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Jenn and Kandice

08/19/2022 12:54AM in $200 IN BONUS PRIZES! SUMMER SLIM DOWN!
  • If you complete the Final Challenge, please click on comment on this post and report in there.

    *Okay guys, Friday is the last day of our final challenge! Please click on the comment button below this post to report in. You have until Saturday at 12:00 PM PST to report. We will have our drawing shortly after that for the $40 Amazon gift card!

    Challenge reminder:
    1. Water- Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day 5 days this week.
    2. Nutrition- 5 servings a day from the fruit/vegetable group.
    3. Fitness- get at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 days this week.
    *And not mandatory but recommended, please post at least once this week to update us on your progress/struggles, or offer support to another player.

    *What a great week for so many of you! Amazing things are happening!!! Keep going after it! Recognize your progress and celebrate every win!

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Challenge met. Congratulations everyone! Way to go!

Jenn and Kandice

You guys are doing amazing! Awesome job this week!

Jessie Z.

08/17/2022 10:45PM in $200 IN BONUS PRIZES! SUMMER SLIM DOWN!
Weight has not changed as much as I’ve liked but I have consistently exercised 6 days a week for the past month and incorporated daily stretching and it’s been great. My energy is through the roof, I feel good, I look more compact and toned. Added in a 3 mile hike 3-4x a week and use that time to listen to a good podcast, think, chill out. So all in all I still feel really happy with myself!

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Jenn and Kandice

So many wins Jessie! I'm so happy to hear it!
Jessie Z. accepted the challenge.
08/17/2022 7:38PM in Get Back on Track With Ilana Muhlstein
The pot is now $210

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Jenn and Kandice

08/05/2022 3:20AM in $200 IN BONUS PRIZES! SUMMER SLIM DOWN!
  • Please click on (comment) under this post if you completed the Fitness Challenge and report in there!

    Okay guys, Friday is the last day of our Fitness Challenge! Please comment below this post when you finish the challenge. You have until 12 PM PST on Saturday to report in. We will have our drawing shortly after that on Saturday for the $20 Amazon gift card!

    Challenge reminder:

    Monday-Friday: Get a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day. Walking, jogging, swimming, elliptical, sports, weight lifting whatever you want........Your choice. You can break it up into segments if you need to. :)

    Great job this week everyone! Way to really push yourselves!

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Luke K.

I see I’m too late to enter my name, missed entering but got all the workouts in, feeling better than I have in a couple months! :)

Jenn and Kandice

Big win Luke! Way to go!

Matthew K.

08/02/2022 1:31PM in $200 IN BONUS PRIZES! SUMMER SLIM DOWN!
What's your favorite "healthy" snack?

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Matthew B.

Oddly enough, chicken! Dice up a skinless chicken breast and season it depending on what you’re in the mood for and air fry it - usually under 200 calories, great for protein, and filling!


Sugar snap peas, pods and all or almonds or raspberries
Jessie Z. accepted the challenge.
07/30/2022 3:01PM in $200 IN BONUS PRIZES! SUMMER SLIM DOWN!
The pot is now $3,745

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Karey K.

07/28/2022 5:34AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
No up and no down today. No way I’ll win the best on myself. That makes me kinda sad. I know others have said they think I have burnout at the moment. Hope that changes because heading on a trip with best friend for the weekend so no weigh in until Monday. I guess I COULD pack my scale. Bit there is no way I’ll lose 5 pounds in the time we have left. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Maybe this is my body’s happy place.

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Jessie Z.

Or maybe it’s a place your body hasn’t been to in a while and it just needs time to adjust. I think ilana had said how it took her several months to drop the last few pounds. Everyone’s body is different. The diet bet is a great motivator but just because you don’t reach it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing something wrong.


Karey, you're not doing anything wrong. Your body will cooperate when it's ready to. If you're following your food plan and drinking your water, it will happen. It may not be by weigh out on Tuesday or Wednesday, whichever day you choose, but stay the course, track your food, drink your water and stay focused. You can do it!! Onward and Downward!

Elanit H.

07/27/2022 7:37AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
I need advice for a coffee lover. I drink my one cup every morning and I love French vanilla creamer. I really stick to to 2B besides for this. Does anyone have good alternatives that are still tasty?

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Francesca S.

I add cinnamon roll premier protein milk

Jessie Z.

Nut pods w a tiny bit of stevia if you want more sweet

Hannah W.

07/22/2022 8:23PM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
What is the brand of tea you drink @Ilana

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Melissa K.

  • I've heard her mention a few! Here's a pic of the 3 she has raved about
    1. Yummy comfort
    2. Like apple juice with a bit of Stevia!
    3. Hits the choco-spot (again, with a little stevia)

Jessie Z.

The sweet and spicy one is amazing, hot or cold

Jessie Z.

07/16/2022 11:04AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
I’m very much a night eater so following “dinner and done” has shown me really how much I eat in the evenings and also how much easier it is to lose weight.

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Angelica N.

Same over here!!

Anita L.

I was exactly the same! It was a real eye opener!
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