Val E.

I’m working toward better life balance and establishing/ maintaining self care routines, including proper nutrition and physical activity.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: coffee ;)

Favorite Sinful Food: Alton Brown’s The Thin

My Preferred Method of Exercise: yoga, spin, being generally active

My Approach to Weight Loss: sustainable, gradual lifestyle change, mindfulness

DietBet Winnings: $1,935.76

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Val E. has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 4.2 pounds
02/18/2022 6:05AM in Falling for Fitness Transformer - Win a Garmin Watch!

Total weight lost is now 3,063 pounds! Average is 10.5 pounds.

Val E. has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 2.2 pounds
02/01/2022 6:05PM in Falling for Fitness Transformer - Win a Garmin Watch!

Total weight lost is now 3,043 pounds! Average is 10.4 pounds.


01/23/2022 10:53AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
  • First week of yoga (WayBetter game) is done!

    I'm looking for a free app to replace the Pelaton one that I cancelled. Something that includes yoga and biking classes...any recommendations? I have heard of Fiton, but nothing else.

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I LOVE that peleton app but it’s so expensive! I’m following this feed and hoping you get lots of suggestions.

Val E.

I don’t have a biking one to recommend, but I pay $20/yr (sometimes it’s on sale for $15/yr for the Downdog suite of apps. I really like it for yoga and plan to try out their HIIT and Barre apps soon since they’re already included in my subscription.

Armando B.

01/20/2022 12:14PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
I was able to do a light cardio workout. Feeling well to move and exercise. Hope I can test negative for COVID in a couple of days (if the rule of 5 days is true).

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Val E.

I currently am covid positive also and the rules are really complicated. I plan to test after day 5 and the guidance says to mask up around everyone for the remainder of the 10 days if it’s negative. The CDC says to isolate the full 10 days if it’s positive still.
I’m making my decision of when to end isolation based on the fact that I’m not comfortable getting into the same space with my kids or recent cancer patient mom until after day 10, if I have had no fever for 24hrs, and my symptoms are resolved. I plan to treat the rest of the world with the same regard. I hope your symptoms are as mild as mine have been and best wishes on navigating these decisions.

Jose B

01/20/2022 5:43AM in Pumpkin Spice Transformer - Win a Peloton!
Hey gang!

I like myself unconditionally!

Happy Thursday! Full schedule and kbox class this morning. Getting myself ready and psyched up for the game on Saturday. In my heart, I believe that Rodgers is due for a bad game and we'll control the clock by running the ball alot like we've done before. We're the underdogs here so really not expected to win. But we were the underdogs last week too.

Cardio: walk- 30 minutes (200 calories)

Strength: back- pulldowns, bent over barbell rows, seated cable rows, straight arm pulldowns. 4x12,10,8,6.

Assessment: Flanken short ribs for dinner. I treated myself to a little ice cream for my bday. Still on track for Rd 4 and should ace it no problem.

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Val E.

Happy birthday!


01/17/2022 4:46AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
Good morning. Let's make this week count. Crush your goals and if you slip alittle then it's OK, just get back up and crush this week. Wishing you all of the best!

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Val E.

  • And it was a beautiful (warmer than expected) walk :)


Thanks Val, best of luck. I hope the weather in FL gets warmer for you.:thumbsup:


01/06/2022 3:23PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
Question: I'm looking for more options for the 100-150 calorie snack. Does anyone want to share their favorites?

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Wow you guys really have some great ideas!!! I wrote them down and will keep them in my fitness journal


Built bar puffs are my favourite snack. I also have cheese strings dipped into hummus, Whisps plain or with hummus, plain Greek yogurt with SF syrup and low carb low cal preserves (I make them myself) . Also if you like coffee, a mocha (coffee with cream and a tbsp of homemade SF cocoa mix) or coffee / cold brew with half or a whole ready made protein drink added. It’s sooo tasty.

Chris F.

01/05/2022 10:38AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
Hello, I am Chris from Oklahoma, one of the most overweight states in America. I have been fat for years. This is a cool little challenge you have here. My plan is to win this thing by eating at Golden Corral everyday, watch me. Realistically, I'm probably one of the folks the rest of you are going to split money from. We'll see. I started at 227 and am down to 223.7 in a few days. But it probably won't last as I already had a hard time turning away from the cake today. It just goes so well with the coffee. Good luck to you all.

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Judy B Mi

Coffee DOES go w/ cake. Also pie, cookies, donuts, etc. Skip the coffee. Switch to water. You can add, lemon, cucumbers, strawberries and such.


Welcome and :four_leaf_clover:
Val E. accepted the challenge.
12/02/2021 1:21PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
The pot in Round 1 is now $1,312.50

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Karen L

11/28/2021 12:17PM in Falling for Fitness Transformer - Win a Garmin Watch!
I am bumped out i didnt win rounds 2 but after currently getting engaged I am so motivated to keep pushing myself to my goal to look healthier and fit on my wedding day

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Jenn S.

Congratulations! What an exciting time for you and your fiancé. :heart: 

Val E.

Congrats on your engagement! May you and your person enjoy many happy years together!
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