Telly G

So I can be a better healthier me and keep up with my family.

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Favorite Health Food: fruit

Favorite Sinful Food: pizza

My Preferred Method of Exercise: home workouts

My Approach to Weight Loss: one step at a time

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-1.4% Since last weigh-in-5.5 lbs
-0.3% 1-Month Change-1 lb
-1.9% Lifetime Change-7.5 lbs

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Liz C.

01/14/2022 3:37AM in The Yes-vember Transformer - Triple Your Winnings!
Scale has not budged in weeks. Getting frustrated. I know to give it time but so hard!

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Same here. :-/

Melissa Will Do This

It is hard! But if you are eating constantly in a calorie deficit it will happen.

Rhianna W.

11/26/2021 3:21PM in The Yes-vember Transformer - Triple Your Winnings!
Can you only submit your official weigh in on December 1st or 2nd for this round? Like can you not submit it earlier than this?

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WayBetter U.

You can definitely only do the official one on Dec 1-2.

Mary K.

If you’re participating in another game and submit an official weigh-in that the referees verify for that game, and it’s no more than 48 hours before our game’s weigh-in period (that is, after midnight Pacific Time on Nov 29), when you log into this game on Dec 1, you’ll be asked if you want to use your previous weigh-in. NOTE: this does not include the weekly weigh-ins for membership prizes because those are not verified by the referees. Also, you should email to confirm this. Also I think they may allow one early weigh-in per game, if you email them in advance and have an acceptable excuse (eg, traveling on the official weigh-in days). Anyway, don’t take my word, please email support before assuming you can do one of these two options.
Telly G has weighed in at 395.4 pounds, down 0.7 pounds

now at 54% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 628 pounds! Average is 2.8 pounds.

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Telly G has weighed in at 396.1 pounds, down 1.3 pounds

now at 49% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 612 pounds! Average is 2.7 pounds.

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11/20/2021 8:11AM in The Yes-vember Transformer - Triple Your Winnings!
  • In the past, even when doing a lot of exercice, my main issue was too much eating, and i think specially due to stress (kid or work most of the time). I need to focus less on the exercice part, and more on the relaxation/ stress management part if I want to attain my goal. So I bought myself a used sauna 2 weeks ago and I have been doing 45min a day follow by cold shower! This is the best thing ever ! I am soooo relaxed after this! Made a big change in my day. I revamped my whole garage gym and made it a realllly nice place for working out AND relaxing ! Very happy about the end result and though I would share.

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Looks great!!


Look at that sauna! LIFE GOALS!

Tina J.

11/19/2021 9:45AM in The Yes-vember Transformer - Triple Your Winnings!
Hey guys, I've been diagnosed with PCOS today, which explains my struggles in losing weight!
Has anyone got any advice about trying to lose weight with this condition? Any information gratefully received, I'm currently on a journey to educate myself!

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Mary K.

Thoroughly endorse Jason Fung, intermittent fasting, low carb and low sugar. You can check out YouTube lectures by Jason Fung and Eric Westerman. While these are mainly focused on reversing diabetes, the same strategies seem to work for PCOS. Good luck!

Tina J.

Thanks for the feedback guys! Off to do some research! :blush:


11/19/2021 8:39AM in The Yes-vember Transformer - Triple Your Winnings!
Signed up and then my mom passed away and emotional eating took over. Started back and then nephew killed himself. I was hoping to hit my progress goal this round but not looking good. Funeral for nephew is Monday. Need to learn to stop eating my feelings! Have not eaten a lot just wrong things like sugar! Going to just work hard after Monday.

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Mary K.

I am so sorry for your losses. I gave up on my health after my brother suddenly dropped dead at age 54. I put on 30 pounds immediately after, thinking “what’s the use?” Then after being diagnosed with various obesity-related diseases I realized I didn’t want to be the cause of my own demise. I wish you strength and peace as you work through these days of grief and mourning. Just remember that you are loved and people also want you to be around for a long time so, on the days you can bear it, think about drinking water, moving a little bit and identifying some simple pleasures. We’re here for you as you walk this very difficult path.


I started a new job a month ago, and just getting over a cold, so I’m with you. Manage your stress as best as possible, and get rest. It’s just one month.
I’m in the same boat, and I know I need to regroup next month.

Melissa Will Do This

11/19/2021 7:06AM in The Yes-vember Transformer - Triple Your Winnings!
  • Threw in an old Body Groove DVD and moved for 27 minutes. Maybe I'll start doing this a few times a week. It was actually kind of fun and freeing. I'm so pressed for time on work days, I didn't even change into workout clothes. Anybody else work sitting on your butt in front of a computer all day long; what do you do to get in steps during your day?

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Thulz N.

Melissa this is one of my biggest challenges because I work 12-16 hour days in front of the laptop!
I drink a lot of water which in turn forces me to regularly get up to use the bathroom

Marjorie Z.

I force myself to walk up and down the hallway at least once an hour.
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