yogurt, 1/4 cup soy milk, 1TBS chia, 1/4 cup oat and the fruits you like! Drizzle a little maple sirup the day you eat it!! Enjoy! :heart_eyes:

Hilary Y.

03/31/2021 7:27PM in Spring into Action with Ilana Muhlstein
  • CDF Core Kinetics ✔
    NSV: 100% vegan for four days :)

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So amazing!


Good job!

Jen W.

03/31/2021 4:37PM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
Who’s doing another bet? I love the extra motivation!

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Jennifer M.

Me! I also joined Ilana’s. Gotta keep the weight loss going!


The bet most of you guys refer to, does not offer much of content, or support, no lives , just some quotes. This is my personal opinion of course. At least her bet for February was like that and many people weren’t happy. I really hope she will do some more this time. Other than that, I am very new to dietbet, since January and I don’t know how all hosts compare. My favorite was Felicia but she is not doing another. She did lives, extra giveaways and was very motivating in general!
Edit: in case you seek just the commitment to a bet and you are looking for a certain amount of participants (like if you want a big bet, or a small one) then any host will do of course!
Best of luck!

Rachel S.

03/31/2021 1:27PM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
Congratulations to all the winners!! I spent the weekend with my two best friends and their adorable littles. Food was ate, cocktails were drunk, and laughs were had. I missed my goal this month, but with the amount of content and support Elise pours into these games it is still worth it to me. I started Barre Blend in January and am down 28 lbs in 3 months, so while I missed this particular goal, I’m still on track for my overall goals.

On to the next goal - and I wish you all the best of luck in getting to yours. What games are you all doing next?

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Ruth L.

Congratulations, looks like you have a great life balance. Friendship is so important. I’m doing Ilana’s too.

Hilary Y.



03/31/2021 6:49AM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
Of course day after I surpass my goal ! On to my next DietBet

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Join Ilana’s!!

Tiffany S.

I feel your pain same thing happened to me.

Emily H.

03/30/2021 10:03AM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
  • I'm doing another DietBet next month. Perfect timing, it starts right after Easter! Who else is doing another one?

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Rosanna E.

I’m planning to sign up for Ilana’s too.


I’m doing that one too!!


03/29/2021 12:01PM in Spring into Action with Ilana Muhlstein
  • I have set up my new fitness focused bullet journal! Every month will have a different challenge to help me get into a habit. This month? 30 days straight of working out. What other 30 day challenges should I try?

Betsy Y. , Caroline G. and like this photo.

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Pamela W.

BUJO goals!! Mine is so boring! Lol!!

Stacey H.

A water challenge of getting all your water intake in everyday

Rosanna E.

03/28/2021 6:10AM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
My first Dietbet has definitely been a challenge! I think I want to do it again next month; any suggestions? Which ones are you trying?

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Rosanna E.

Ilana sounds like a good choice then. Thanks! Another month would bring me very close to my goal weight (110#) but a Transformer would leave me at 106#. Yikes! I’m a mother of six so I need a little padding :grinning:.


Ilana has one starting right after Easter.

Tasbih M.

03/26/2021 2:22PM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
I recently started kettlebell workout , before starting I already reached my goal but now since monday that's when I started kettlebell, my weight went upto almost 4 pounds. Should I stop kettlebell workout ? I almost do that for 20 mins and I also do treadmill for another 20 to 25 min. Please help!!

Elisabeth S. , Lisa N. and like this comment.


If you haven’t lifted in a while your body will retain water for a while. Possibly a few weeks. Your added weight may not be actual weight. It should go away if you stop lifting, or continue for a few more weeks. Maybe do something different until final weigh in then pick it up again?

Stacy S.

Agree with Summer
SummerMariahh accepted the challenge.
03/26/2021 6:59AM in Spring into Action with Ilana Muhlstein
The pot is now $6,650

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