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My Preferred Method of Exercise: Weight Lifting and Cardio

My Approach to Weight Loss: Lowering Calories

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Lauren R.

05/19/2021 7:25AM in RS13 DietBet
I basically made a donation for this contest.

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Amber K.

SAME!! :/

Amy O.

We still have a few more days to make an impact!

Amanda m.

05/04/2021 5:09PM in RS13 DietBet
What’s everyone doing to lose the weight? A specific diet? Working out?
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Elizabeth G.

I’ve only been doing it about a week. I’m down about 3 pounds. Some of that may have been water weight. My aunt’s been on it less than two weeks and has already lost 15 pounds. I will say, it is making me much more conscious about what I eat and drink and it’s helping me realize why I reach for certain snacks or meals.

Amanda m.

Great! I’ll look into it :)

Amber K.

05/03/2021 6:28AM in RS13 DietBet
How is everyone doing??? I had some hiccups the weekend but back on track today. Anyone else in the same boat?

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Erica K.

I just can’t get myself together! I keep telling myself I need to track my meals but I just don’t. I’ve lost some since starting but I’ll need to kick it up a notch if I want to reach my dietbet goal.

Amber K.

Mina L and Erica K. I completely feel the same! I'm a huge snacker as well and I'm tracking my meals for the most part but find myself giving up towards the end of the day or overeating. I gotta get it together!

Amber K.

04/28/2021 6:13AM in RS13 DietBet
Good Morning Everyone!!! This is my second time doing Dietbet unfortunately I didn't make my goal last time but I did lose a little over 6lbs so I'm not taking it as a complete loss! My hope is that this time around I can actually fully reach my goal!! How's everyone else feeling???

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Amber K.

I know that feeling all to well! I've lost and gained so many times I can't keep count :/ I'm really hoping I stay on track this time. Talking to others in the same position is encouraging to me. We can do this!! Good luck to you and thanks for the response :)

Kaylene D.

Good luck to you too! :grinning:

Amy O.

04/27/2021 6:37PM in RS13 DietBet
Hope everyone had a great day!!

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Amber K.

Same to you! Let's do this!!

Ericka H.

You too!!