Michelle R.

Reduce the pain I have in my knees and feet, remain healthy and strong and avoid long-term health issues that exist within my family

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Favorite Health Food: Greek yogurt

Favorite Sinful Food: Desserts!

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Spinning

My Approach to Weight Loss: Make it a long-term, maintainable lifestyle

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Mollie D.

07/14/2021 9:03PM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • Went on a long "adventure walk" to Starbucks with my 5 year old today. Leisurely, but 3.5 hours of being out-and-about is better than what I did yesterday.

    My sleep schedule has also budged towards 'earlier' too! 👍

    I'm so freaking behind on the weightloss, but I'm really determined to catch-up by Round 6. I just need to keep reminding myself of that goal.

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Terri M.

I’m in the same boat with the weight loss. I haven’t hit my goal at any checkpoint so far but I am making consistent progress and DO plan to make it by round 5 or 6!!! We can do this

Michelle R.

Right there with you on the weight loss, but we must keep trying! We can meet the goal! Plus, some pounds off is better than NONE!

Michelle R.

07/07/2021 11:25PM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
Besides weight loss in general and obviously winning this Dietbet, what is everyone’s motivation to exercise and what do you love doing?

Would love some inspiration!

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Matthew K.

I want to be able to do adventure vacations. Hiking & backpacking in other countries. I want to be in shape to do that.

Kay S.

My motivation is a big pile of little things. I fly for a living. So being the fat person people dread sitting next to is not where I want to be. I don’t ever want to need a seat belt extension. I also want to enjoy my travels more. One of the last amusement parks I went to, I was almost too fat for the safety harness. And that wasn’t even me at my heaviest. Basically I just want to improve my quality of life. And on a childish note, I want to be thinner than my sister. Being “the fat sister” sucks.

Hanna B.

07/07/2021 7:59AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
Today is my birthday! And yeah, I’m planning to indulge in a bit of sweets.
But I’m also starting my 33rd year right with trying a new workout class at my gym. My first class since COVID, so a bit of first class anxiety to overcome. And it was amazing and reminded me why group classes were always my most successful routine.

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Happy belated!! :heart::heart:

Matthew K.

Happy belated birthday!

Kay S.

07/06/2021 6:14PM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
My treadmill is possessed. Per the instructions, I keep it unplugged when not in use. When I want to use it, I plug it in and give it a minute to boot up. But if I take too long to come back in the room, it gets bored. And it accesses a random device via Bluetooth. Sometimes it turns on the Netflix on my iPad. Sometimes it shuffles the music on my phone. (It really likes the Chinese artist Bii.) This time I turned it on and as I was filling my water bottle the Dixie Chicks start blasting for the speakers singing ‘Ready To Run’. Not from the beginning. Right from the chorus. Hint taken! I don’t know if I should be thrilled at the extra push or very concerned about the rise of the machines.

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Michelle R.


Matthew K.


Michelle R.

07/04/2021 12:38AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • Fell off the bandwagon this round, didn’t make goal (again), BUT I’m here and ready to get my booty in gear for round 3! I can still move forward and that is my plan! 😁💪????

    Started this round off with a solid 4 mile hike. Happy 4th everyone!! 🎆

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I missed it too. I was below goal for a bit, but had a family member pass and my sciatica flared, and ate a few stress comfort foods and with less movement, popped back up a few lbs. So onward to round 3! I'm in a good range and joined a kickstarter this month for that extra push

Tracy H.

Moving forward is always the best choice. Plus remember sometimes it’s inches lost, does not always show on the scale


07/03/2021 4:57AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
Approved in less than 15 minutes this morning! The refs are working hard today.

Round 3 let's goooo!!

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Matthew K.

I was up very early for work this morning so got my photos in early. Took 3+ hours

Michelle R.

Same! Quick approval this morning :thumbsup:

Matthew K.

06/17/2021 6:06PM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
I'll be having Lasik surgery tomorrow. My parents will be staying with me tomorrow & Saturday so I've skipped my ride today to stay home and clean. Probably won't be back on my bike until Sunday at the earliest.

I'm surprised how active I've been just cleaning and moving all day.

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Matthew K.

Thx everyone. Surgery went well. Now just have to wait for everything to heal


LASIK was the best thing I ever spent money on haha hope your recover quick!


06/09/2021 7:30PM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
Started spin class about a week ago, and have been going everyday, haven’t increased intake, and, of course, gained a not inconsiderable amount of weight 😒. I know it’s not unexpected and is probably just water retention from tissue damage, but, boy, is it disheartening

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Amanda M.

Keep going! I'm stuck at 185... and I've been jogging 2 miles 5 nights a week. I know it's going to break soon! Just stay consistent

Nicole B.

You are building muscle, it weighs more than fat. Keep going, you will love the results.

Matthew K.

06/09/2021 12:36PM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • My highly exciting lunch. Tuna on whole wheat & Strawberries.

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Michelle R.



I have been trying to decide what to make for dinner tonight. Tuna sandwiches it is.


06/08/2021 6:17AM in Total Glow Up Mega Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • I have to put down my little buddy this afternoon. It's gonna be rough to even function today, so I'm giving me some grace. Screw cancer.

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Helen B.

  • I had to have my beautiful girl Flora put to sleep two weeks ago. I have a huge hole in my heart but it's getting better every day. Have your cry and remember the good times ,sending hugs xxx


I'm so sorry, Helen. Thanks, everybody. Still finding it hard to shake the blues and get back into some semblance of a routine again. Ugh.
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