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Caralee L.

  • Name: Caralee Lundberg

    I am currently located in: Anchorage, Alaska

    Here is a little info about me: I have an amazing husband and am a mom of 4 kids, an 8 year old, 5 year old, 2 year old, and 2 month old. We move every 2-3 years and have lived a lot of places in our (next month) 10 years of marriage. I love to bake and my specialty is cinnamon rolls.

    My weight loss plan this month is to: try to keep it simple with just counting calories. I have been a rollercoaster dieter for my whole life, and so for making this a permanent change I want to make it as easy as possible to start!

    One of my triggers is: exhaustion. When I am tired, I eat (mostly sugar) to try to give me enough energy to make it through the day!

    I plan to tackle this trigger by: trying to plan ahead. With a 2 month old (and 3 other kids!) exhaustion just comes with the territory! Hopefully if I am really organized and plan my days better then as soon as kids are in bed for the night, I can go too!!

    A motivational quote I love is: “Diamonds are formed under pressure and bread dough rises when you let it rest. We’re all our own things. What’s motivating to you may be crippling to others.” I love this because we can’t compare ourselves to others, and especially in weight loss, we have to find what works for us individually!

    Fun fact about me: I married my husband after only knowing him 3 months.

    All I want for Christmas is: a Bosch mixer!!

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Hannah F.

That's so cool about marrying quickly, sometimes when you know, you know!


I love your motivational quote! That is right up my alley - I too am a believer that you need to find what unique method works for you (and that it's like true love - once you find it, never let it go)! Thanks for introducing yourself and for being a part of our game!

Hannah F.

  • Hi my name is Hannah
    🌺I live near Vancouver BC,Canada
    🌺 I work as a home care worker, spend time with family and friends when I have time. I have made it an almost daily habit to walk for the past few years. Did my first diet bet in September on a whim after suggesting it to someone else 😜
    🌺 Stress is a trigger, resulting in mindless eating.
    🌺 I don't really have a long term plan for tackling this trigger, meal planning has definitely been what has worked short term.
    🌺Current motivational quote; done is better than perfect!
    🌺I can wiggle my ears.
    🌺 I don't really have a Christmas list, maybe a small air fryer? Might be interesting.

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Stress is what causes me to eat and mindlessly snack as well, life is hard when food is so good and easy haha.

We have an air fryer, and I love it! It crisps things up nicely, I would for sure recommend!

Ps. I can also wiggle my ears! Good company haha.

Jenna P.

  • My name is:
    Information about me:
    I'm a special education teacher kinders to third grade with moderate to severe disabilities.
    Its my third year of teaching [all have had some touch from covid😷]
    I've been married for 2 years, decided to get married in my first year of teaching too [yay stress hahah]
    I got married in October 2019.
    We recently bought a house. And we are working towards having a baby.
    My weightloss plan is:
    To start watching and tracking my eating habits, drinking water and becoming active
    One of my triggers:
    Is stress [and as a teacher there's lots of it] I tend to stress eat and drink, and skip meals
    I plan to tackle this triggers:
    Finding other coping strategies - I haven't taken time for myself in a long time.
    Too many motivational quotes
    Fun fact:
    I love Harry Potter. I even had a Harry Potter wedding
    All I want for xmas:
    Is a healthy pregnancy ????

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Your wedding looks amazing!! I did a quiz one and apparently am a Slytherin, haha. Like the other comments, I am in awe right now of our teachers. My husbands mom is a teacher and she tells us about all the things she is going through (she is over special education as well) and it is roooough. I also follow a few teacher accts on IG and my heart just hurts reading how hard things are for our teachers. We love and support you with all that you’re doing for the kids!

You sure have your hands full! Congratulations on the new house! So excited with these next steps and I hope it all goes to plan! Thanks for doing this post!

Jenna P.

Awe thank you:heart::heart:
#hufflepuffpride here, hubby is the #slytherinpride

The kiddos makes all the craziness worth it:heart::heart:

Just K8lyn

  • Happy Wednesday All!

    ❤Name: Kaitlyn
    ❤I am currently located in: Hazel Park, Michigan
    ❤Here is a little info about me: I’m 27 years old and work in the clinical research industry at my local hospital. My boyfriend (of 8.5 years) and myself just bought our first home. We are currently doing little projects around the house to make it us ???? Beginning of August I was at my highest weight of 291.4 and an A1c of 7.4%. Out of the blue my best friend from high school and I reconnected; as our friendship started growing I learned she was going to school for personal training. Talk about a coincidence. She has been my coach for the past 4 months, I’m down 20 pounds, 1 pant size gone and my A1c is down to 6.0%. I’m so glad to have my best friend back 😊.
    ❤My weight loss plan this month is to: continue my daily lunch break and evening workouts, meet my water goal of 120 oz daily, and have my weekly workouts/check in with my coach. I will increase my daily steps!
    ❤One of my triggers is: Like most my trigger is stress. I want to start testing for a family but my boyfriend isn’t ready. I see so many pregnancy announcements recently and I get a little down. With my current diabetes and PCOS diagnosis I’m scared it won’t be easy.
    ❤I plan to tackle this trigger by: following my weight loss journey. As my body changes I hope it will be easier to get pregnant when the time comes.
    ❤A motivational quote I love: “Note to self: You can’t control how other people receive your energy. Anything you do or say gets filtered through the lens of whatever personal shit they are going through at the moment. Which is not about you. Just keep doing your thing with as much integrity and love as possible.”
    ❤Fun fact about me: I have two middle names!
    ❤All I want for Christmas is: a vacuum ???????????

