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09/04/2021 5:51PM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • Ran this morning before going to do some rolling! I took my weight before heading out. I knew I had a photo about the same body positioning/clothing from earlier this year, found it. Motivation to keep moving forward!

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Amanda W

Congrats on the weight loss so far! You are doing great!!

Nicole B.

You can really see a difference, great work!

Kavita A

08/30/2021 7:10AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • Took up some boxing and kickboxing classes a couple of weeks ago. Trying to hit it hard these last couple months. And this is what a 1-hour kickboxing class did to me yesterday. I felt like I was gonna puke afterwards.

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That is killer! I know kick boxing would kill me! Haha

Lani T.

Wow! High max and high average heart rate for an hour long workout...you were working hard!!

Kavita A

08/07/2021 5:50PM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
Anyone here doing low carb or Keto?

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Richard H.

245 lbs in early April; 221 lbs by early August. So right about 1.5 lbs / week. Just walking for exercise. I eat pretty much the same breakfast, lunch, and snack every day so definitely would be a challenge if you want more variety or if you're trying to minimize meat. I do allow a cheat day each week where anything goes for ~10 hours!


Keto is dropping the weight for me
7 mos on weight watchers.
Using fat as a fuel.source works

Kavita A

08/03/2021 8:07AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • Does anyone else have issues with their phone camera not being able to capture the number on their digital scale screen? If so, any suggestions? It’s almost impossible for me to capture the number. Just shows up as a blue screen. I was finally able to get it for a quick second but it took a million attempts.

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Rebecca M.

Not sure if the scale also has settings to dim the blue background?

Mollie D.

I had the same problem. But the numbers do show when using the flash. I just have to angle my phone slightly so the flash doesn't reflect right over the numbers. I hope this works for you too!

Kavita A

05/15/2021 8:13AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
Hit my weight goal for this round. Probably mostly water weight from poor eating before this month, but still feels good to get the weight off my feet. Now just gotta focus on keeping it off the rest of the month, especially with a vacation for Memorial Day weekend.

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Matthew K.

Long weekends can be evil on the diet. Do food prep if you can.