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Elise J.

03/29/2021 6:06AM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
Yay!!! Everyone is crushing!!!! Can’t wait to see your weigh in wins!!! But remember- the WINS are so much more than what the scale says. I have loved connecting with you over these past 4 weeks!! When do you want to have our final LIVE together to celebrate?? And tell me YOUR favorite wins from this dietbet!!

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Alexis K.

I only lost 2lbs this time around, but I needed the refocusing. Loved your lives and the hybrid calendar that made it more likely for me to press play.

Terri D.

Connecting with you, Elise, is ALWAYS the biggest win!!!! xoxo

Lindsey A.

03/29/2021 6:33AM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan

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Katie G.

03/29/2021 5:23AM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
  • Congratulations to everyone for your hard work a commitment to your health, whether you reached your weight goal or not! And thank you to Elise for this extra push to recommit to my health goals!

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Lindsey A.

Does this mean it’s accepted? I got this too and I really want a cheat meal tonight :joy::joy:

Katie G.

:joy: if you got this screen, your weight was accepted!

Liesl S.

03/29/2021 4:19AM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
I made it on the nose. This one was almost too close for comfort.

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Stacy H.

Me too! I was right on so I got those pics taken right away.

Susie S.

Same! This was a squeaker lol

Lindsey A.

03/29/2021 3:41AM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
  • Made it!!

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Stacy H.


Claire K.

03/29/2021 12:25AM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
  • Let's fill the feed with these! 😀

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Claire K.

I heard within a minute! But then I did it as soon as weigh in opened (I'm in Europe so my morning). I have previously had it take up to 6 hours. Good luck!

Stacy H.


Christine K.

03/27/2021 4:23AM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
Oh geez, I hit my goal today right before the weekend, I wish I could submit today!
I’m going to be white knuckling it all weekend 😩

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Karyssa B.

Sammmmmeeee this is torture I want to celebrate with pizza :joy::joy::joy:

sharon c.

Passover holiday weekend- yikes! I’ve been baking & cooking for 2 days...delivering care packages to family around town.

Kat O

03/27/2021 4:18AM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
Up a pound AND rolled my ankle and totally face planted while walking the dog last night. Sore, swollen and so mad. With this combination of awful it’s doubtful I’ll be getting back to that bet goal by weight in 😕
Barreblend can give me strength but does nothing for my clumsiness. Here’s hoping if I stay on track with food and do some gentle core and upper body work (minimal pressure on the baseball sized ankle lump!) I can rally.

Happy Saturday all! If you need me I’ll be on the couch elevating this stupid foot.

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Judy B Mi

  • Book I’m reading says weight loss can b result of reduced calorie consumption. From someone who gained 40# in just a few months after a back injury side-line me...reduce portions if u are truly confined to couch. Avoid salt. Perhaps research Beach-body 3-day Refresh Meal Prep.

Kat O

Thank you all for the support! I’m not entirely confined. I managed to complete both 10 minute upper body enhancements (modified anything that had me balance on that foot) and a roll/refresh. I don’t keep any junk food in the house so I’m good there. Was more worried that the mood was going to drag me down. I got some meds and a really good brace and have been slowly walking without much pain, swelling down a little but the bruise will be sticking around a while. Thanks again! And good luck on this final day!

Katianna D.

03/26/2021 5:00PM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
This has been a weird month to say the least . I even dropped below my goal then up then at goal then up and we hadn't binged or anythjng always at 1200 , clean eating and exercising everyday. Hmmmm???? I hope I can control lose after this causeninhave 40lbs to go until my official goal weight thisnis just ine stepping stone out of many to come . One pound left till I reach my dietbet goal.

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Katianna D.

Im just wondering why im already plataeuing . Gym everyday, drink water , eating 1200 calories a day and its all very healthy type things lower in sodium and carbs yet I keep fluctuating between losing a pound or two and gaining a pound or two but I am watching the scale daily as final weigh in approaches so maybe thats the problem

Sara N.

You might try cycling your calories by having higher and lower days. It helps your body not go into reserve mode. Often when I add in a day around 1700-2000 calories the next day my scale shows my body is happy.

Lindsey A.

03/26/2021 11:22AM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
  • Workout done for today at 100% but now to stay on goal lol.

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Last few days maintaining are so hard, but we got this!

Stacy H.

You’ve got this!
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