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I love myself and want to help my body. Reduce stress on joints and organs; help it to function at its peak.

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Favorite Health Food: Veggies that give you gas...

Favorite Sinful Food: Crunchy ice cream.

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Weight training. Love BOD.

My Approach to Weight Loss: Slow and maintainable.

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03/10/2022 8:33AM in Spring Into Action with Ilana Muhlstein and Jennifer Jacobs
What’s For Dinner?

Before I share with you a meal that prioritizes protein & nutrient dense foods, I want to provide you with a tip to help with the feeling of hunger that may drive you to over-consume. One principle of 2B Mindset is WATER FIRST; but sometimes you may not want water no matter how much it will benefit you. That’s where BONE BROTH comes into play. Bone broth has a plethora of health benefits and at the same time this liquid packs a protein punch 8-15g of protein per 8oz serving. So not only will it help with hydration but will also help you feel fuller longer.

My HOT TIP🔥 is to drink a cup of bone broth while you are preparing a meal. And the meal idea below includes bone broth in the recipe:

Baked Salmon, Braised Fennel, w/ Blood Orange Salad

Prepare Salmon on parchment paper with a drizzle of olive oil, pepper, and sliced lemon placed upon the fish
Bake your salmon at 425 F depending on the size of the fish 15-25 min

Slice a bulb of Fennel into 1/8s and lightly brown in a pan with olive oil. Add 1/2 cup of bone broth & the zest of a blood orange. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to a simmer.

Blood Orange sliced thinly along with a thinly sliced cucumber. Make the BETTY FIN CROCKER SALAD DRESSING
Add blood oranges, cucumber, and spinach and toss to coat.

Plate It so that the fennel sits beneath the baked salmon and pour over remaining sauce
/reduction from braised fennel and place the salad on the other half of your plate.

Bon App


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Karen D.

Which bone broth do you all use?

Joanie T.

Trying your cabbage steak recipe this week!


03/07/2022 10:56PM in Spring Into Action with Ilana Muhlstein and Jennifer Jacobs
So excited to be part of this month’s DietBet w/ Ilana!

My goal for all of you this month is to build confidence through movement. Whether you are training with me in Job 1, following a fitness program, or even taking up roller skating, I want you to go beyond the physical and learn how to train with a purpose and develop a healthy sustainable relationship your nutrition.

Today let’s move towards our goals:
20 min Cardio Session
HIIT IT (Job 1™️)
Cycling Ride
Walk (indoor or outdoors)
BODYWEIGHT cardio : (repeat for 4 total rounds)

Let me know in the comments the type of movement you accomplished today⬇


*you can call me JJ

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mary m.

Walking at Lunchtime 20min fast pace. Finishing Job1 this week 1st round

Lisa D.

25 minute run and 20 minutes yoga!