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for my overall longterm health. to be able to enjoy myself physically (activity wise, feeling good on clothing, etc)

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catherine m.

01/12/2022 11:00PM in Bring Out The True You In 2022
So the first week I was losing like a pound a day. Then over the weekend I had a lot of treats (was invited to two parties), and went up two pounds. Now, even though I’ve been pretty good all week, and I’m eating just like I did the first week, I am still finding the scale isnt budging. How do you get over a plateau? I’m not exercising but I do make sure I walk atleast 10,000 steps a day. It’s discouraging to be eating so many veggies and still be stuck at 142 (I was 140 on Saturday and haven’t seen that number on the scale since then).

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Sylvana G.

That’s happened to me and what happens is fast loss like that tends to stabilize the week after. So even tho you think you’re not losing there will come a point where it kicks back in again.

M B.

Had the same kind of start and same kind of stall. In addition to redialing the nutrition- I’m making sure I’m getting the water in. The scale will move in my favor again.

Joe Pro

01/10/2022 10:30AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
My wife and I got Covid New Yrs Day !! I've been either sleeping in a bed or in a chair. It's AWEFUL. Worst flu EVER ! Have to have lost weight. 10 days of sleeping.

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Pam S.

So sorry! Feet better soon!


Wish there was a thumbs down button wishing you a speedy recovery

Sara T.

01/10/2022 10:11AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
  • I am a creature of convenience.. so a bag salad might be the best I do some days .. and hey I’m ok with that, it is not chips, cookies, candy, soda or whatever else I could get my hands on. Happy Monday folks!

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Allyson D.

I recognize that bag salad. Isn’t it so good?! I like to chop up some teriyaki tofu or some chickpeas to add protein/make it more filling. Sometimes I go crazy and chop up a cucumber or some cherry tomatoes. So wild! Haha


The bagged salads are awesome!!!! The nutritional facts are really good on some of them considering some of the ingredients!!

Keith A.

01/08/2022 9:03PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!

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Pam S.

That is so me!! I’ve always had exertional asthma, nowadays, just walking out the trash I sound like a choo choo train.

Alevtina K.

01/08/2022 8:57PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
My weight fluctuation is so strange lately. I weighed in before brushing my teeth and taking a shower and I was 155lbs. Weighed in about an hour later and was 153lbs.
This morning I weighed in when I first woke up at about 7:30am I was 151.4lbs. When I went on my first break at 10am I was 150lbs. This didn't used to happen. Wonder what's different.

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Alevtina K.

@Monti A that's interesting. It's never worked that way for me before. It was always a straight line from a lighter weight when I woke up to a heavier weight by bedtime.

Brittany C.

My weight fluctuates 2-5lbs every day, I try to make sure I weigh at the same time of day for more accurate progress tracking (but also weight loss isn’t linear, it goes up and down - esp as a female even our cycles impact water weight and consistently sticking with your plan will keep a downhill slope to that loss)

claire R.

01/08/2022 6:59PM in Bring Out The True You In 2022
  • Meal prep day: cauliflower crust quiche, turkey meatballs, muffins and 2B bagels (tried a cinnamon and raisin version too)

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claire R.

claire R.

ariela n.

01/07/2022 11:33PM in Bring Out The True You In 2022
I have covid and I can’t follow a diet or exercise right now. I have hardly any appetite and when I do, all I can eat is broth or bread with butter. I’m not allowed out of my house to walk. It’s really frustrating and my weight is going up. I’m hoping to get back on track before the end of the bet. Super sucks!

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Joan R.

Did your doctor say you can't go outside and walk? If there aren't any people outside, it would be good for you to be outside and get some exercise if you're feeling up to it. Get well soon!

ariela n.

Ya, I live in a country where there is surveillance and you’re not allowed to leave your house. I did break the law and go for a small walk around the block today and I was destroyed. I’m gonna just do my best, trying to stick to some sense of normalcy with diet. I am locked in with 5 children including a toddler and I’m losing my mind.

Otonye B.

01/07/2022 6:49PM in Bring Out The True You In 2022
  • Welp. I was doing fairly well with my food intake these past couple of days, i even created a hardy soup for our first official snow day today - see pic below. Then after shovelling snow i gave into my mental desire for a treat...kinder bueno chocolate. Sigh. All that to say, i will need to start fresh tomorrow and hope i didnt completely erase the last few days when i step on the scale tomorrow.

    if you have tips for stress management while losing weight, please share. I have one week left till i return to work from a long maternity leave. And as much as i love teaching, one of the classes is completely new to me and i am no where near prepared (starting to feel the pressure)

    Have a good night!

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Jac L

Shoveling is a workout!! I’d want that chocolate too :joy: stress management is tough for me too.. I think taking any time I can to prepare food helps me, like making double lunch to not think about it the next day and trust I’m good to go.. Sometimes I take days off weighing myself if I didn’t sleep well or had a frazzled day and then come back to the scale when I feel more level headed. Giving ourselves grace during the process seems to be the hardest part some days

Joan R.

Tips for stress management during weight loss? #1 Remember that food is for nourishment and is NEVER a means to reduce stress, unless you are legitimately hungry. #2 Prioritize what absolutely needs to be done for your first day back and focus on getting those things done. #3 Ask for help. My daughter is a teacher and just went through the same thing with a new class. I helped her set up her classroom. Is there someone who can help? It's such a big job! :heart: Blessings to you this school year!

mandy h.

01/07/2022 6:33AM in Bring Out The True You In 2022
  • Todays breakfast! After seeing the reel from yesterday I had to make this!

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christina c.

Yes me too! I’ve been craving French toast!

Sylvana G.

Yum!!! I was planning on the same for this weekend!!

Haley B.

01/07/2022 4:37AM in Bring Out The True You In 2022
I’m a breastfeeding mom and I’m having trouble shedding weight. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Lisa M.

I’m right there with you! My baby turned one month old yesterday and sleep is the biggest struggle for me right now. Then I want carbs and sugar to compensate for lack of sleep. I just keep telling myself if I’m consistent it will come off! I’ve been allowing myself rice or sweet potatoes with dinner and it helps me stay fuller longer bc I’m always hungry with breastfeeding. I finally saw the scale move this morning, probably in part bc i got more sleep last night. Good luck to all fellow mamas struggling! We’ve got this!!!

Elena I.

Hi Haley, after I decided to shed weight after both of my kids I drank a lot of milk thistle teas and had big bowls of soup at least once a day. But enough sleep is the key :thumbsup:
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