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Kaci R. accepted the challenge.
11/30/2020 10:03AM in Instant Loss Festive & Fit Challenge
The pot is now $15,855

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Kaci R.

11/24/2020 7:03AM in Dirty Keto AF Prep for Holiday Eats
Danielle is awesome and has been a big part of helping me lose the weight I've lost so far. I'm looking forward to continuing the journey with her
11/24/2020 12:10AM in Dirty Keto AF Prep for Holiday Eats
The start date has been changed to Saturday, November 28.

Remember, games need at least 2 paid-up players in order to begin the weigh-in process.Invite your friends!

Kaci R.

Sorry it took me so long to sign up. Had to wait to get winnings from a step bet.

Kaci R.

10/29/2020 8:12AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
So frustrated. I actually was within the weight limit, but there was no possible way to weigh myself during the window

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Kaci R.

10/06/2020 5:38AM in September Shape Up with Kpnfit
I can't believe it! I guess that was truly period weight. I've been busting my ass the last few days and I squeaked by. I can't believe it! I was sure it was impossible! Now for a nice actual vacation which will include lots of hiking so I ought to have some good weight loss or at least decent next week

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maddy l.

so proud!!!

Sarah M.

10/02/2020 12:50AM in Mega Kickstarter
Oh man, totally bummed. I accidentally fell asleep on the sofa super early and woke up 5 minutes after the deadline. A lot of money to lose and I even made the goal 😭. I guess I'll just join more games and try to make it up. Congrats to all winners and even if you didn't make the goal but still lost weight remember that's still winning 💪

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Kaci R.

I'm so sorry

Andrea A.

10/01/2020 5:27PM in Mega Kickstarter
Do we need to be below the goal weight or will hitting it exactly win also? I'm 0.1 over, but pretty sure a workout tonight would knock it right off.
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Kaci R.

When you go to weigh in for it, it will ask if you want to use this one

Andrea A.

Kaci R. - Thank you! Last night it was giving me a new weigh in code, but this morning it asked if I wanted to use the recent weigh in! Yay! Maybe the difference was after it was verified?

Kaci R.

10/01/2020 12:38PM in September Shape Up with Kpnfit
Ugh, I forgot this was a few days behind the others I was in. I had 5 end over the weekend. I celebrated a bit much, now I've put on the weight I just made a big push to lose and now I have to make a big push to lose it again in just a coue of days. (and we all know it goes on more quickly than it comes off)

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Krystal B.

Most likely it's mainly bloat! To gain a full pound, you need to eat 3k calories above what you would lose based on your BMR. So most likely it's just water weight! Drink lots of water - you got this!

Kaci R.

Yeah, period weight probably is most of it
Kaci R. accepted the challenge.
10/01/2020 12:25PM in Mega Kickstarter
The pot is now $300

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Kaci R. accepted the challenge.
10/01/2020 12:24PM in Mega Kickstarter
The pot is now $900

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