Nicole J.

I want to feel better about myself and get back to running.

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Favorite Health Food: melon

Favorite Sinful Food: ice cream

My Preferred Method of Exercise: running

My Approach to Weight Loss: no clue yet

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Nicole J.

01/12/2022 8:48AM in The DietBet Kickstarter - Double Your Winnings
Anyone have any fun ways they make veggies for the family?

Referee Tayla

01/10/2022 8:00AM in The DietBet Kickstarter - Double Your Winnings
Fun food poll-

1. Name a food you love that other people can't seem to stand.
2. Name a food you hate that other's love

LOVE brussels sprouts.
HATE watermelon.
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Glory W.

I love that super crappy $1 packets of cheddar broccoli pasta lol… and I hate seafood, especially shellfish!

Referee Tayla

Glory, so funny i actually just bought a packet of that to see if maybe my kids would try it over their regular mac and cheese!

and saaaame on lots of seafood. love some, hate others. clams freak me out.

Referee Tayla

01/09/2022 4:16PM in The DietBet Kickstarter - Double Your Winnings
Hi all!

How was your weekend? Everything you hoped for or nah?

I had one of those weekends where i felt like i got nothing done but also plenty, if that makes sense? Neverending household chores will do that to you I suppose.

The exciting thing for me, we caved and bought a rowing machine and I started using it this week. I feel like the KEY to exercising is finding something that you don't hate and you do just for the sake of movement. And you'll naturally just start doing more as you get stronger.

Small children run around not because they want to burn calories, but because they're just enjoying it - and you can't get them to stop. And have you ever seen an older person on a walking route in the mornings? They look content. They aren't pushing themselves to the point of pain....and you see them every day, rain or shine, its just their routine and they're happy with that.

So with rowing, I'm going at a speed where I feel like im doing something but I'm not pushing too hard or going to the point of exhaustion cause my goal is just to make it a habit that I'll keep doing, because consistency is key for long term success. Going HARD at the gym one day can leave you sore the next and less willing to go back - imo, that's not beneficial.

Anyways. Tomorrow is a new day and a new week, so even if this weekend wasn't everything you wanted....make tomorrow better, its as easy as that :)

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Good weekend here too!! Got a lot of good walks in and time with friends!

Nicole J.

I need to get back to running now that my injury has healed. It’s been so cold and I have been using that as an excuse.

Referee Tayla

01/05/2022 3:46PM in The DietBet Kickstarter - Double Your Winnings
  • I just got done with a row workout. I had planned on listening to a podcast but then the machine played “all about that bass”

    So. Music won.

    Whats your gym jam? What GETS YOU GOIN?

    Me - lizzo and missy elliott and ill never hit skip on jayz and linkin park.

    Thread your faves!

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Referee Tayla

Oooo yess to the iggy! Ill add her to my mix!

Nicole J.

Pussy Cat Dolls and anything fast

Referee Tayla

01/03/2022 9:00AM in The DietBet Kickstarter - Double Your Winnings

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Justine D.


Nicole J.

It’s hard to drink water when you work in the community. Finding a bathroom you can use can be tricky.

Referee Tayla

01/01/2022 4:00AM in The DietBet Kickstarter - Double Your Winnings
  • Happy 2022!

    Starting our year off with a bang.

    Im usually one for funny/sarcastic/dark memes, but sometimes you come across a cheesy inspirational one that hits home. This is one of them.

    "Become a priority in your own life"

    So many of us with weight issues can attest to the fact that some of the problem is putting other people/things first. We eat to cope with stress (Hi. me), we avoid physical activity because we feel we're too busy (hey, me again), we dont get enough sleep because we keep our personal list of "shoulds" way freaking longer than anyone else's.

    During this game (and hopefully moving forward in general), try to put yourself and your needs first more. Say No to something that is causing you undue stress, say Yes to something that is going to provide relief and joy to you.

    What might this look like?

    If youre like me and you skip your breaks at work. Stop. Try actually taking the break. If its your lunch break, move away from your computer screen and actually sit and eat your food. Try doing it in silence or calling a friend you haven't talked to in a while. Your brain needs that break from work. Decompress.

    At home, let the dishes sit. Take a walk instead. Listen to your favorite band, podcast, audiobook and walk! The dishes are always going to be there. Your body and brain will thank you for putting that walk first instead.

    Not even touching on good food vs bad food - try just taking the time to actually taste your food. Dont rush and shovel things in your mouth. Take a bite of whatever you're eating and chew, pay attention to how the food actually tastes. You'll get more enjoyment out of the tasty stuff and you'll also feel satisfied faster with maybe your less exciting meals that you're eating just for energy sake.

    Thread your thoughts - what do you think about putting yourself first? How can you try to do this?

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This is beautiful. I'm going to try this with my sisters!!!

Nicole J.

I suck at being a priority