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Kellie M.

I have pcos too, we've got this! If you are doing low carb diet and need the best tracker I've been using carb manager and it's helped so much


I loooved reading all about you! I’m so curious what your two middle names are - haha! Congratulations on the new home and thank on the 20 lbs too!! I really hope you’re getting closer and closer to holding a little one in your arms. No matter what, putting your health first is always a win so that’s an amazing goal and you’re already crushing it! :clap:

Mary N.

11/17/2021 9:27AM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
So I made it still have to take pictures but is anyone struggling to see a difference in their bodies? 😪

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Mary N.

My period is due any minute so maybe that’s why I feel so bloated.

Hannah F.

I agree. But I've had others comment on it, and the biggest thing? I'm so much more flexible!

Hannah F.

11/12/2021 5:53PM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
  • I'm so busy these days I can barely check in. But I've tried to stay on track, and I even get outside once in a while!

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Well done Hannah!! Look at those leaves! Huge and gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

Rebeka C.

That’s wonderful!! What a beautiful picture, I’m glad your taking time for yourself you deserve it.


11/07/2021 5:00AM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
  • Let’s do a group check-in today. How are you doing? How are you feeling? Do you think you’re going to hit the goal? Tell us what’s up, and if we can help you in any way. If you need a workout for today, look no further! Use one of these for some guidance.

    *30 minute low impact cardio https://youtu.be/50kH47ZztHs

    *30 minute advanced cardio sculpt https://youtu.be/QsiImYTLvTk

    *45 minute restorative (relaxing/deep stretch) yoga https://youtu.be/L_0_0tlm8m8

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rachelle c.

I love this challenge for sure! I will be signing up for more of these and I love the accountability, the community and the tracker that I color in daily thank you so much!

Heidi H.

I hope I will make goal, but it's going to be close. I've been at the same weight now for a couple weeks and it's not budging. I'm about 2 lbs away. Hopefully this will be the week my weight will finally go down. It's getting a lot more challenging now that I'm getting closer to my first big goal.

Hannah F.

10/27/2021 2:22PM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
  • This is from my walk yesterday. It was rainy all day on and off, but shortly before sunset the weather broke and it was amazing!

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That looks so pretty!


Stunning!! Worth it. Way to go!! *fist pump*

Haley S.

10/27/2021 6:46AM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
Hey guys!

What is everyone’s go to workout? I do good with eating healthy but working out is where I struggle. Any fun/newbie workouts that you’d recommend?

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  • I have been really motivated doing a couch to 5k program, but my bestie and I have also started doing mini-HIIT work outs on my running off days.

    We both have kids, so it was important that they be FAST, EFFECTIVE and be done anywhere. I downloaded an app called HIIT workouts (I posted a pic of the app logo). It’s free and you can choose anywhere from a 5-20 minute workout. You basically go really hard at a body weight only exercise (jumping jacks, squats, twists, running in place etc) for 30 seconds and you get a 10 second rest. Hard for 30, rest for 10.

    The other thing we like doing since it only takes 15 minutes is a “reverse pyramid”. We choose 4-5 exercises (jumping jacks, kettlebell swings, squats, overhead press with a bar or dumbbells, lunges, burpees, whatever you want) and do 10 reps of each, then start over doing 9, 8, 7 and so forth. You’ll end up getting 55 reps of each exercise total when your finished and like I said, it takes us 15 minutes tops, but you definitely will feel it the next day! Hope this helps!

Sara J.

I'm a big reader, and I find any workout is easier when I listen to an audiobook. I can go on a treadmill or stationary bike for a solid hour when I'm caught up in a story.

Jessi Y.

10/21/2021 9:35AM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
Hi! My name is Jessi and I just won my first DietBet in a long while Monday so I’m excited to keep up the momentum. I am 4.5 months pp and I plan to keep making healthy choices that help me to feel good. I also plan on doing some type of movement (most days), other than keeping up with the kids. Excited for those challenge!

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Congrats on the last win! I live the idea of “feeling good”. I think that’s a great tactic, make decisions that help you feel good.

Hannah F.

You go girl!
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