Heather B.

to feel better physically, mentally. to be able to have the energy to keep up with growing kids.

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Favorite Sinful Food: carbs, pastas, bread, sweets, icecream

My Preferred Method of Exercise: aerobic classes

My Approach to Weight Loss: all in, but can be easily discouraged

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Mike Y.

11/02/2021 9:19PM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
So close. I think I can do this one. If not, I'll be close enough that I don't think ill be disappointed with myself.

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Heather B.

That's how I an feeling but hopeful

Melissa R.

10/27/2021 7:06AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
What’s up with all these weigh-ins coming right after holiday weekends? 😂 Currently under my goal weight but barely so I need to exercise some SELF-CONTROL this weekend. Who is with me?

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Meghan R.


Sue R.

Michelle, why won't you have your scale? A lot of people bring theirs on vacation.


10/27/2021 4:35AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
Let's talk PLATEAUS! Struggling with that same 2 lbs for three weeks! I need to relax, readjust and refocus ~ especially with the holidays around the corner! Pleased with my progress and don't want to sabotage it... who can relate?

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Cristen H.

I get through plateaus by slightly increasing my intake for about a week or two every couple months then cutting it back down to normal and slowly over time the weight loss keeps going down and staying off. Hope that helps.

Heather B.

I have definitely stayed same, but I know for me my diet is not as clean as it has been. I am just happy I am not going upwards and slowly but surely seeing some decreasing numbers on the scale.

Becky S.

10/06/2021 6:54AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
I did not make it R3.

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Elizabeth C.

Me either

Heather B.

Me either
Getting more focused this round!


10/06/2021 2:37AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
So, the good: I got out of the 170s! I've been going up and down in them for months. I finally broke through. I'm smack in the center of the 160s. Whoot!

The bad: I missed my goal by 1.3 lbs. 😒 (But I know some new things that I think will bring me future success.)

The ugly: I am hungry. I wasn't lying when I said I went to be hungry and hopeful. 😂 I'm off to get some food!

Have a great day everybody!

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Dani FatPTBackToFit

Why no Lentils? What happens when u eat them? It's so fascinating how the body works so individually in each person. Just curious.
I know cashew milk, cashew ice-cream, and other vegan cashew based cream sauces that are delicious I used to make when I was a vegan gave me terrible inflammation and stiff necks the following day. But my body is fine with other nuts like almonds, and peanut etc. I haven't tried a no bean no lentil approach. Only cuz my body seems to do great with them and no cause of concern to rid my diet of them. So I just wondering what effects u notice. Perhaps I might have the same but never notice or perhaps nope. I'm always on a journey to understand what my body is actually good with verses not. I think once we can understand what inflammatory responses we or whatever, we might have and rid those things is finally when our body can actually be happy and as healthy as is possible for that particular body. Only til u cut out foods then re add them can u realize what reaction there might be. All of it is so interesting.
I got rid of tons of dairy the last few months and now actually notice when I do have it I'm itchy in my arms within a hour or so. Soooo um just as my baby doctor told my mom forever ago I was actually allergic to dairy.. I'm thinking I really am. Lol :joy: dairy has always killed me in my guts. But I never noticed the itchy skin link as well til recently. Oh well live n learn right haha


Dani - I've done lots of experimenting. I don't eat lentils, because I try to keep my net carbs under 50 when I'm trying to lose weight. At 30 per cup, lentils are not how I want to spend them. But when I hit goal and slowly increase my carbs to find my maintenance amount, they may get added back in. I like beans more than lentils:blush:

Rachel B.

10/05/2021 5:19PM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
  • I don’t do a lot of before and after pics. This is the first post I’ve made in this group. These pics are exactly 6 years apart. It’s amazing how difficult it is to be objective with yourself when you are at your heaviest. I didn’t see myself like this and am shocked to see this pic on the left now. I was active and exercising at that time but my diet has changed significantly which made all the difference in the world. Good luck to everyone’s weigh in this month, just thought I would share some inspiration if anyone needed it. This didn’t happen overnight. This is the product of a long term commitment and continual changes. Keep on pushing, don’t give up.

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What they all said. And, I love that red shirt! What’s the image on the front?

Rachel S.

Yes so inspiring! Thank you for sharing, such a difference and so amazing!

Pauline S.

10/05/2021 2:12PM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
  • I emailed support on how to handle this Weigh-in. I don't want to get booted from the game, but I can't weigh in at the moment. Looking forward to getting back to walking even with crutches. I am still non weight bearing til I see the doctor next week for x-rays.

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Michelle M.

Oh no!! Hope you’re all healed very quickly!

Heather B.

Oh no!! Prayers for fast recovery

Nick M.

10/05/2021 11:39AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
My weigh in attempts have been rejected 4 of the last 4 times.
Not sure if it’s the camera, lighting, or if I can’t take a full body selfie.

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Nicole P.

Nick, the full body one doesn’t need to show the weight. I do the same as Monika and it’s always been accepted.

Heather B.

Monika, I do the same thing

Samantha M.

10/05/2021 10:32AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
  • Ok so... vegan dad... i wanted to post before and after with what i got too! I will make sure to take full body length ones this time to look back on! So to the left was my biggest i weighed between 240max-226min. When I officially started my weightloss i starteded last week of may 2021 at 226lbs. Bottom right is at 209 first day of dietbet and top right is me now. When i look in the mirror i dont really see all that of a difference... i know clothes fit better... but seeing it like this really does show a difference.

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Lee Ann K.

Wow! Great progress-!!!:blush::tada::tada:

Heather B.

You look great! I can see a difference

Tanya B.

09/19/2021 6:44PM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
Would you rather be invisible or have X-ray vision😏

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Dani FatPTBackToFit

Love the would u rather game haha . They have a app now I heard. I just have the original cards from forever ago. Love it so fun!

Mon SG

X-ray vision, I think there are lots of uses for it, it could even help others, invisibility has no purpose for me, and it could bring a loooot of trouble, ie to be really invisible you'd have to be naked all the time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
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