Richard H.

Have energy and be active for my future grandkids!

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Favorite Health Food: Grilled chicken

Favorite Sinful Food: Ice cream or any PB dessert

My Preferred Method of Exercise: walking

My Approach to Weight Loss: Tim Ferriss slow-carb and walking

DietBet Winnings: $1,728.21

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-1.9% Since last weigh-in-3.8 lbs
-4.1% 1-Month Change-8.4 lbs
-21.9% Lifetime Change-55.2 lbs

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Richard H.

10/05/2022 7:00AM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
Achieved! I'm waiting impatiently on validation of my pics, at which point I'll have some breakfast. So glad for the support of this group over these 6 months. :-)

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Karin V.

Congratulations, Richard! I hope, your verification came quickly.

Tracy R.

10/03/2022 8:40AM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
  • Not going to make it and that is okay. I lost almost 20 pounds, fought through a 2 month plateau and didn't go back to bad habits when things got tough. I am ready to take on the next challenge, leaner, stronger & faster than before!!! Good luck everyone!!

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Richard H.

Great accomplishment! I don't think I'm going to make it unless a small miracle occurs. Still was valuable to lose some weight and keep it off for months! Wish you all the best, Tracy!

Karin V.

congratulations on your 20 lbs loss. That's a great success and you look beautiful and healthy!
Richard H. has weighed in at 201.4 pounds, down 2 pounds
09/30/2022 6:05AM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!

now at 78% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 5,554 pounds! Average is 13.3 pounds.


08/30/2022 12:10AM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
Get ready for the final weigh-in for Round 5! Once the round ends on Sep 3 at midnight PST, you have until 11:59PM PST on Sep 5 to submit your final weight for the round. Remember that weighing in and winning each round guarantees your maximum payout at the end of the game.

Even if you're not a winner, you MUST submit your weight and photos proving you lost at least 6% in order to be eligible for Round 6 and the Grand Prize.

If you fail to submit a verified weigh-in showing the 6% weight loss, you will be disqualified. Submit early to make sure your photos are accepted, and look for an email that confirms your photos are approved! (If you don't get one, check your spam folder.)

The round will finalize 24-36 hours after all weigh-ins have been submitted. Good luck!

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Richard H.

I hear you... At 5.68% lost right now lol

Kimmy J.

I just edged in. Now I'm just waiting for verification.

Tiffany C.

08/29/2022 7:29AM in BET BIG AUGUST 20TH - 2X WINNINGS!
  • The weekend was HARD! How’d everyone do? Got my movement in but didn’t eat the best. Took the pup for a walk downtown and found this nice mural. #mondaymotivation

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That’s ok! New week and lots of time left. You got this! You ARE amazing!!

Richard H.

Love the picture! Week was okay for me. I find the day to day consistency in eating is the secret for my weight loss. But it flies in the face of my desire to throw caution to the wind a few times a week. Sigh. I'm putting a lot of focus on adequate sleep this week as that helps fight off my stupider impulses. :-)


08/21/2022 8:18AM in BET BIG AUGUST 20TH - 2X WINNINGS!
This is going to be fun! Here’s my 5 point action plan for losing 4%…
1. Drink water like it’s my dayjob. 8 cups
2. Portion control
3. 30 min of daily exercise
4. 8 hours of sleep daily
5. Zero sweets
5a…Sever a limb if necessary 😂

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Kari M.

Good plan! Except for 5a, lol.

Richard H.

Lol on 5a. I once got a short haircut to help toward goal. I did make goal but I think haircut only took off 0.2 lbs. :-)

chelsea c.

08/20/2022 5:40PM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
  • One of my go to meals when craving pizza, make the pizza on a tortilla shell! Really helps and I can eat the whole thing guilt free!

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chelsea c.

Just a round tortilla, some marinara, mozzarella and ham and pineapple can’t go too heavy on toppings as it’s a thin crust. Then I cook on a pan for 12 min or so at 375 or 400. Depends if I’m cooking floor then 1.

Kale Bee

Ahh I love this too! I like to make a dupe of a Dominos ‘double decadence’ by layering 2 tortillas with a spreading of herby cream cheese in between before putting my toppings on and sticking in the grill! Delicious :)


08/19/2022 3:38PM in BET BIG AUGUST 20TH - 2X WINNINGS!
It’s the morning of the 20th here in Australia. I’ve been gaining for 2 years now, so this scares me a little. But self motivation wasn’t enough and we need $$, so hoping this pressure will lead to healthy diet choices.

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Richard H.

You got this! I've been pretty lax in my eating this year and glad to work together toward our goal!

Kari M.

Good luck!


08/18/2022 12:39PM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
I'm grateful that my mindset has changed this time around. I've done numerous transformers and quite participating 3 months in if I didn't win. This time I missed my first 3 but have been on track for the last. Right now, I have a reason to be proud! I know I'm not the only one! Stay focused y'all!

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Karin V.

Congratulations for having completed the turnaround! Now, you are one of the 42 % who made their goals. Maybe, you've seen too, that there were less winners from round to round. I'm curious how the results in round 5 will be.
Yes, let's stay focused! :thumbsup:

Richard H.

Keep it up! I've had the opposite problem of made my first 2 round but missed after that. I'm reengaged though and excited to lose enough this round to keep going and then win the final goal! Excited and motivated!
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