Jac L

Since January 2021, I’ve lost and maintained 15 lbs and ready to lose the final 10 to meet my goal and focus on maintenance in 2022 :) I’m really proud of my slow and steady lifestyle change over 1 year.

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Favorite Health Food: big salads and palmini noodles

Favorite Sinful Food: pasta and gummies

My Preferred Method of Exercise: barre, Pilates, strength training, walks

My Approach to Weight Loss: 2B mindset- with a focus on feeling good

DietBet Winnings: $47.69

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Jac L

05/11/2022 6:10AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Yesterday was a big day in our house- I accepted a job offer im ecstatic about and my fiancé finished law school!! To celebrate we went to taco Tuesday. I had some chips and salsa, a couple drinks & grilled mahi tacos w salad & corn. I am proud of myself for ordering veggies most, but typically I’d pick between a drink or chips. I expected a weight gain this morning and it was a maintenance day!! I love learning that one dinner didn’t put a dent in my progress and for the first time I was really able to drop the guilt. Big win for me!!

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Meagan W.

Congratulations!! And that’s always a bonus when you plan for WL and stay neutral. You’re clearly in control!!


Congrats to the both of you!!


05/11/2022 2:00AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • Happy Hump Day! Remember that your palate is fully capable of changing according to the foods you choose to eat. Your cravings will noticeably subside, and foods you used to enjoy will soon lose their luster. Nothing is better than how the right foods make you feel - that feeling lasts and tells your brain to crave those foods instead. Veggies are by far the most satisfying thing for me to eat! I literally feel more alive during and long after!

    What are your favorite veggies?? And what do you not crave anymore??🚫

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Lisa W

Can’t like this post enough! Thank you!

Amanda F.

Sautéed peppers and onions. I don’t crave Doritos as much as I used to. Omg And cherry tomatoes too. I used to not like cherry tomatoes at all and then I started dipping them in hummus Just to eat them and now I eat them plain like they’re going out of style. My husband started planting the cherry tomato plant because I was buying cherry tomatoes at the store every other day.

Jac L

05/09/2022 3:47PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • A good snack today! Listening to my body on what size snack I will have each day. The call was SO helpful for me Friday- I’m letting go of my fear and riding this melting mode wave as long as I can!

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Annie C.

Looks sooooo good!!

Paige L.

Looks yummy, satisfying and nutritious

Katie C.

05/09/2022 1:53PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
My husband is in maintenance mode now, which is awesome! He is down 70lbs. This however has created a first time challenge for me. Throughout our weightloss journey together we have been on the same page, eating the same things ect. Now that he is done his journey I was forced to get very clear with mine. We went to the movies, he had a small popcorn and smart sweets candy. I brought seaweed snacks and ate a huge salad before we left. We went for coffee sunday and I treated myself to an Americano misto(usually drink black coffee) and 3 bites of his pb cookie. So good, but 3 bites spread put throigh the course of drinking my coffee was enough

I gotta admit, i love being in weightloss mode but maintenance mode looks soooo fun. We went out for brunch and then bought him all new clothes. i was so happy to see him feeling confident and buying items he would not have tried on before. For me this ignites my mindset of just finishing what i have started and keeps me motivated to stay the course. I cant wait till i get to buy all new clothes :)

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Jac L

This is awesome!! Congrats to your husband! You’ll get there!

Katie C.

Thanks all! I am down just over 100lbs now so the last 50, i got it!!!! Just gotta stay focused and determined.

Rebekah K.

05/09/2022 1:31PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • I don't like having photos taken of me but had to share! My girls took me out today for a cut and color to celebrate my 25 lbs weight loss and mother's day! My hair is about 8 inches shorter and feels so good! I also noticed my face is so much thinner than it was a few months ago!

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Katie M.

You look great!

Rebekah K.

Thank you all!

Meagan W.

05/09/2022 12:39PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Anyone else have a family member/friend who makes you feel guilty for making good food choices? I try to keep it positive and use the “I’m good” for anything like Ilana says (no really, I’m good!). I love my sister, I don’t ever want her to feel worse about herself just bc she’s in a darker place/not ready to make changes and sees me feeling healthy & in control. I’m constantly boasting about Ilana and 2B, but I never want to push it.

I struggle b/w sabotaging myself to make sure she feels comfortable vs sticking to my guns so I can meet my goals 😣

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Jac L

Aw I struggle with this too so I get it! First off, therapy actually really helps me with guilt that I feel for getting healthier and bettering myself while some people I love are doing the opposite.
Deep down, we know those comments come from a place of envy or fear and it’s hurtful for us to feel like we are causing those feelings in them!! I’ve really tried to learn to just laugh things off and say really, I’m good! I’ll let you know if I want pizza.. or take a few bites and move on. The less I focus on it, the less it seems to come up. A comment my aunts say is ugh look at you eating so healthy! And I just say I know I know.. because I do know I’m making healthy choices and it’s okay if they know it too!! Even if the comments are hurtful I try to make it light & not get defensive like I have in the past. I try to own it and let my happiness of making these choices speak for themself. My therapist always reminds me that other peoples happiness is not our responsibility & at the end of the day the people we love want to see us happy too. Sorry this is so long!! This has been a long time struggle of mine too!

Meagan W.

Regina - love the way you said that - I’m definitely going to use that in future!

Laura/Jac - so helpful, thank you!!


05/08/2022 10:06PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Hey rockstars!! How was everyones mothers day?? How did we do? What is everyone intentions for the week?

We got this!



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Gwen G.

So proud of myself. Went out to a buffet. I Had Ham, Veggies & chicken my dessert was an orange. No salad just roasted veggies. Went back for seconds on those. I did have a 6oz mimosa but then just water. :heartpulse::blush::cherry_blossom: rest of the day was good. Thanks Ilana :cherry_blossom:

Jessica F.

This was my first Mother’s Day and it was so special! We went out to lunch but I didn’t go crazy and we went for a nice, long walk after! I was not disappointed with my choices at the end of the day so that’s good! :)

Jac L

05/08/2022 6:30PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • So far so good having a weight loss weekend! Hoping to see a drop on the scale tomorrow. Dinner was a taco salad with some quest chips for crunch.

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Good job!



Jac L

05/07/2022 4:12PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • A go to weight loss meal for me when I don’t feel like cooking! Asian style cauliflower rice from Whole Foods and two eggs. Proud of myself for making this instead of getting take out tonight!

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Hazel Rain

Nice job! Also how simple and saves so much $$!


05/06/2022 11:25AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Someone asked::

Are there any companies that have prepped or ready made meals that follow 2B? I’ve used Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, etc in the past, but the meals were not inline with plate it. I love so many of your 2B recipes, so I’m looking for easier/faster ways to get them.


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Shannon B.

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