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Jess St

08/22/2021 7:50AM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
I've learned that, for me, consistency is better than "perfection" when staying in my calorie deficit. I have met every challenge so far, and looking at a true test: I booked a cruise before the final weigh in. I believe I am going to have a great time and still meet my goals. I'm not going to deprive or restrict. I add what brings me joy, and sometimes that's pizza and icecream on the ocean! 🍩

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Tara B.

I have a vacation coming in September as well… I’m a bit more nervous. :grimacing:


Just got back from our family vacation and did pretty good. No outrageous eating and focused on meeting my daily step goal plus only 2 training runs (should of done 3 according to the schedule) Had a great time and only gained a couple pounds which will drop off quickly :wink: Enjoy yourself!!

Mel H.

07/30/2021 4:58PM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
  • I haven't done well on the scale. I've been focused on another battle and today I'm going to celebrate a non-scale victory. Shortly after joining this transformer I woke up in excruciating pain. I don't do doctors but in a couple days I couldn't avoid it. I don't know what the pain was but I accept it as my body's call for help. I was diagnosed with uncontrolled diabetes. A1C of 13% fasting blood sugar of 17.8
    I had already jumped into a low carb high protein diet weeks prior. I figured I needed to go in stricter. I don't want to go too controversial but what I found was whole food plant based fueled by starches. I hesitated but then I dove in and I've never been more thankful that I did. Today my A1C tested at 7. My fasting blood sugar 5.5. My scale victories will come but today I feel like I need to celebrate getting a second chance.

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Jess St

That is amazing!!


Well done for taking ownership of your health! That is an awesome achievement!

Sarah B.

07/27/2021 2:28AM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
I know this game has motivated and encouraged many people to meet their goals. For me, this game has triggered my binge eating disorder. I’m sharing for those whose experience might be similar. I want to try to find the strength and clarity to try to move forward from this. If you’re in the same boat and have any words of wisdom I’d be grateful for your thoughts!

(FYI - in this game I lost 10 pounds and regained 13 pounds. I’ve been an avid StepBet user and find the Waybetter formula works with exercise. Somehow when food and the scale are involved all I end up doing is restricting and bingeing until I feel terrible about myself.)

Good luck to everyone ⭐⭐⭐

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Betsy D.

I don't binge per se but have not done well on this Transformer. I think it might be that I am burned out on DietBets. I started with them in the fall of 2018 and lost about 60 pounds with DietBets (lots of Kickstarters, a couple of Transformers) in two years. (And I had lost 30 before discovering DietBet.) After getting to a low of 131 pounds, I quit the games but then put on 5 pounds a month for several months, thus I joined this game. But the pressure of the weigh-outs has lost some of its power. I am struggling to make the August goal. I want to do this! Summer trips do not help.

I don't have advice, just commiserating.

Jess St

Thank you for sharing this! This was my first diet bet, and I think it will be my last. I don't have ED but I can see where this a harmful environment for recovery. The stress of seeing my weight fluctuate (because that's what healthy bodies need to do to stay alive) is getting to be too much as I get closer to my goal weight. Lesson learned, Diet bet isn't for everyone.

Jess St

06/28/2021 6:11PM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
  • So close!

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Holding my breath for you!

Jess St

06/12/2021 8:55AM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
  • Vacations and celebrations are not doomed to derail you. A pound of fat cannot come on or off in a day. The number of icecream sundaes I ate on vacation will attest that making smart choices most of the time will pay off (but that 9lbs of water weight after 2 weeks of vacation is startling!)

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Keith A.

I did this with a one-day Memorial Day blitz, including a lot of salty meats. Took a few days, but I survived the 10-pound scale gain, and kept my cool in the process. Your advice is spot on!

Matthew K.

I was thinking about doing a 7 day Alaska cruise.... but decided to hold off until I can get my nutrition under control.... and the whole covid thing too.

Jess St

06/09/2021 6:48AM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
  • Woohoo!

    Again, I love putting physical objects to weight lost and imagining it's not strapped to my back anymore. This was a goal I wanted to reach before my birthday and I made it 🎉

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Matthew K.

Congrats! I think you should take a photo holding all those items :wink:


Congrats, Jessica! That's AWESOME

Jess St

06/07/2021 1:35PM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
  • Very proud of myself for getting this far and winning this round. Consistent nutrition and not feeling deprived has been hard in the past, but I got here through discipline, learning new habits, pizza, egg rolls, and lots of dessert. 😋

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Dasia B.

Tacos are my not guilt food. I just can’t let those go :sweat_smile:

Katie H.

not feeling guilty after ANY type of food is key to long term success imo and a key thing my dietician has worked on with me! its all about moderation like you said. that's what is sustainable

Jess St

05/24/2021 9:36PM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
  • What I've lost so far (about half of that while doing diet bet with you all). I imagine putting all that in a backpack that I don't need carry anymore. 💙

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Jess St

I use "weight of stuff" website and then find pictures to make a collage. Started with sticks of butter :grin:

Jenny D.

Love this! Thanks for sharing!

Matthew K.

05/24/2021 4:59PM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
Where is everyone playing from? I find it fun to see how wide spread people are geographically.

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Megan M.

Golden, CO

Emma A.

Northumberland - UK :gb:
Jess St accepted the challenge.
04/03/2021 7:56AM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
The pot in Round 1 is now $4,515

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