Tabitha D.

wanting to get back to pre Pregnancy weight

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Favorite Health Food: air fried carrots

Favorite Sinful Food: lasagna or pizza

My Preferred Method of Exercise: cardio

My Approach to Weight Loss: eat more of the healthy foods

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Bethany P.

10/19/2021 6:58PM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
This sucks! I can’t weigh in for the challenge I already paid for, now when I hit weigh in it asks me to become a member, Hard No! If this works I’d consider it, but that’s not what I signed up for: this is way more difficult than it needs to be and far more time consuming than this single working mom can accommodate, seriously disappointed in this program and it’s only day 2. That’s ridiculous!!!! Why do you make this so difficult, I don’t have time for this BS, I am up at 4:10 am M-F and work hard all day, this program is not user friendly.

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Jessica K.

They try to get everyone to pay extra and be a member. Then you can weigh in weekly and win prizes. Or just pay the $35, weigh in the first and last day and that's it.

M T.

You can do an unofficial weigh in that is in smaller font. If you need me to show you a screen shot I can. It was super frustrating at first until I figured it out.

Kaela V.

10/19/2021 6:57PM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
Day 2 down! How did everyone do?

I started with egg white veggie omelet and blackberries for breakfast.
Lunch consisted of a pork chop and cauliflower rice with veggies in it.
Snacks: 1 bag of popcorn (100 calories) and some tea!
I ended the day with Blackened mahi-mahi and a big spring greens salad.

I am on day 16 of #mbf and day 17 of Let’s Get Up - I like doubling up the weights/cardio of mbf with dancing. 😊

I hope everyone is feeling good! I love reading others posts and seeing pictures. Keep them coming!

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Nancy C.

I love working out too. I am on phase 2 week 2 of Control Freak. When I get home from work at 4 I go straight to the basement to work out. I avoid the kitchen. This helps me to not want to snack before dinner. I’ll have to check out Let’s Get Up. Have a great day everyone.

Dawn H.

Great job! If you like MBF and LGU for cardio, you’ll probably like 645. Yes, it starts off slower in the beginning but don’t discount the work Amoila will have you do. Especially in stages 2 & 3. I hope to try MBF down the road.

Kylie M.

10/19/2021 6:49PM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
Today was kind of a flop. Running late this morning and just grabbed turkey meatballs and an apple for breakfast. Forgot to grab lunch. Had to clock back in when I got home because numbers didn't match and it was driving me crazy (accountant). Ended up being 7:30 before I clocked out (forgot to eat lunch) and finally ate dinner, a sexy salad. Because I didn't eat lunch I ended up with a sweet tooth and decided to eat half a wonder whip.
Though I know I made good decisions on what I ate, its when I ate that got me. If I eat after 7 I feel bloated (always, no mater what). We will see what tomorrow brings on the scale.
(I've made sure to get my water in today though - at 180 oz. So far)

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Juliette P.

Sounds like you did well!

Dena I.

Focus on what went well! You've got this!

Lauren G.

10/19/2021 6:28PM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
  • Dinner and done! Made the Portobello Mushroom burgers and caramelized onions from the Mindset Menu

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Juliette P.

Ooh how was it?

Lauren G.

It was 10/10! I'm going to make it again this week

Ruth G.

10/19/2021 6:12PM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
So badly wanting something to eat and particularly something sweet which isn’t typical for me. Proof it’s all mental lol. Having a cup of tea since I’m dinner and done and WILL keep it that way.

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Tabitha D.

Good Job Ruth!

Jessica K.

Such a mental challenge!

Ilana Muhlstein

10/18/2021 2:00AM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
  • Morning rockstars!! Let’s focus on one day, and just 2 pounds at a time! I know on day 1, it could feel like there’s so much ahead but focus on now. The future will come.

    The best thing you can do now is..
    1. Weigh in
    2. Drink up!!! (More water more weight loss! Over exceed you water goal!!)
    3. Plan through your meals for the day and through the night. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it should include veggies and protein so you make sure you are staying full. Getting too hungry is what causes mindlessness)
    4. Invite friends to join us! Use you “invite” button and text/message/email your friends and family. The more people on board with you, the more people to support you. And I’ll be sending prizes to those who get the most people to sign up!

    Also- take a moment to introduce your self and share with us what you want to accomplish over these next 4 weeks! 

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Chelsey L.

Hi! I’m Chelsey. I’m here because I always do better with my nutrition mindset when I’m in one of Ilana’s groups — her positivity is unmatchable! I’m already at a healthy weight, so I rarely win a DietBet, but it def keeps me out of the sweets and treats! Pumpkin season is my weakness, so now’s the time I really need to be here fueling well and avoiding silly pumpkin drinks and pumpkin flavored everything!


Love this!! Thanks for inspiring! I'm excited to be doing this challenge!