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Mindy S.

06/30/2022 6:24PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
  • I’m grateful. Thank you to all who actively participated in this game and encouraged me on the hard days.

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Jennifer D.

Awesome! You look fit and happy! Keep up the good work!

Biking Syl



06/26/2022 8:43AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
  • It’s Sunday so you know how I started my day!!! Body combat for the win! I’m sad that this is the last week of Dietbet! I will miss all everybody’s inspirational journeys!! Keep up the great work everyone! ❤~Vicki

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WayBetter Kristin

We'll miss you too!

Mindy S.

And you have been the most encouraging of all! Thank you for that. Best wishes for your continued health journey.

Tina L.

06/23/2022 4:52AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
  • I have lost over 60 pounds in this transformer game. I am proud as heck too! As you can see, I still have such a long way to go. I am currently stuck and it sucks, but I’m not giving up. I have doing high protein and low carb. I think I may try keto for a month, or so. I also joined another diet bet transformer, to keep me accountable! Good luck y’all! We only got a few more days and this one is in the books!

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Sammie S

You are such an inspiration!!

Tina L.

Thank you! But I have a very long ways to go!

Tiffany H.

06/19/2022 7:09PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
Personal challenges are really putting me through the ringer. My husband and partner x25 years (since the age of 17) asked for a divorce 29 days ago. No fighting, just doesn’t love me anymore. This is a whole new world I am stepping into and food has always been there for my happiness, sadness, all emotions. Now it really wants to be there for me when I’m scared. I applaud everyone on here that has battled these emotions while trying to become a healthier human being. As I navigate this new world with my daughter in a new home with hopefully a fabulous kitchen and workout area, I wish all of you the best of luck. Remember that you never know the battles people are facing in their lives, we all have a story and we all deserve to have our best self without judgement. Hugs to all. (Felt really good to get this off my chest)

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Tiffany H.

I appreciate all of you. :)


Sorry. That’s a hard change - especially when it’s unexpected. As others have said, it’s ok to grieve - and you’ll need to do that off and on for a while.

But also, take moments to look for the small blessings in your life. Sad this relationship is ending, but glad it isn’t ending in fighting. Sad this person no longer has feelings for you, but blessed that you have the opportunity to look for someone who will.

There is good and bad in all of life’s challenges.


06/17/2022 9:02PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
  • Did I mention that I saw 1 on my weighing scale after big 12 years .
    6 months -30 pounds down - A1c down 9 points- getting to shop for smaller clothes
    Life is good !!

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Tina L.

Yay!! Congratulations!

Mindy S.

Weigh to go!

Kasey D.

06/15/2022 7:30AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
Has anyone tried a keto diet?

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Mindy S.

I love it, I’ve been doing it since January when I was diagnosed with t2 diabetes and have been very successful at losing weight, inches and lowering my blood sugar. I had approval from my doctor. I have been learning by following Dr. Fung, Dr. Berg, and Dr. Ekberg as well as a nutritionist. I don’t recommend high amounts of fat or excessive protein, learn how to do it properly. (I’m also doing intermittent fasting with 2 meals a day.) I really feel amazing.

Kasey D.

I might just try low carb not true keto. Im hoping Cutting out sugar can help with the last few pounds…. Well last 5 pounds

Roderick Dyke

06/12/2022 6:33PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
  • .

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Mary K.

WayBetter Kristin

06/10/2022 7:52AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
  • I mentioned we were heading up the cabin, and we're here and enjoying some gorgeous weather!

    We spend a lot of time up here in the summer, and yesterday was filled with boating, fishing, and tons of time outdoors - perfect for my Get Outside and Hit the Trail WayBetter games!

    What are your favorite things to do during the summer? 

    Are you a lot more active than during the winter? Or less because of the heat?

mydbveryeasy , Tina L. and like this photo.

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I like getting up at butt crack of dawn and climbing on my bike.


Garage saling! Outdoor concerts. So wish I had a close friend or family member with a cabin on the lake, love the beach/water!

Samantha A.

06/09/2022 7:18PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
  • Me: UGH! I have REALLY been neglecting my nutrition and exercise recently and I'm feeling it. I might not make my final weigh in for my Diet bet! I wonder what might have thrown me off my groove so much ....

    ((My new rescue puppy, happily destroying the house))

    Me: ... Oh, yeah. ...

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Oh man I know your feeling, I adopted a rescue Frenchie with a history of possessiveness, protection of ressources ans it's been a wild ride.

Samantha A.

Hi all! He's a black lab mix rescue ... He was pretty sick his first week home but is loving his nice long walks now. (Problem is he has two speeds: molasses or NASCAR and nothing in between!) :-D


06/09/2022 1:04PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
  • Hard to stay on my diet.

mydbveryeasy , James T. and like this photo.

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OMG…I just a news clip on this! You weren’t kidding! Lol!

Erin G.

I saw this on the news too and had the same thought- I mean, of all the places to get stuck…. Sounds like a dream come true to me!!!!
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