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Favorite Health Food: strawberries 🍓

Favorite Sinful Food: Flautos, guacamole, ice cream

My Preferred Method of Exercise: walking and swimming

My Approach to Weight Loss: reduced calories and exercise

DietBet Winnings: $261.73

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Corri F.

10/22/2021 5:53AM in New You By 2022 - Win a $1,000 Wardrobe!
I have had quite a lot of stress this last week. I had to take an emergency sick day and rush my 80 year old mother to the ER. Nothing super serious, thank goodness, but still quite ill. I also found out Wednesday evening my husband’s cousin’s wife, whom we vacation with and spend (pre-COVID) holidays with has contracted COVID, was life-flighted to a bigger hospital and isn’t expected to make it. So much concern and sadness. On a positive note, I guess, I stepped on the scales and am now two pounds under the final weigh in weight for this DietBet.

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Carlye O.


Ticoty she her

Prayers for all that’s going on. :pray:

MJ Bar Harbor

10/21/2021 11:09AM in New You By 2022 - Win a $1,000 Wardrobe!
I really like being apart of DietBet. When I tell people about it. They always give me the side eye. To bad they don’t trust it.
Now as for me. My bra size is smaller. No git I just have to work on my hips and more off the “girls”

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Monika H.

My girls have shrunk too. Yeah! Still managing with the old bra but will definitely need a smaller one soon.

Carlye O.

Some folks just don’t get the accountability piece — their loss, our gain.

Jen J.

09/30/2021 7:50AM in Mega Kickstarter
  • This has been the best experience!
    Thank you to everyone for the support and love!
    Only two more days til the wedding but THE DRESS FITS!

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Carlye O.

Congrats! Have a fantastic time at the wedding— priceless memories!!!

Karin V.

wish you an unforgettable wedding day with your kids. Enjoy your dress, enjoy yourself - and don't cry too much - that's bad for your make-up :wink:


09/29/2021 5:52PM in Mega Kickstarter
Hope you all made your weight!!! I will find out soon. Coming back from helping my mom with some things for a late start home due to mom falling…. She is fine, we went for a walk to make sure she was ok…. Now to get home and weigh in!!!

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Jen J.

Wow that last 48 hours was intense, ha! I’m glad your mom is ok!

Carlye O.

Glad Mom is ok. Good luck!!
Carlye O. has weighed in at 149.2 pounds
09/29/2021 6:05AM in New You By 2022 - Win a $1,000 Wardrobe!

Total weight lost is now 4,384 pounds! Average is 8.5 pounds.

Chloe C.

09/20/2021 5:53PM in New You By 2022 - Win a $1,000 Wardrobe!
Didn't make round 2 this time, the fact that I've only gained two pounds considering how stressful the last couple weeks have been, I'm proud that I didn't completely give up or go too overboard. Starting a new job this week. Work always helps me to keep off weight since it helps me fill my days and feel fulfilled. Let's all keep moving forward!! Congrats to those who made their goal!

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Carlye O.

Just keep moving forward— you’ve got this!


Awesome that you are committed to your health. I love the re-focus of a new round. I didn't make this last round either. Working on it not turning out the same way this round. Peace, health and luck!


09/20/2021 1:34PM in New You By 2022 - Win a $1,000 Wardrobe!
I didn't make it this month. Honestly, I'm pretty ok with that. A little disappointed -- mostly because I was pretty close. Ah, well. These things sometimes don't turn out the way I would prefer and that's a good lesson in and of itself. I am pleased that I am on a very good road towards my next goal -- so there's an additional win. Take care of yourselves. Peace, health and excellent continuance on this crazy road we've decided to take!

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Carlye O.

Just keep moving forward—nearly there means you’re on the right path! You’ve got this!!


Thanks, @Carlye O. Taking a step back today to step into it tomorrow. Peace to you.


09/20/2021 9:13AM in New You By 2022 - Win a $1,000 Wardrobe!
Y'all - it's been a rough month with my mother-in-law in hospice and a close family friend taking her own life last week. I also found out that I'm severely anemic, so this was a true wake-up call for me to do better. I recently started some personal training a few times per week and am focusing more on protein (and taking an iron supplement). I feel pretty empowered right now that I made my round 2 goal in spite of all the chaos in our lives, and it has reminded me that I do not have to let the chaos control me. So thankful for DietBet - it gives me some accountability and motivates me to persevere.

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Starr P


abbey p.

Hugs to you! That’s a lot to deal with all at once! I’m going to quote you for my mantra today! “I do not have to let the chaos control me!”


09/18/2021 7:07AM in Mega Kickstarter
I lost ZERO pounds! I’m still at the weight I started at, however I did gain 2 pounds after I started due to being on prednisone. However, I have lost those 2 pounds and feel like the expanded appetite has decreased, and that I am finally on my way! I’m going to keep going! How about you? How are you all doing?

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Way to go Jen J!!! Keep it up!


I'm currently using intermittent fasting, combined with beachbody container system... I think I will make it.

Monika H.

09/17/2021 9:00PM in Mega Kickstarter
11 days left! I’m not sure what I was thinking but I joined the challenge a week late. Anyway it’s gone better than expected. Only 4 pounds left to go. It’s going to be tight but I think I’ll make it. How’s everyone doing?

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Jen J.

Same! I need to lose a few more pounds - and remember that I really can finish strong if I keep focused! I also joined late - last Saturday haha. We can do hard things!

Carlye O.

I joined back to back against another 30-day transformer …late at night when I wasn’t thinking clearly, but still we can do it. And even if we miss by a smidge, I figure we are still in a better place than we were (but I try not to think of that — just that we are all going to make it …we can do this!!!!)
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