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My Preferred Method of Exercise: Running, Weightlifting, and Yoga

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Dianna M.

06/30/2022 8:03AM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
I was just 1.1 lbs away from my goal! I weight so many times the last couple days to see if I could get down (gees most of us fluctuate 1.1 lbs within a day), but no luck. I so appreciated the pressure that the group gave me and the fun posts from everyone. Congrats to the winners!!

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You still won!! You did lose some weight. Join us at Ilana's game starting on July 5th.

Anita L.

If you lost even a pound you are a winner!!


06/26/2022 6:48PM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
Hey all. Hope everyone is well. I have a question regarding our final weigh-in, my goal weight for this challenge is 170. What happens if I'm at 170.2 or .3? Does Diet Bet round down if under .5 and round up if over .5? I have 1 lb to lose and hope I'll be under the 170 mark by Wednesday, but I am such a slow loser that I'll fearful I'll be over the 170 by .2 or .3. Does anyone know? Thanks for your help.

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Lee Ann K.

It has to be exact or under.
Drink lots and lots of water! Good luck!!


Thanks all for your input. I WILL make it if not tomorrow, then on Wednesday. I feel like I'm ready to float away. I normally drink @ 75-80 oz of water daily, but today I've increased it and am at 90 as of right now. I'll be up all night relieving myself!!! Lol....

Julie C.

06/21/2022 10:28AM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
At 10 days in I was less than 2 lbs from goal, now I'm 5 lbs away ☹ my fault for overindulging last week. Working hard this week and going to try my best to finish strong!

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Margaret P.

You’ve got it!!!

Dianna M.

Ahh! Same!!!

Jennifer K.

06/10/2022 12:40PM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
  • I’m so close to my goal!!!! I really have to double down! Day 61/80 done. I can’t wait to finish this so I can start F&F

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Amy S.

Great program, got my best results ever with 80 Day Obsession :100:

Amy S.

You really shred in phase 3, so keep going!

Sherry M.

06/08/2022 12:11PM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
  • Celebrate the NSV.
    1000 times I’ve reached my Move Goal!!

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Dianna M.

Great job!!

Sarah D.

06/08/2022 10:29AM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
  • Cardio day! Ate some chips last night that I could have don without😬. Oh well, moving on.

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Dianna M.

SAME! I just figure a higher weight on the scale this morning means I know it's just salt and it'll be gone again in a day or two.

Dawn H.

06/08/2022 8:33AM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
  • Peach Bread Pudding with Maple “Whipped” Cream

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Dianna M.

That looks delicious!

Elise J.

06/08/2022 7:11AM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
Just bringing week 2 meal plan back to the top of the feed!! How is everyone doing week 2?! I love to see all your fire and flow progress!! Any eating challenges I can help with? Today I have. A long day on set (yay!) and have packed up my snacks to go! I just finished my morning I AM meditation so I’m feeling good! How are you?


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Ally L.

I was feeling so good after the first week, had lost a few pounds. My husbands birthday was on the weekend and I admittedly overindulged with a charcuterie board with him for dinner that night. So frustrating after one meal of indulging and I went up to higher then my weigh in weight and a week later it still hasn’t budged despite being on track all week! I feel like the only I can lose weight is to never allow myself a treat

Corinne G.

Ally, sometimes with salty foods our body holds on to the water weight. Don’t beat yourself up. I struggle the same way- doing okay and then have setbacks. We have time and we got this!