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08/02/2022 4:06PM in Total Glow Up Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
Weight is verified. Loving my diet bets. I've lost 82 lbs since Nov 2021, 33 to go. This can be done! For the first time in my life I believe it is attainable. You just can't give up on yourself. Together we can move mountains. I've seen lots of people say its doable, but never could get there, here I am about to be 53, premenopausal, hormones all over the place, and I'm doing it! Do this for you!! It's an amazing feeling.

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Amazing and inspiring!!

Monica M.

That’s incredible! So much starts with the belief it can be done. Congratulations on your current and continued success!


08/02/2022 11:59AM in Total Glow Up Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
Hey group!

Did my weigh in today and waiting for verification, definitely on the right track for the big goal!

I wanted to ask what is your goal for the first week of the month? Mine is to focus on hitting 3.5 liters of water and 10,000 steps!

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Monica M.

Definitely upping my water as well!

Melissa O.

Water and some form of exercise every day!

Monica M.

07/29/2022 6:21PM in Total Glow Up Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
  • If the scale has been frustrating you, try focusing on the process and the habits, the weight loss will come…and stay off! For me the habits are becoming my goal, not the number in the scale!

    What do you focus on? I follow 2B so water first, veggies most, and dinner and done are the big ones for me!

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Sandra B.

I've been focusing on moving more, even if it's just taking a walk on my break at work. I'm also trying to listen to my body more and not push it when aches and pains tell me I should take a rest day. That's a hard one for me.

chelsea c.

I think the biggest change for me that has given me a lot of success is mostly doing dinner and done. And then also adding constant exercise. But I’ve also been conscious of what I’m eating it and not having it all at once.


07/29/2022 10:35AM in Total Glow Up Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
Hey group! Three days left until the end of this round!

How should we help this DietBet be more active for the second half!?

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Monica M.

I think challenges or weekly focuses would be good!

Sandra B.

Melissa O.

07/25/2022 5:31PM in Total Glow Up Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
So, I blew it this month. Met last months goal and was 90% to this months and then went on vacation for the fourth. Backslid a little but manageable, but once we got home I couldn’t get my mojo back and backslid tremendously. Lots of excuses but no good reasons. I had told myself to take a break and go hard in august but I was feeling inspired tonight (after eating everything in sight today) to check this feed and find some motivation.
So, here we go again, can’t fathom I’ll make this months goal unless I shed a crazy amount of water weight crazy fast, but I will be a week ahead of “going hard in august” which certainly can’t hurt. I’ll be back here a lot more! Missed you all, hope everyone is having a better month than me!

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You can do this! Lean into your habits. It’s not about being motivated every day it’s about the goal xx

Gia Nettie

I've been told the difference between those who succeed and those that don't, are the one's that keep going will ultimately succeed. Success can't be a try once and don't fail system. If that were the case almost everyone would fail. Success is measured in how you try and keep trying to accomplish a goal. If you really want to lose weight, then you will, because you get back up and keep going. Hold onto that momentum and great attitude.

Sarah S.

07/06/2022 4:14PM in Total Glow Up Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
Whelp, there will be a pause in my C25K training. COVID finally got me, the bastard. I feel pretty uncomfortable, hot and cold, crawly skin, sore throat, stuffy sinuses, coughing and sneezing. I don't think I've had a fever in YEARS. It's terrible.

I was prescribed Paxlovid (I'm immunocompromised), so I started that today. Trying to keep up my water intake and remember to eat a few times a day. Fingers crossed that it slows down now instead of progressing!

Post your workouts so I can long for mine to start again when I'm over this nonsense!!

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Kathryn K.

Feel better :heart:

Ginger G.

Add electrolytes to my water really helped me, not sure if that will help you. Uh, COVID is a mess!


07/03/2022 2:47PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
I meant to post this sooner, and now I don't know if the game will finalize any minute but, just in case:
Time to make some guesses as to what the payout will be!

What do you think winners will win for this last round??

Who can guess closest??

ETA: Quite a range of guesses so far! To clarify just in case, this is a number just for the Round 6 payout, not the total If you won all rounds. (For which the running total is currently $169.74)
And winner is the closest, even if it's over. 😛

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So we paid $35x6 for $210? And we can subtract that from the final payout ($366.xx...)?

Monica M.

Yes Amy. Although I like to pay for all six rounds upfront so some of us who did that only paid $175

Monica M.

07/03/2022 8:58AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
  • -31.6 🎉🎉🎉

Kerry G. , anon-0d2eaa18-bb62-45a2-bffe-b2880d139b28@41f0f986-96db-49b7-9223-452393e9e384.anon and like this photo.

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Tracie G.

Great job! You look awesome!!


Way to go :confetti_ball:

Monica M.

07/02/2022 10:47AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
Why was the monthly buy in for this dietbet? I’ve done too many and can’t remember (paid all up front so no way I can remember 6 months ago!)

Kristen S. , VICKI and like this comment.

Biking Syl

35 bucks. If you paid upfront you got 1 month free.



Monica M.

07/02/2022 10:45AM in Total Glow Up Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
What was the monthly wager for this transformer? I paid all up front and don’t remember (done too many DietBets!)

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Sarah S.

This was $40/ month. If paid up front $200 total


I think it was $20. If you paid $200 up front, I believe half is reserved for round 6 ($100) and the other $100 is divided by the first 5 rounds ($20/month)
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