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06/14/2021 8:07AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • First day back on the trail in a week

Brandon Y. , Mary P. and like this photo.

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Matthew K.

No poison oak/ivy today!!

Nicole B.

Cute backpack! I hope you guys enjoyed your hike!

Anna S.

06/13/2021 11:49AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • Anyone else roller skating for fitness??? I’m returning to skating after a 10 year hiatus and it’s been awesome.
    I have a torn labrum and joint issues in my right hip, and after walking for 30 minutes my leg seizes up, I start to limp and have a lot of pain after. It has been limiting how long and frequently I can go walking. I’m supposed to get surgery but I’m not quite ready for that. I have found that I don’t have joint pain after even an hour or more of skating! My heart rate is 140-160 while skating, and falling hurts, but my hip is fine with it.

Mary P. , Mollie D. and like this photo.

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Hanna B.

Yess!! I remember LOVING rollerblading, and I was not an active kid. I should definitely get back into it.

Allison A.

  • I played roller derby for 3 years before second kiddo and pandemic, I cant wait to get back to it! Guh it's been over a year 😭


06/13/2021 9:57AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • Peanut butter lovers like me! This is a pretty good recipe. I left out vanilla, and only topped it with a Tsp of nut butter. It came out like PB was a filling and low sugar snack. Mix all together and microwave for 1 min.

Mollie D. , Referee Laura? and like this photo.

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Is that Hungry-Girl?! I LOVE her


Yes! It is Hungry girl. She is great!


06/12/2021 2:22PM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • Dinner tonight is Salmon and a great outdoor patio view. We missed going to our favorite restaurant. This week I felt very tired, and I plateaued again. Yesterday, I ate way more than normal as a refueling day. I feel so much better today, and went right back to my norm. Let's see if that refuel day was a good thing.

Referee Laura? , Kara A. and like this photo.

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christine d.

Keep us update about the effects post refueling day. Very curious!

Nicole B.

Looks good!

Mollie D.

06/11/2021 8:06PM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • Been eating carbs the last two days, and the scale responded predictably. My cousin and her son are coming to visit for a few days next week and I know I will be eating carbs while they are here. We have outings planned and there's no way I'm not eating certain things when we're out. But, for some reason just knowing my diet is going to loosen up next week has me loosening up already. Makes no sense! But what is done is done. I'll get back on track tomorrow and stay there until Wednesday.

    On the upside, I walked around the park for 1.5 mi while my son played at the playground, despite the 🌞 and heat and need to wear sunscreen, which I hate. But I did it. I didn't get up early enough to walk this morning and I didn't want to miss exercise today. Definitely feeling like my walks are becoming habit, which is awesome because habits require less effort and are much easier to maintain. 👍

    Pic from a shady lie on the grass after my walk.

Referee Laura? , Lani T. and like this photo.

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I did a big loosening on Friday and yesterday. Stinks! Back up a few pounds and going to make this round an even harder Challenge at this point.
The offenders are still in fridge, freezer, and cabinets. I don't want to throw them away. I need to figure out how to not focus on them. Any suggestions?

Nicole B.

Way to go on your walking! I like your shady spot too! We all have to survive summer somehow.


06/11/2021 10:56AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
Y'all. I have been so unmotivated these past couple days. I've gone over my calorie budget 3 days in a row (by A LOT on Wednesday) and have barely moved my mopey meatsack off the couch. I'm giving myself the rest of the day to grieve or whatever it is that I'm doing, but tomorrow is right back to it. It's so easy to spiral out of control because of -whatever handy excuse i happen to have- but I know excuses aren't conducive to the lifestyle I want, and so desperately NEED, to live. I'll be back tomorrow with some accountability. I'm not gonna let you guys down!

Lani T. , Nicole B. and like this comment.

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Nicole B.

You are not alone! We are getting ready to move and I am an emotional eater. I just keep reminding myself I don't want to regain what I have lost. Distraction helps me. Also leaving the house so I don't eat and keeping temptations out of the house. We all get discouraged, but you can do it!

Lani T.

Missy, how did the weekend go? What are your healthy plans for this week?

Hanna B.

06/11/2021 6:58AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
NSV (non scale victory)
I did my 3 workouts, even though scheduling was a bit squirrelly.
I stuck to my calorie goals for each day
Stayed on top of my water intake, although didn’t make my goal everyday

So excited for this weekend! We started doing the pool with my two young kids and even though it’s a lot to pack up, it’s the highlight of my week.

Nicole B. , Whitney W. and like this comment.

Matthew K.

Keep up the awesome dedication :clap:

Nicole B.

Way to go! Getting your kids involved in your goals is a great idea!


06/10/2021 8:41AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • My breakfast this morning 😋

Nicole B. , Whitney W. and like this photo.

Matthew K.

I am to late for breakfast? :grin:

Nicole B.



06/09/2021 7:30PM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
Started spin class about a week ago, and have been going everyday, haven’t increased intake, and, of course, gained a not inconsiderable amount of weight 😒. I know it’s not unexpected and is probably just water retention from tissue damage, but, boy, is it disheartening

Nicole B. , Whitney W. and like this comment.

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Amanda M.

Keep going! I'm stuck at 185... and I've been jogging 2 miles 5 nights a week. I know it's going to break soon! Just stay consistent

Nicole B.

You are building muscle, it weighs more than fat. Keep going, you will love the results.

Karin V.

06/07/2021 12:32PM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • NSV (non-scale-victory): I found out, that my favourite necklace became noticeable longer. And since it's made of solid gold, this can only mean that my neck's got smaller.
    A real surprise for me. When I decided for weight loss, I really didn't think about my neck!

Michelle R. , Mollie D. and like this photo.

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Jeff C.

Congrats! After reading a lot about other people's weight-loss journeys, one thing I'm doing is taking weekly measurements - neck, chest, waist (belly button), waist (jeans), biceps, forearms, hips, thighs, and calves. It's nice when my weight isn't changing despite eating well (due to water weight etc.) to still "see" progress. Looking in the mirror, and even progress pics from a month or two ago don't "look" like I'm smaller, but the measurements don't lie.

Kay S.

My neck and face are always the first places I lose weight. Which helps me actually see my progress.
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