just had 2nd baby and wanting to fit back into my clothes

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Kelly M.

05/16/2022 4:25PM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
2.6 lbs to go!! Officially reached 20 lbs lost the other day, really kicked up the motivation after reaching my first goal!

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Michelle B.

Whoooooohooooooooo congratulations!!!


04/27/2022 1:31PM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
I had a hard time losing weight after my first baby. I felt stuck at a certain weight. 6 months postpartum after second baby, I finally got below that number. Its a big mental victory. Thankful to DietBet and the community for the extra push and accountability on days when staying consistent is a challenge.

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Michelle B.

Yes girl!!!!! It is all about the mindset then everything seems to just fall into place :heart: so happy for you!!!

Alyssa A.

Great job! I definitely had a harder time so far with baby 2. My little is now 14 months and it’s still a struggle.

Jillian G.

04/27/2022 4:22AM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
3lbs from goal weight so I am really dialing it in until weigh in… anyone else???

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Jillian G.

Round 1 goal weight!!!! I also went on vacation for a week this round!


I keep hitting my numbers during the week and then splurging on weekends. I’m planning to be very consistent until our next weigh in.

Kimmy J.

04/08/2022 5:26AM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
And my weight keeps going up....I think I'll go back to pizza.. keto is apparently not working for me. Or the recommended macros is incorrect.
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I’m a weight whoosher. I hold my weight. Hold my weight. Maybe go up a tenth of a pound. Then whoosh. After a couple of weeks several pounds just fall off.

All this to say; pay attention to how your body handles weight.


Do you have thyroid issues? My nutritionist said “if you have any sort of thyroid issue keto is the absolute wrong thing, please don’t do i and I was like “cool, good to know”
DLGT accepted the challenge.
04/07/2022 8:05AM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
The pot in Round 1 is now $13,350

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Erica i.

03/07/2022 7:46AM in Spring Into Action with Ilana Muhlstein and Jennifer Jacobs
  • Water FIRST!!!!!!!!

    Let’s do this🙌????🙌????

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Cheers :sweat_drops:

Kathleen P.

03/05/2022 4:18PM in Spring Into Action with Ilana Muhlstein and Jennifer Jacobs
  • I'm a newbie to all of this but I needed to try something different. I'm 4 months post partum and have been yo-yoing with my weight recently. I'm ready to feel like myself again and to show my daughter what fueling your body looks like!

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sharon c.

She’s so cute!

Jenell S.

I’m 4 months postpartum as well! I’m so encouraged seeing you here :blush: we got this momma :heartbeat: