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Ilana Muhlstein

10/04/2021 2:00AM in Back To Schooling Your Weight Loss Goals
  • Hi everyone!!! Checking in- how are you??? Where are you positioned to finish this diet bet? Guaranteed win? It’s a close call? not looking like a possibility but you never know? Not gonna happen but so happy I tried?

    Wherever you are, you should so proud. I always believe that those who set goals always come out ahead than those who don’t, regardless or not if you “win” them. So many people waste so much time wanting without action and you took action. I’m so proud of you! That takes courage, especially this year, and that’s a HUGE WIN in and of itself!

    If you saw the value and importance of this bet on yourself and want to keep it in place to help you Shred before the holiday session rolls around, please join me in my next DietBet starting October 14!!! No reason to start taking steps backwards now. Accountability creates consistency and consistency creates real results!!! You got this!!! Stay committed to yourself and your goals. I’m really looking forward to our next group and opportunity to win big!

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Illana … can I ask how to know the pot % the host/DietBet have set at for games? Seems to vary between 10-25% :) my motivation is to use my DietBet winnings for all new gym gear in a smaller size :D


I don't see the dietbet starting Oct 14th

Ilana Muhlstein

11/05/2021 2:00AM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana

It's Friday! I always say two pounds at a time- but this concept can be applied to any task you are working on... it's all about breaking down big things into little more manageable ones. That why this weekend I just want you to focus on two things.

Let me know how it goes on Monday! You got this!

You need to remember 2 vital points:

1. Sometimes it’s better in the trash than in your body

2. Weight loss is also a treat!!!!!

Bonus: 3. Water first, veggies most™?

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Mimi G.

Thank you for this reminder. I have really been struggling this whole bet with so many gatherings after none. I’ve made great choices but I get so anxious about it beforehand. But the reward of preparing a plan and actually following it helps so much. Wishing you a good weekend too with all that you carry right now:heart:

Jessica K.

Ready to crush the weekend!

Mimi G.

10/30/2021 4:02AM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
  • I’m in Philadelphia super early this morning because my husband is rowing in the Head of the Schuykill Regatta. I made four PB pies for us. Perfect option for the trip!

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Michelle R.

I think my son’s girlfriend is in that regatta.

Theresa S.

How do you make the PB pies

Mimi G.

10/29/2021 5:35AM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
Bruschetta eggs with sautéed chopped kale leftover from dinner two nights ago. My weight has been back and forth all week so I’m planning my weekend. Going out of town and bringing cut up veggies and PB pie for visiting family with few options for me.

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Dawn H.


Juliette P.

Good plan!

Mimi G.

10/27/2021 9:39AM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
  • Leftover shrimp and spaghetti squash, sautéed kale and an Apple for lunch

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Jen C.

Love simple meals!

Juliette P.


Mimi G.

10/27/2021 5:07AM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
  • Bruschetta eggs for breakfast!

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Kay A.

Ohhh good idea!!

Alicia S.

Looks great!

Mimi G.

10/26/2021 3:21PM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
  • Pad Thai shrimp and spaghetti squash

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Laura P.

Do you have the recipe? Looks so good!

Kay A.

Yes would love the recipe, looks great!

Mimi G.

10/26/2021 9:21AM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
  • This bag was filled with prepped cooked chicken grilled on Saturday night….apparently my almost 17yo son likes meal prep too lol

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Juliette P.

Omg! :joy:

Alicia S.

Ilana Muhlstein

10/26/2021 2:00AM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
  • Yes there will be temptations out there but they aren’t tempting the goals you’ve set for yourself so choose not to give them your energy or attention.

    Focus on the habits, behaviors, people, Foods and tools that do serve you and are serving you!!

    Please share, what foods and tool do you might use to crush your temptations.

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Tabitha D.


Megan M.

Chugging water and removing myself from the kitchen or wherever the food is.

Lauren G.

10/25/2021 6:15PM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
  • Turkey meatballs over zoodles and marinara for dinner tonight

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Jessica K.

Love this!

Juliette P.

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