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Ilana Muhlstein

08/06/2021 2:00AM in Jump Start July Into Weight Loss with Ilana
  • We’re so close! You can still lose a lot of weight by the end! Set up your water goal and routine. Plan what veggies you’re going to be filling up on- snackable veggies, meal bases, etc. dedicate yourself to tracking and being dinner and done. You can do this!! Finish strong!

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Hanna T.

Christa - Are you looking for another Kickstarter or a Transformer? There is an "Endless Summer Mega Transformer - Win a Pelaton" but it started on the 2nd and the next weigh in is Sept 2-3rd

Then there is "The DietBet Kickstarter - $500 pot bonus" that goes from 8/9-9/5, and your final weigh in for this game would be your starting for both.


Ilana I had an emergency yesterday but was hoping to join your recent dietbet. I don’t see it on anymore would it be possible still to join. I think the deadline might’ve been yesterday but since I had an emergency with my parents I totally forgot about it.

Christa S.

08/29/2021 12:16PM in Back To Schooling Your Weight Loss Goals
Who is getting excited!?!?! This is my 3rd dietbet with @ilana! She’s keeps me on track!

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Melissa B.

I'm so excited too! I love Ilana and her dietbets! She is so motivational!

Amy B.

I've been doing DietBets on & off since 2014 - this has to be my absolute favorite!

Christa S.

08/29/2021 12:15PM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a Grill!
Getting ready for the next weigh-in!

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Christa S.

08/09/2021 3:21AM in Jump Start July Into Weight Loss with Ilana
I did it! I won!
I got shingles two weeks ago so i haven’t been able to move since then. So i focused in #waterfirstveggiesmost and it’s paid off!!

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Kathleen S.

I got a shingles vaccine 2 weeks ago on the recommendation of my Dr. I've been sick as a dog from the vaccine! I hope you're feeling better!

Carmela A.


Christa S.

08/09/2021 3:18AM in The DietBet Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus
What’s everybody’s goal this week?
I follow Ilana Mhulstein’s 2b mindset from Beachbody, so my goal this week is to get back to tracking everyday. I’m recovering from shingles so my fitness is very minimal, but i’m starting gentle yoga. 2nd goal: daily soothing yoga practice!

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Jaymie C.

My goal is to get back on track.
Birthday week last week kind of messed me all up!! I did fine with workouts, so I plan to keep up with that. But my diet was awful so time to get back to daily intermittent fasts and watching portion sizes!

Ref Brittani

I hope you're feeling better! My goal is to focus on nutrition and make sure I'm fueling up with protein so I can stay consistent and satisfied and not fall into the hangry trap ;)

Long L.

08/07/2021 2:53AM in The DietBet Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus
Harder than expected 😩

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That’s exactly how I felt on my first DietBet. This one is going better! Don’t give up and apply what you learn to next time :)

Nina S.

Weekends are the hardest. My advice is to indulge responsibly


08/06/2021 6:49PM in The DietBet Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus
  • Kinda disappointed in myself for not being consistent this week with my steps.. I was working till very late almost every night this week (till midnight!)

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Christa S.

Celebrate the victories you do have!


I didn't get all my steps this week either so don't feel bad


08/06/2021 7:54AM in The DietBet Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus
16 days left and I’m only 29% of the way there

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Dorothy L.

I’m 21% of the way there, so you are doing much better than me!

Christa S.

You can do this! One meal at a time

Ref Brittani

08/04/2021 7:03AM in The DietBet Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus
  • Wednesday check-in, team!

    Today I want to focus on one thing you're struggling with and then top it off with THREE things you're proud of.

    Often times we are so hard on ourselves and forget to recognize the strides we're making. While there are definitely going to be hurdles on this journey, we want to be sure to celebrate all the ways we're changing along the way. Doing this helps keep me focused and renews my motivation and determination toward maximum health!

    The thing I'm struggling with this week is making enough time for me. Whether it's meal planning/prepping or getting enough sleep, I am TIRED and not working at my best because I haven't been putting myself first. I'm pledging to do something for myself at least once a day for the rest of the week!

    The three things I'm doing well with are:
    - water: I've gotten at least 64 oz each day! While it's not the best, it's not the worst and I'm thankful I've kept up with it!
    - portion control: I may not be making the best choices overall as I've been busy, but I stop when I'm satisfied which is something I've been incredibly proud of!
    - career: I've started making exciting changes in my career life and creating a path to a more fulfilling future.

    Let's hear it, crew! I want to cheer you on. What makes you proud this week and what could you use a little encouragement on? Leave it in the comments for us. ❤

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Danielle C.

I’m struggling with my craving for boba and carbs but I’m doing well with: hiking/walking a lot when work allows and on weekends, keeping a positive attitude, and convinced my boss to buy 12 camelbak backpacks for us workers who are out working in the heat and can’t carry around plastic water bottles everywhere


Struggling with cravings for rich food.
1. Getting consistent with drinking 72 oz of water daily.
2. Tracking my food for 243 days straight in Cronometer.
3. Increasing my overall physical activity level, exercise and non-exercise. Doing strength training 3 times a week.


08/04/2021 6:46AM in Jump Start July Into Weight Loss with Ilana
  • Well, I’m doomed. I wish I hadn’t done this bet. Hormonal weight gain isn’t just in my head or caused by self-sabotage, it’s real - documented every cycle at ovulation and just before period. Here are my weights since this DB. I’d lost 4.8 of the 6.1 needed until yesterday when the period spike started. It is so infuriating to do everything right and see a taunting betrayal on the scale the next morning. I’m giving up the weighing and tracking for good, it’s not good for my mental health. I enjoy and will stick with the veggies, water, and exercise. Good luck to everyone, I know how hard this is. Rooting for you!

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Melissa B.

It took me 2 years to loose 60 lbs. I also had to deal with period bloat. Keep with it and those ounces you loose turn into lbs.

Heather G.

Yes, I always take a break from the scale around period time!
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